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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 21.2

In the last chapter, while Zheng Xie was out with Yang Wei Qi, they met someone from the past. This lead to a conversation between both Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi where Zheng Xie opened up about a case that happen in the past where he almost got involve as well. 

This chapter is an interesting read and I personally when translating it, actually felt frustrated on behalf of Yang Wei Qi for the kind of attitude that Zheng Xie displayed. He is caring about her one minute and the next, when something related to He He pops up, he almost forget about the calm and ever caring Yang Wei Qi that is standing next to him. Why can’t he made up his mind once and for all about how he wants to progress with her? Sigh……..

Chapter 21.2: A Sudden Big Change (平地一声雷)

Zheng Xie had not contacted He He for a few days.

He remembered that on that day, it was inevitable that he was angry. Worried that he could not help and would start educating her if he called her. This would result in her embarrassment, so chooses not to call her. He estimated that He He is also guilty so did not call him.

A few days later, once Zheng Xie felt that he is calmer, he decided not let it go and take the initiative to call and be concern about her.

Moreover, he knows that the honeymoon partner had returned so Cen Shi has now left the city. Although he felt good, there is a little pity for He He.

If He He really want to get back together with Cen Shi, then now the distance between He He and him is always not a good thing on her.

After all, everyone have compassionate and tolerant attitude. On the dark night, he dialed Xiao He He’s number. He hope that she does not sound too sad.

The result is contrary to his expectation. He dialed the phone three times, twice it was unanswered. And the one after indicate that the phone had been switched off.

Zheng Xie whom had just calmed down is again, upset.

Not to mention that well-behaved Xiao He He, in fact from young until now, not many people dare not answer his phone, not to mentioned shutting off the phone.

He took deep breath several times. He could not completely calm down his emotion. Finally he called Yang Wei Qi to have a few words with her.

He also had to dial the phone twice before Yang Wei Qi picked up. There is a loud disco music over the phone. She had to changed several places and speak in a loud voice before Zheng Xie could hear clearly.

Yang Wei Qi said her party desperately needed the testimony of a witness whom is working here. So she came here to convince the man.

Zheng Xie said: “You wait for me there. I come and pick you up.”

“There is no need as I am leaving shortly.”

“I will pick you up.” Zheng Xie insisted.

Zheng Xie spent only half a minute at the disco but already felt dizzy from the tinnitus.

As he got there, there is a little drunk man that was approaching Yang Wei Qi. He helped her to get rid of the man and hold out his hand to her.

His other hand went over his ears to overcome the tinnitus. “Next time, do not come to this place alone. It is not safe.”

Yang Wei Qi disagree. “It is still okay. Here is quite good.”

Zheng Xie said: “Last time go to the countryside, you almost got lost. And then the last was receiving threatening letters. And now coming to this kind of place. Your work is too dangerous. Your boss does not seem to have compassionate towards female subordinates. Didn’t you complain about being tired lately with all these? Consider to change your job?”

“This is considered as what kind of danger ah. Drink water also may choked to dead. I have no other interest. If I don’t do this, I don’t know what else to do.”

“The rest for a while and do nothing.”

Yang Wei Qi smiled: “Why? Do you really plan to support me?”

“If you wish, there is no problem.”

“I love to eat, love jewelry and designer stuff….”

“Even at your current state and another hundred times more, I can still afford to support you.”

Yang Wei Qi smiled and said half-truthfully: “It is a tempting offer. Let me think about it.”

They did not park their car in the same place. Yang Wei Qi cannot find her car. Zheng Xie laughing at her side and went to look for it together with her.

The wind at night is a little cold. Yang Wei Qi wear very minimal and was shaking from the cold. Zheng Xie half-hugged her.

Zheng Xie suddenly slowed down and his body turned a little stiff.

Yang Wei Qi looked up at him, and saw that his eyes was looking past her. She turned to his direction and saw that his abnormal emotion was looking at an inconspicuous car.

The car license plate is very clearly remembered. That day when He He sent Zheng Xie down the stairs, she pointed to the car at the side and said: “That is the car.”

The car is parked a distance away. But Zheng Xie have very good vision and he is also very sensitive to numbers.

Yang Wei Qi generally know whose car is that, she said softly: “If you really is worried, just go and check it out.”

Zheng Xie exhales but did not make any sound.

Yang Wei Qi said: “There is a Russian cabaret performance on the fifth floor here tonight.”

“Perhaps she is here to watch the show with her colleagues.”

Zheng Xie said: “She is not a child. Let’s go back.”

“I heard that this Russian cabaret troupe is quite distinctive. I have never seen them before. Shall we go and see?” Yang Wei Qi dragged Zheng Xie’s hand and he was reluctantly dragged to the elevator.

Zheng Xie actually have been here a few times and he does not have a good impression of the place.

Today, the place is more absurd than his original impression of the place. The people on the stage are not properly dressed. The audiences looked blurred. There are sexual flirtatious between the male and the females. The air was filled with tobacco and the pungent smell of alcohol.

Yang Wei Qi bowed her head and said: “Forget it. Let’s go.”

“Even if we leave now, we still have to pay. Since we rarely come, let’s just check it out for a while.” Zheng Xie said. He took her hand and walk behind a waitress that dressed like a rabbit.


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