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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 18.1

So on Yang Wei Qi’s invitation, Xiao He He joined her and Zheng Xie for dinner. During the dinner, He He accidentally burned her lips and Zheng Xie patiently rubbed her lips. Even reading this tells me how much Zheng Xie cares for He He and yet he has not realized it…… I wonder if he ever will realized all the actions that he had done is clearly showing everyone around him how much he cares for He He apart from himself. Enjoy the read!

Chapter 18.1: What a mess….

It was Yang Wei Qi who called Zheng Xie wanting to buy him dinner. She said she found a very good BBQ restaurant.

After getting to the store, only Zheng Xie found out that it is the BBQ Restaurant that is outside of He He’s place. It is in a very inconspicuous location. The restaurant is also very small. Even the restaurant signature cannot be found. But the taste of the food served in the restaurant is very good. Business is good, so at least half-day advance reservation is required. Xiao He He has dragged him there several time.

The restaurant is famous for its slow service as there is only one barbeque master. The iron is only fixed for one type of roast each round. So the guests have to have patience and wait. Some will also lose their sense of hunger after a while. Biting into the barbecue, there will be squeaky drip of oil. He gets nausea just looking at it while they are so happy and satisfied enjoying the food.

Yang Wei Qi heard that He He also liked this store and staying so near. So insisted along the journey for He He to come and join them. So Zheng Xie had to make the call.

Xiao He He initially refused to go. But when she heard that Yang Wei Qi invited her, she no longer felt that she would be rude, so agreed to join them.

Yang Wei Qi is actually a comforting woman. She is able to guide the topic of the conversation and always pick her interest in making the conversation interesting. In fact, both of them are of the same age, but Yang Wei Qi takes good care of He He like a sister.

Zheng Xie is left out. He did not join into their conversation. He did not eat much as well. Just sitting patiently and distributing their rotisserie of apples and bananas.

He saw that He He ate a lot and asked: “In fact, you had not had dinner.” He He told him that she had eaten dinner earlier.

He He played dumb and said: “I remember I had eaten. I am also confused.” Anyway she is known to often forgotten to eat. She took the piece of baked apple that Zheng Xie put on her plate and bit into it before Zheng Xie could stop her. She burn her lips from the heat of the apple.

Yang Wei Qi got up to get her some ice. She came back and saw Zheng Xie carefully rubbed her lips from ice that he has gotten from somewhere.

He He scalded her mouth and do not wish to continue eating. She said that she is in a hurry to complete a sketch to send to her client before nine o’clock. He He apologies and asked them to continue to eat.

Yang Wei Qi said to Zheng Xie: “It is very late. Walking alone home is not safe. You go and send her.”

He He keep saying no because it is very near. While she insisted on declining it, Zheng Xie has already gone to wait at the door for her.

Really only a few steps away. They reach the downstairs of her apartment within three or four minutes only. He He said: “Do not let Ms Yang wait there alone for too long. It is very impolite.”

Zheng Xie said: “Never mind. I’ll take you upstairs. Your mouth is better already? Always so careless. Isn’t it a pity now that you can’t eat more?”

“Ah.” He He bow her head low and step onto her own shadow. “Ms Yang is a great person. You should quickly grab her hand in marriage.”

“I am not worried. Why are you so anxious about?” Zheng Xie is amused.

“Marriage is like buying a house. While you are still shopping and looking around, your favorite set has already been purchased by others.” He He said seriously.

Zheng Xie laughed. “Now the housing market is so bad. Who would want to steal the house? And besides, the most expensive house always remain unsold…”

He He said: “Every time when I am having a serious conversation with you, you always takes it as a joke.”

Zheng Xie said: “Okay. I listen to your advice. Later I go and ask her hand in marriage.”

They both have nothing else to say, so quietly walked to the door.

He He said while looking for her keys. “The cat that you dislike, Xiao Bao am sure is still awake. So I will not invite you in. You go back quickly. Don’t let people wait too long.”

They were walking very quietly so the corridor lamp is not lighted. Zheng Xie gave a little cough and the light turned on. Zheng Xie said: “Recently, you are acting very strange. Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing. What could have gone wrong?”

“If……” Zheng Xie wanted to say something but did not know how to say it. “In short, should there are any trouble, remember to tell me. Before going to sleep at night, put some ice onto your mouth or else tomorrow you will look like a pig.”

He He had entered through the door, turning half of her body, laugh and said: “You are very strange recently. It is true that dating will reduce IQ.”

Zheng Xie make a gesture of wanting to beat her. He He shrink and ran from the door.

Zheng Xie said: “Close the door.”

He He replied: “You leave first and I will close the door.”

They were stiff for a while and then suddenly said: “Yeah! Mosquito.” And then bang the door shut. Zheng Xie finally returned downstairs.

Later while sending Yang Wei Qi home, he asked her: “How long have we known each other?”

Yang Wei Qi said: “From our first meeting or from the date of our first meal? The former is seven weeks less two days or the later of five weeks and one day?”

Surprised, Zheng Xie smiled: “You do remember very clearly and accurately.”

Yang Wei Qi nodded: “I have occupational diseases. And I am initially a criminal lawyer.”

“Only seven weeks, ah. Less than two months.”

“Long enough. Sometimes I would rather hope that time passes slowly again.”


Yang Wei Qi casually stretched and said: “Time passes slowly, we can keep our youthful chat.”

Zheng Xie said: “I hope that the time is a little faster.”

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    1. N also He He said, “you leave first, I close the door”. This had been said between both of them n passing to n flo. Both of them does not want to leave n yet…

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  1. Thank you. Interesting that they both think the other is acting strange lately. Do they both subconsciously feel that this is a woman that could come between them?

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Zheng Xie seems to be a little too casual about his current relationship – it’s very telling that he doesn’t want time to go slowly. Thanks for the chapter!!

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