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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.2

Wow! It is already the last day of the month. Time really flies when one is busy. We have already almost half way into the year. Hope everyone’s year been a fantastic one so far.

Anyone surprised to read that Cen Shi is back? I am…. But after reading his side of the story, I personally feel that he may not be what we all thought of him to be? What happen between him and He He now? Is she using him to get rid of Zheng Xie?

Chapter 25.2: Separation does not mean pain

He decided to go and query at the train station. But He He’s call came just in time.

She was still on the train. It is not a quiet car. There are the sound of the tracks and children crying.

He He said: “I missed the time, so took the later train.”

Cen Shi is finally relieved.

When He He finally walked out of the station, she had her head looking down. She walked in front of his car but did not see him.

Cen Shi honked and scared the daylights out of He He. She finally realized his presence, open the car door and sat down.

She only brought a big bag, stuffed bulgingly. Not much different from her normal style.

Cen Shi wondered: “Did you forget your luggage on the train?”

He He said: “Nope. I did not bring any. I only had this.”

“Thought you would be staying for a long time?”

“There is not much that is required. Anything that I need, I can buy them here.”

Cen Shi laughed: “Are you running away from something?”

He only said it casually but seems like he had strike to the point, she glared at him. Cen Shi did not mind.

The car moved ahead. He He said: “You have gone onto the wrong direction.”

Cen Shi said: “You have not taken your lunch right?”

He He said: “I am not hungry. I would like to go home to see my mum.”

“Considered it as you accompanying me for lunch. Besides, at this hour, aunty should still be working. After dinner, I will take you home, and visit aunty at the same time.”

In a panic, He He asked: “What do you want to do?”

Cen Shi said: “Is there an issue? We are now ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. Meeting aunty is also being polite right?”

He He frown: “In fact, I am only using you. This is to escape the blind dates that the elders are arranging for me.”

Cen Shi gave a bitter smile: “You have said this two days ago, so I am not misleading you. You really do not need to re-emphasize to break my self-esteem.”

He He is apologetic: “So, you don’t have to get into so deep. Just for show only after all.”

Cen Shi laughed: “My work ethic is very good. Even if it is temporary, I will give my best.”

He and He He bickers and smiled. Then he took her to the hotel where mountain chicken soup is sold as their main dish.

He He said: “I do not eat meat. Very greasy.”

Cen Shi said: “Replenish your body a little. You lost weight from the last time I saw you. You look pale too.”

After dinner, He He took out some paper and handed to Cen Shi: “You read these. If there is no problem, we should sign this.”

Cen Shi said: “What is this? A marriage agreement?”

He He stared at him: “Talk less. Let’s do an agreement for ‘Friendly Co-Existence’. It is better for us to list down five principles of this relationship.”

“Only five?”

He He said: “There are several rules for each principles.”

Cen Shi puff out laughing: “Xiao He He, you have watched too much korean dramas.”

He He retorted: “You watched too much Korean drama. Your family watched a lot of Korean dramas?”

Cen Shi continued to laugh: “Isn’t it in Korean drama that they constantly signed this kinda of agreement?”

He He became angry: “Based on what that these are exclusive to Korean only? Are you Korean? What is yours? Even Marks is yours!”

Cen Shi said: “Well, I withdraw these words that I have said. You are so long winded. Since when your words become so good? You have not come across a river and you are already looking for the bridge?”

He He said: “Well, this is the matter of principles related to national dignity.”

Cen Shi said: “Okay, I am wrong. I am a traitor to the nation. I will sign it, okay?”

He He’s phone rang. As she picked it up and offer greetings, the phone disconnected because it had ran out of battery.

He He searched in her deep and wide big bag. Searched for a long time but still not able to find the other battery.

He He’s things from the bag messed the table. She saw from the corner of her eyes, the laughing Cen Shi.

She looked up and glared at him. Cen Shi re-track his smile. He respectfully offer his own phone.

The call just now came from Su Ren Ran. He He returned her call and chatted for a while.

She holds the phone and thought, she should also reported her safe arrival to Zheng Xie.

Cen Shi’s phone is the same brand as hers. She compiled a text message and sent it to Zheng Xie. After pressing the ‘send’ button, she remembered that this is not her phone but it is too late already.

Cen Shi realized it and then gently pulled He He’s earlobe. He said: “Cannot remember the phone number? Stupid. Just change the phone card over.”

He He said: “No need. There is no need to inconvenience you further. I will go and get a spare battery later.”

Zheng Xie should know that it is her. They will always have this level of understanding.

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11 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 25.2

    1. After this chapter, I actually feel that Cen Shi is genuine to her. He truly cares for her. It is a misunderstanding in the past (the part where He He found out about the bet, as there were never a clear indication that he was part of the bet and he actually starts dating her because of the bet) that leads to where they are today. Let’s hope that he does not disappoint us in the later chapter.


    1. Hahahaha no spoiler today 😜 it will be reviewed in less than 24 hours time 😍 makes the waiting a little more fun 😉 I should be able to finish it soon


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