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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 17.2

Interesting meet between Zheng Xie and Cen Shi. What did they talk about? Business? Or is it He He that they discuss? Read on to find out…..

Chapter 17.2: Heavy head supporting role on stage

“My friend went on a honeymoon. So I am helping him to take care of a little business.”

“Friend or a partner?”

Cen Shi laughed: “Mr Zheng would like to work with me?”

Zheng Xie also smiled: “If you want to talk about business, make appointment with my secretary. We discuss it in the office.”

Cen Shi smiled even wider. “After so many years, you still have not changed.”

“You have changed a lot.”

“It is natural. I was a student then while you were already someone big and powerful socially. Even today you are still high up on the social level but the distance between us seems a lot lesser, isn’t it?”

“I have said then, if you are not satisfied, then when you spread your wings, come and look for me. So you think the time has come?”

Cen Shi laughed: “How is it possible? I would rather curry favor with you.” Zheng Xie looked at him with a blank look on his face. Cen Shi grab the opportunity and said with a smile: “I found that I am still not able to forget He He. Out of courtesy, I am informing you. I don’t want you to think that I am not reliable.”

Zheng Xie said coldly: “Are you not a little too self-confident. Did you think that He He has no one else around her and that she is wholeheartedly still thinking of you over all these years? Waiting for you and as long as you come back, she will run back into your arms?”

Cen Shi said: “That I am not sure. But others are harmless. Not to mention a boyfriend, even her husband could be turned into nothing more than her ex-husband. But only you, He He’s brother, a word from you, I can come to naught beyond redemption. So I have to be very careful.”

Zheng Xie sneered. “You are overestimating my influence over He He. If she does not accept you, it is your own problem.”

“You cannot underestimate your influence on her.” Cen Shi faintly and lengthy answered.

On the way back, Yang Wei Qi observed him for a moment before smiling slightly. “The person you met earlier, is that a friend or an enemy?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes. In fact, I am curious. It is hard for you to like someone but for you to hate someone it is harder.”

“Do not be naïve just like He He. Curiosity kills the cat.” Without lifting his head, Zheng Xie said.

After sending Yang Wei Qi home, Zheng Xie looked at the time. It is still early.

He took out his cell phone to call Xiao He He wanting to invite her for dinner together tomorrow night after work. He is not able to reach her even after 2 calls as her line was busy. There is an interval of half an hour between both the attempted call.

Who is He He on the line with for such a long time to the extent that she is not afraid of the radiation from talking too long on the phone?

He change to sending He He a text message instead. He does not have mobile phone text-messaging capabilities. Unfamiliar to him, he studies the operating rules for a moment, and stumbled to type a few words. But when he tried to send it, the sending failed.

He frowned and gave up his plan for tomorrow.

It is 5 minutes after work. Xiao He He walked out of the company’s office carrying a large slung back.

From the company to her home by cab only takes He He five minutes. Ten minute by bus and only half an hour by foot. Due to the road congestion, He he do not own a car nor she drive any car. Because of her slight fear of speed, she rarely even take the cab.

There is a bus stop downstairs. But a few months ago, there is a poster that she dislike up on the building opposite that has not been replaced until now. So to avoid the eyesore that she often see, she always walk a little further towards the next stop.

As she walked on, out of habit, she took the shortcut and then walk all the way home.

Along the way, there are many stores from clothing stories to craft shops that are ready to close for the day. There are very nice aroma drifting from the snack bar. As she walked pass the road, there is an old famous street for street snacks. He He walking home almost every day, will end up with a bag of useless gadgets in her bag while her hand will carry a bag of delicious snacks.

There is another reason why she likes to take the walk between the two places is also due to the garment plaza that stood in between. He He likes to see their quarterly changes to the window display. The colorful frame that is still as elegant and ornate.

Walking and looking around, she walked slowly and finally stop. The window had silk and jewelry display. A few models casually wrapped with elegant knot that is with fantastic colors and patterns. Very beautiful and elegant.

There is a mannequin draped with purple and light green colors cloth. A very popular mix of color that is ambiguous yet unclear. Full of feeling. On the mannequin hand hung a bunch of bracelets, ten watermelon tourmaline cut into small flakes with think line green reflecting the red, just like a piece of watermelon skin. It blended very well with the color of the fabric.

She titled her head to appreciate. Watermelon tourmaline are not particularly expensive but the string of pure and transparent collection are from the top grade.

Suddenly someone standing behind her said: “What a coincidence.” She was shocked and turned back. Cen Shi appeared behind her.

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