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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.4

Zheng Xie is surprised to hear Cen Shi’s voice over the phone when he called back the unfamiliar number. So he hang up when he heard the voice that he wanted to hear badly in a distance from the phone. 

A little surprised when he visited his mother’s tomb and found out that He He was there before. And her name inscribed as Daughter on his mother’s tombstone. Wow! His mother really love He He that much. 

Another interesting read today. Seems to me that the chapters are pacing much faster than how it was before this. Enjoy the read!

Chapter 25.4: Separation does not mean pain

The first drop of rain started falling. Zheng Xie remembered that he forgot to bring the umbrella. And his car is parked at least a few hundred meters away. The rain that the weather forecasted has actually started ahead of time.

He adjusted the fabric flowers and rabbit that He He made in a few positions before finding a place where it will be hidden the most from the rain. Then Zheng Xie quickly ran back to his car.

The rain is very anxious. After a few raindrops, the rain soon becomes very heavy. When Zheng Xie got into the car, he has already been semi-drenched.

The rain becomes harder and harder with heavy fog. Zheng Xie could hardly see the road.

Zheng Xie’s heart felt uneasy. Such a remote place, how did He He come? If she is driving her car, has she safely got down yet? When he was coming up the mountain, he did not see any car.

He grew more and more unease. Finally coming down, he called over and over again but could not get through to He He.

Zheng Xie told himself. It is He He not wanting to answer his phone. There will never be anything else.

Because it is the weekend, and the heavy downpour, there is a bad traffic jam on the road into the city. There are lots of car seen on the road, unable to move.

Zheng Xie is trapped in the middle of the road. He switched on some soothing music but it did not helped him. Instead he got more and more impatience and nervous. So he began to dial He He’s phone while getting more and more despair.

Finally someone picked up the call. A strange voice asked: “May I ask how you are related to the owner of this phone?” Zheng Xie felt his heart sink into the abyss at the moment.

Zheng Xie heard someone say: “I am her brother.” He was not sure whether it was his voice.

“Your sister and a friend had a little accident. They are now in XX Hospital. You come over and have a look.”

The traffic congestion on the road is serious. It is difficult to even move one meter. The rain continued blurring the car window.

Although the other party had confirmed that He He is alright, but sweat started to form on Zheng Xie’s forehead, back and even palms. He found himself unable to hold the steering wheel.

He barely moved his car forward a few metres. He then call his assistance phone: “I am on the seventh road. There is a bad traffic jam. Immediately come over and help me deal with something.”

Then, he took the umbrella, open the car door and got out.

This is the most central part of the city. Dressed in raincoats, there are several policemen there to maintain the order. Someone immediately came towards him. “You! What are you doing?”

Zheng Xie hands over his car keys and a business card into his hand. “Sorry to trouble you.” Then he walked away through the layers of cars. The surprised young policeman took a long time to react. He then shouted angrily behind Zheng Xie: “Rich people can be so arrogant ah?”

From where he is to the hospital mentioned over the phone earlier is only two blocks. Because there is a bad traffic jam the whole road, Zheng Xie ran all the way. Even the umbrella that he took is not used. After all, his clothes were already wet.

The feeling of heading into the execution ground before Zheng Xie entered the emergency room. His brain is blank, as it just waiting for result.

When Zheng Xie went in, He He is sitting on the stool beside the bed quietly with her head down wearing the clothes that look too big on her. From his point, He He although looked pale but does not look hurt.

Also the man lying on the bed, probably the ‘friend’ that was mentioned over the phone.

But Zheng Xie heart finally returned to normal.

He He sense someone had come in and slowly raised her head. Their eyes met. He could not see any expression on He He’s face. Surprised, wronged, pitiful, no expression just a blank look.

Zheng Xie turned speechless for a moment. He just look and feel happy to see He He is okay. Now to say a few words will only feel hypocritical. So he just kept quiet.

He He looked at him for a while, then lowered her eyes to look at the man lyting on the bed.

Zheng Xie turned at the direction that she is looking. The man who does not seem to be hurt, face is very clean with a layer of bandages wrapped around the head. His eyes are closed, apparently still in a coma.

In such a state, even the most familiar people will feel strange. But Zheng Xie recognized him.

Cen Shi. He He’s first boyfriend and first love. As well as perhaps her current boyfriend.

The Emergency room is a bit messy. Zheng Xie appeased He He with a few words and then went out to make a phone call. Pretty quickly, people change Cen Shi into a single suite. After a while, another person, the President came. With him is the doctor on duty to deal with the accident and traffic police whom explained to Zheng Xie patiently what had happen and the patient’s condition.

On the slippery road due to the heavy rain, along the way down, the other vehicle driving on the wrong lane caused the accident. At the moment of the crash, Cen Shi instinctively hit the steering wheel. And he was hugging He He, so he got into a more serious hurt. While, He He only hit her head by the impact and was in coma for an hour.

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  1. Ah…how sweet of CS to protect HH. Hopefully he comes out of the coma without any problem or HH will feel guilty. ZX comes to the rescue but situation can also cause more misunderstanding between HH and ZX.

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