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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 18.3

From the last chapter, we read about how annoying / persistent (I find it annoying while some of you readers may find him persistent) Cen Shi is. He is definitely wanting to make a ‘comeback’ with He He. The question lies in, is He He still waiting for him? Or she had moved on….  

In today’s chapter, we join Zheng Xie in his movie date with Yang Wei Qi over an old French film. We get to read deeper into the meaning behind the movie (which indirectly reflects the hidden / unknown feeling between Zheng Xie and Xiao He He) as both Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi discuss their different opinions about the movie. Some interesting conversation between them as well. Enjoy the read, everyone!

Chapter 18.3: What a mess….

While Xiao He He is meeting up with Shi Lin, Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi were watching a movie at the cinema.

Two days ago, Yang Wei Qi saw the newspaper advertisement about the French Film Week that was held in the Central Square Studios. Unfortunately she missed it. Zheng Xie said: “Get them to re-show it. Which want you want to watch?” So he called her today to watch the movie.

As a result, in the huge theater that is able to accommodate thousands of people, there are only two of them. Yang Wei Qi said emotionally: “The privileged of the upper class.”

Zheng Xie said: “What privilege? There is no such matter. It is just equivalent to making some exchange.”

The movie name is Jeux d’enfants. The Chinese name is 两小无猜 (pin ying: Liang Xiao Wu Cai)

Jeux d’enfants – is a 2003 French-Belgian movie starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet. This movie is also known as Love Me If You Dare in English. Love Me If You Dare

Jeux d'enfants

The movie is a story of a pair of childhood friends. From childhood, they love to play joke on each other, forcing each other to do naughty things to embarrass each other, take silly risks and forcing the other side to cancel the engagement with the fiancé. And many years later, both of them got married with their individual partners.

Watching French movie has always been boring, nearly put Zheng Xie to sleep. In the meantime, Yang Wei Qi was so emerged into the movie, she did not even speak to Zheng Xie throughout the movie.

In the end of the movie, a big toss to both parties life when a tragedy happen. And they reunited in finally.

The lights came back on and they went out. Yang Wei Qi had tears in her eyes. Wiping away her tears, fresh one flow down. Zheng Xie is amused and said: “Such a lousy movie, why are you so touched?”

Yang Wei Qi said while wiping her tears: “You were asleep. What do you understand about the most classic movie of 2003?”

Zheng Xie said disapprovingly: “I thought it was a new movie. If I know it is a 2003 movie, it would have been better to watch it at home on the DVD.”

Yang Wei Qi said: “That cannot be compared. Movie theater screen is big and feel much better. It was nicer when we were younger. We used to watch good movies in the big theater, as big as a curtain. I always like to sit in the front row, although it is tiring but there will not be any people walking about. And it is quieter, as if one is exposed into the movie scene. Now fewer people watch movie, so most of the movie theater are converted into small hall show. Not many big screen. So except when a new blockbusters are released, there are usually no film art.”

Zheng Xie said: “小资情调”

小资情调 (pin ying : xiao zi qing diao) – is translated as Petite Bourgeoisie French pronunciation: [pətit buʁʒwazi]), also petty bourgeoisie (literally small bourgeoisie) that means a member of the lower middle class, especially when is perceived as conventional and conservative.

Yang wei Qi wiped away her last tear. “小资就小资, better than these big exotic capitalists. I expect that the story would have a better ending, and did not expect that it ends this way.”

小资就小资 (pin ying : xiao zi jiu xiao zi) – Is translated as ‘Petty, so just let it be petty”

Zheng Xie said: “You can cry even when watching a funny movie. You are indeed unique.”

Yang Wei Qi retorted: “This is a comedy of a pair of childhood love. After so many rounds of detours before they finally get together, isn’t it such a pity?”

They got into the car. While driving, Zheng Xie says: “I do not think that they are pitiful. These two people are sick in their mind and is doing it out of habit. They habitually gamble for a lifetime playing the same game. If you really love each other, you would not get married to others. Furthermore, abandon their families and home / marriage, there is no sense of responsibility. This film is used to deceive woman and children.”

Yang Wei Qi could not find the words to refute him, so returned him with a sentence: “You obviously had your eyes closed. How could you remember so clearly?”

They went to a French Restaurant to eat French food. Yang Wei Qi is still immersed in the movie’s sad atmosphere.

“Zheng Xie, your understanding is wrong. The Chinese translation of the title is always strange. The English name is ‘Love Me If You Dare’. So they obviously love each other, but cannot admit it.”

So later……..

Zheng Xie felt that debating with a female lawyer about woman view on a movie really brings no meaning, so fittingly said: “Okay. Let’s just say that they knew from the beginning that they love each other, just never realized it.”

Zheng Xie so easily cast down the debate, Yang Wei Qi does not feel that she won the debate, so quietly immersed herself into dinner.

French meal is always exquisite with very complicated procedure. Even Zheng Xie with the supremacy do not have patience. So he decided to give up dessert.

He looked attentively at Yang We Qi eating her dessert and asked: “Recently you want to getaway for two days of vacation together. Have you found a good place yet?”

Yang Wei Qi had something in her mouth, so did not bother looking up and said: “Not yet. You really want to go?”

Zheng Xie said: “Of course. You say that ‘交往过半’ is a solemn reason, so how I do not try to fit in. What do you mean by 交往过半?”

交往过半 (pin ying : jiao wang guo ban) means that they have already made contact / date for more than half

Yang Wei Qi this time looked up and observed Zheng Xie’s expression for a moment. Although he look somewhat casual, but his eyes were bright.

She carefully said: “That means, as I understand it, you are obeying the rules of the game.”

Zheng Xie looked at her for a moment and gave a very small smile. He picked up the cup to drink some water and said to Yang Wei Qi: “Why don’t we do make a bet? After three months, if we could still maintain the current stage of relationship, then we will seriously consider our future together. Counting from the time when we first met.”

Yang Wei Qi carefully choose her words and said: “What does this mean? Are you confessing?”

“Whatever you think it is, then that is what it mean to be.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed and then said: “Well, in the provisions of contract law, your ‘offer’ have already enforced by the law, so you have no way to unilaterally withdrew.”

Zheng Xie with a slight angular said, half laughing and half earnestly: “You can check if there are records that you will find my credit has always been very good as well. Your occupational diseases is too serious.”

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  1. Thank you. Oh no, this’s probably how he ended up engaged to her. If I were her, I would think the relationship doesn’t have much of a foundation with his proposal here. Too bland.

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  2. I love that film! But it’s a terrible unhealthy relationship to compare with Zheng Xie and Xiao He He because it’s so co-dependant and destructive – not to mention the ending!! His relationship with Wei Qi is so uneventful too – like he’s going through the motions to hit relationship milestones. Thanks for the chapter!! ❤

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