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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 17.3

What does Cen Shi want? Did he follow He He or is it really coincidence that they met on the street? Did they really ended up having dinner together? Read on……

Chapter 17.3: Heavy head supporting role on stage

The corner of He He’s mouth lifted slightly wanting to give him a laugh but from the shock that she suffered, she could not laugh. “Really coincidence.” Amidst the bustling crowd during the peak commuting period, walking in the area will also bump into him.

“Since it is hard to meet up together like this, let’s have dinner together.” Cen Shi said.

“Sorry, I am not free. I have an appointment with someone.”

“So lay-back and taking the leisure walk checking out stuff even though you have an appointment?” Cen Shi laughed while seeing through her lies. He had followed her for a while, and she failed to notice it.

He He blushed and calmly said: “My appointment is in half an hour time. There is plenty of time. Is that not allowed?”

Cen Shi laughed: “Then accompany me for a cup of coffee first, is that possible?”

He He said: “Thank you for your kindness. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach will caused gastric.”

She walked in front while Cen Shi leisurely followed behind her. He He felt upset. She suddenly turned around and stopped. Cen Shi also stopped one meter behind her.

He He asked with a straight face: “Why are you following me?”

“This road that you are walking, I cannot go? It does not belong to your family.” Cen Shi said and bring on a smile.

He He turned around and walked on. Her eloquence is bad. In comparison with Cen Shi, they are miles apart in differences. She is not going to 算鸡蛋碰石头

算鸡蛋碰石头 (pin ying : na jidan peng shitou) – this is a Chinese proverbs that means : courting destruction. Functional translation means: – to pick a losing battle.

In order to get rid of Cen Shi, He He walked to the curb and tried to stop a cab. This is the rush hour period. In the downtown section like now, there are no empty cab.

Cen Shi whom have been following He He from a distance said: “Where do you want to go? I send you.”

He He became really impatience and did something very childish. She pulled out her mobile phone from the bag and casually press a few keys but did not press the call button. She said: “If you continue to follow me, I will report to the police saying that you are harassing me.”

Cen Shi step forward. He He whom originally along the road sidewalk, seeing that he had moved forward, took a step backward. She did not expect the road behind her to be ten centimeters lower. As a result, she nearly fell but was pulled by Cen Shi. “Still so bold ah….”

He He fiercely pushed him. She found her cell phone now in the hands of Cen Shi.

Cen Shi said: “Wait here. Otherwise you don’t even think of getting back your cell phone. I am going to drive my car here.”

He He wanted to discard the phone and turned away. She thinks for a while and felt that more harm will follow, so there is actually no need to get emotional. After all, what Cen Shi can do?

As she was still in her mental struggle over it, Cen Shi has already drove over. His car is actually illegally parked not far away. The police did not come in time to tow it away. How unfortunate.

Xiao He He got into the car and sat on the passenger seat. Although she wanted to sit at the back, it would be too hypocritical. She would not know what Cen Shi would do and think if she does.

“Where are you going?”

“Go home.” He He looked at Cen Shi laughing and honestly admitted: “I am not feeling well today. Even if I am well, I am not comfortable in having dinner with you.”

“I understand.” Cen Shi did not asked her where she live but directly drove down the road towards the right direction.

As they were entering the district where He He stay, Cen Shi suddenly said: “He He, if you still mind the past and refused to forgive me…..”

He He interrupted him: “There is no such thing.”

Cen Shi ignored her interruption and continue: “Then you suppose we can be just friends that have just met. I promise I will not pester you. So you don’t try to avoid me.”

He He said: “Okay. It’s a deal.” She opened the car door and get off after saying that. Walking a few steps forward when Shi called her: “He He”. She turned to see that Cen Shi had got down from the car, leaning against the door with her cell phone in his hand. She forgot about her cell phone.

Xiao He He took a few step forward and retrieve her phone from him. She turned to leave but not without reminding him: “Yes Mr Cen, since we have just met, it is fine if you just call me ‘Ms Xiao’.”

Xiao He He throw her bag on the group after she step into her home and sat on the couch for a while. She wanted to check if Cen Yi has left through the window but stopped her urged by sitting herself down on the sofa.

It is normal if he is gone. Even if he is still there, it is only for show only. Although she is not his opponent, but she is very well verse with his temperament and know him very well.

In fact, he understands her well. So he did not explain in those days. He understand that he cannot rush for her to know his intention. And secondly, he know that even if he wants to explain, she would not be bother to listen. So he is better off to save his energy.

And then He He suddenly realized, after the ‘accidental meeting’ with Cen Shi, she did not buy her dinner. So she only could prepare dinner herself or call for a take out.

Now, she is not hungry. Feeling a little restless, she decided to continue to work on the drawings that she had pending.

Her drawing book has a number of pages where she had already finished outlining the map with people and scenery. Every time when she is upset, she would take it out and starts to modify the line. This is not technically useful and is time consuming but it helps her to calm down. She had long ago discover this method.

He He is thinking while drawing.

She felt that she was harsh to Cen Shi earlier. Really rude of her but this is also forced after her world with Cen Shi.

In reality, Cen Shi did not really hurt her. He tricked her, although at that time she is really very sad but comparing with what she seen and heard later, it can be considered as really nothing but just a little plot similar to the classic TV series. Then he deceive her again. That in fact she knew that it is not entirely his fault. After all, Cen Shi is in a very different league from Zheng Xie. Totally not an opponent at all. Later, Cen Shi wrote to He He many letters. Sent many messages. Although from many point of view, it is completely sincere, but she refused to give him a chance to show it.

It is her own heart knot but she is repenting the anger to Cen Shi.

He He in her one mind managed to finish a map of Chinese mythology ladies. She usually leave the eyes to draw last as it gives her a sense of accomplishment. But this is also often how it would destroy one’s work. After a closer look at the eyes, she inadvertently draw Aunty Qian appearance on the woman’s face. Then she remembered her own mother, so decided to draw a picture in accordance to her mother’s features. But she could not remember any of her mother’s face features. Then she look through the photo albums.

While going through the photo album, she remembered that she did not had her dinner yet. She was feeling a little hungry so decided to go and order some takeout. She searched several drawers but could not find any restaurant number to call. This is because she had always taken these things for granted.

He He turn in vain, could not find the number even after calling 114. At last she remembered that she can go opposite to Zheng Xie’s place to look for it. He has a book on a number of commonly used phone, she had patiently copy those number for him one by one. His things are always tidy, so she knew where to find it.

Before He He is able to take action as planned, Zheng Xie called her. Really coincidence.

Zheng Xie say that he is having dinner with Yang Wei Qi in the area about ten meters in a BBQ shop, asking her to join them for dinner.

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