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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 18.2

In the last chapter, He He encourage Zheng Xie to ask Yang Wei Qi’s hand in marriage. And Zheng Xie has casually agreed…. Would that happen anytime soon?

In this chapter, we will read about the annoying (well if I were He He, I would find him extremely annoying) Cen Shi is. What exactly did Cen Shi do? Read on……

Chapter 18.2: What a mess….

The next day, Xiao He He swollen lips are much better after swelling in the night.

She intently work the whole morning. Nearing noon, she went to the security office to sign for the express parcel that she was notified.

It is a very light and small box. Only wrapped in beautiful paper in a simple design. There is no sender signature.

She took the parcel upstairs before opening it. Her heart quickly jump a few times. It turns out to be a watermelon tourmaline bracelet in a white velvet box. The bright color and tine texture is uniform with excellent quality. It is the piece that she saw in the window on the model hands yesterday.

Apart from Cen Shi, there could not be anyone else.

He He cover the box and slid it into the drawer. She is very flustered.

In the past, together with a large group of people, He He and Cen Shi went hiking. He He picked a bunch of flowers to bring back, and carefully made a basket from the flowers. Cen Shi pulled trees and some flowers and twisted into a bracelet for her. While putting it on her hand, he jokingly said: “Handcuffs to leash you.” She was deeply moved and wanted for the time to fly so that she could marry him in a few years’ time.

Now, he casually sent such an expensive bracelet to her, she only felt ridiculous.

As nostalgic as it can get, one do not miss the things and happening in the past. Just miss the time when they were happy with a pure state of mind.

Coming out of the building after the end of the work day, He He saw Cen Shi in his car waiting for her.

Cen Shi saw her, opened his window, took off his sunglasses and revealed a charming smile: “Ms Xiao. Another coincidence. Let me give you a ride.”

Xiao He He opened the passenger seat door and shove him the box containing the bracelet. And then she went to sit at the back of his car. “For people who have just met, sending expensive things will only cause the recipient to suspect that you are insulting.”

Cen Shi quickly started the car and smiled while saying: “I have not chased women for many years. So I do not understand the rules now. Please forgive me. Where do you want to go?”

He He said: “To the next bus station.”

Cen Shi said: “Okay.” He stepped on the gas and the car instantly accelerate and they quickly reached to the destination that He He requested.

Xiao He He glanced out of the window. “You have still not learned on how to respect women?”

Cen Shi replied with a very serious expression: “I’m sorry. I am not familiar with the city and the different direction. So I forgot. Violation of traffic rules is an immoral act.”

He He replied indifferently: “If you could please, send me home. Thank you.”

Cen Shi said: “Allow me to invite you to dinner. To express my regret for ‘disrespecting ladies’. What do you want to eat? Where do you want to eat?”

He He said: “Go to a place where we could eat Honshu Abalone. Otherwise, there is no need.”

Cen Shi choked a little, stunned and then could not help laughing. He He looked at him but he did not see and gently smiled before saying: “I bet that your loving brother Zheng Xie has never seen your tricky rude look. I am more fortunate than him.”

He He said: “Please do not use such a disgusting way to mention him. Not everyone is like you.”

Cen Shi continued to laugh: “You are already so big. Still worshiping him like a God. Do you really think that he is a white angel? You certainly have not seen him when he is cool and cutting things off with those girls? Forcing them to look like they are ready to commit suicide.”

He He replied with a sneer: “How do you know that I have not seen? Even if the feeling is cold, he is honest and open about it. He dares to do it. He did not deceived anyone with that. There is no dishonesty. Unlike those who play love game while scheming.”

Cen Shi stayed calm and did not get angry. His face gradually smiled with his eyes obviously laughing: “He He, you definitely understand your brother deeply. More than his understanding on you.”

He He said: “Change the topic or park the car. Please choose one of the two.”

Cen Shi laughed but no longer speak. He drove the car leisurely. There are many ways to He He’s home. Cen Shi purposely choose the most crowded and narrow street that goes through fairs, schools as well as shops.

He He kept silence and let him play his jokes. She is fully aware that in this case, the angrier she gets and protests, the more sense of accomplishment that he would have. So she will not let him smug.

Anyway, even the longest way, she will still be able to get home within an hour. After all, she is not in a hurry.

Her cell phone rang during this time. He He saw that it is Shi Lin calling from the screen. Recently he has gone outstation, so she had not seen him for some time.

Shi Lin gently said: “I have some urgent business and will need to return to the United States tomorrow. I am asking you out for a meal. I know it is very hasty and very bold but I hope you can come out….”

He He thought for a moment and said: “Okay. I should be buying you dinner.”

Shi Lin said: “Then considered you buying me dinner. You choose the place.”

He He thought for a moment and mentioned the name of the place.

She looked up to check out which road she is on now, then turned to look at Cen Shi while thinking of how to get him to let her off. Before she could began to say anything, Cen Shi had already turned the car into a quiet lane. Very quickly, they reached the main door and in less than ten minutes, had arrived at the doorstep of the hotel that she had mentioned to Shi Lin earlier. After stopping the car, he unlock the car door for her.

He He got off the car and very seriously said to him: “Thank you.” This is the first time since her reunion with Cen Shi that she is most sincere.

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