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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 23.2

Cao Miao Miao refused to let Zheng Xie bother He He that night and assisted in keeping him away from He He. Failed and finally giving up the attempt, where did Zheng Xie go? Did he go to Yang Wei Qi? 

Chapter 23.2: Rather that it is a dream

Yang Wei Qi called him and casually asked him: “Have you got home?” He hastily answered her: “Some friends were looking for me” and hung up the phone. He felt very upset and confused. He remembered that earlier some friends had approached him, saying that there is a social event this evening. He felt that the place is too crowded, so with some excused had turn it down.

Now, he suddenly is afraid to go home and face the cold wall. He feared that he would go crazy in the dead of the night. And when he is bored recently, he had looked for the companionship of Yang Wei Qi, however, now he is not able to face her with the most appropriate expression. So he decided to go and join his friends.

The group of friends had booked the entire club for a friend whom would be getting married the day after tomorrow. This is mean to be the childhood buddy bachelor party. The entire scene is in a mess, just like it had been robbed. There is a large gift box where showgirls with ribbons tied to their body dancing out of the box.

The appearance of Zheng Xie seems more popular than those dancing showgirls. The prospective groom was almost in tears when he said: “My buddies, my face is so big ah…. Even Zheng Xie came to join us!”

Before Zheng Xie could respond, the person next to him said: “This guy, Ah Xie, most certainly felt guilty in his mind, so suddenly came here. It is so late.” Zheng Xie just squeeze the corner of the mouth into a smile but did not laugh out loud.

The group of people started playing guessing game of questions and answers with the groom. They asked questions like, when was his first time. Where? How old both parties was? If the guess is wrong, then the groom need to answer or be penalized to drink.

The prospecting groom is tipsy and started to speak confusingly: “The most embarrassing thing with my wife…. One day after high school reunion, I woke up to find myself lying naked next to a female student that I had not seen for years. We were awkward and overwhelmed. So we decided to date and see where it lead it. And we ended up getting together. The next time we had sex, the result is we found her still a virgin. Damn…. I can’t afford to lose!”

All the people laughed and knock on the bottle ring. The one that laugh the loudest said: “This face is really lost. You do not know even if you had done it or now? Or just even half of it?”

The groom said: “When you are drunk and unconscious, who would remember if it is a real or just a dream? I always thought that it was true.”

The group of people scoff and pound of the table.

Only Zheng Xie did not mix with them. He sat quietly on the sofa in the corner, while staring silently at the big screen on the wall.

He has always been fond of quietness expect in cases where he was drag into the playing group. Most other times, he do not get into trouble together with hem, only stood by the side as spectators. To the others, they have taken that for granted. As long as he is willing to attend, he has given enough face.

Someone handed a can of beer in front of him. He shook his head. “Do not drink. I had quit.”

The other laughed. “Really know how to pretend. The day before yesterday you drank a lot.” Zheng Xie looked up. It is Su Ren Ran’s brother, Su Mao Wei.

Zheng Xie said: “Just quit today.”

Su Mao Wei sat down next to Zheng Xie and said: “Why are you looking so glum.”

In the bunch of people, someone said: “Ah Xie heart is desolately, because the next one would most probably be him.”

Zheng Xie lifted and eye but did not say anything.

Su Mao Wei said: “I heard that you even got your beach house renovated. Everyone said that this time you are serious. It is hard to believe. You just got to know each other for a short period of time. It is enough to determine that this is for lifetime?”

Zheng Xie quietly sigh.

Su Mao Wei isn’t aware of it. He just had a little more to say. After all, his relationship with Zheng Xie is much closer than others. He turned and looked at the group that is still playing with the groom and said with a smile: “I want to say something but you don’t get angry. Before Yang Wei Qi appear, you are never serious about any relationship. We always thought that you were just waiting for He He to grow up.”

Zheng Xie picked up the bottle of beer in front of him and took a mouthful. Su Mao Wei is very surprised to see him, thinking of what Zheng Xie said earlier about he had quit drinking.

Su Mao Wei is startled. “I will get you a bottle of water.” He came back a moment later and even helped him to unscrew the cover of the bottle. “You do not look very good. Are you not feeling well?”

Zheng Xie said: “Nothing. I am just a little tired today.”

Su Mao Wei opened another bottle of beer and drank half of the bottle in one breath. He had drank a lot so his speech was a little blurry. He pat Zheng Xie’s shoulder and said: “At the mentioned of He He’s name, you face immediately changed. Is it that the little girl had made you angry again? Haiz, I tell you. Sisters are like creditors that we owed them in previous life. For twenty over years, you had treated her like a treasure, loving, caring and spoiling her. At a turn, she will ran to the other man. And for the ‘other man’ she is willing to turn her back against you. Letting your heart turn cold.”

The groom suddenly paid attention and shouted towards Su Mao Wei: “You do not think that we don’t know. In your life, your greatest wish is hoping that you and your sister, Ren Ran are born into different parents. This way, you could take her home and marry her.”

These unkind man said: “One should tell his sister about him. I can see the suspense there!”

Su Mao Wei scolded: “Go!”

Zheng Xie felt his mouth is very dry. He calmly picked up the bottle before filling his mouth with a big gulp. When the cold feeling once again spread to the nerve, he realized that he had just drank beer. He had taken the wrong bottle.

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  1. Zheng Xie you totally want to take your (non biologically related) sister home and marry her as well! The sooner you realise it, the better!! Thank you for the chapter 😀

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