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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1: Heavy head supporting role on stage

Sense and sensibility are normally well coordinated and balance while Zheng Xie’s sense and sensibility meet the 80/20 rules.

When visiting Yang Wei Qi’s home, Zheng Xie also brought a bouquet of flowers.

It is not really bouquet of fresh flowers but a bunch of cloths with pig designs made into flower shape. It seems that the florist sew the flowers herself.

He had seen He He made similar bundle of cloth flowers and found it interesting. So when he saw it on sale, he bought it.

In fact, Zheng Xie new send flowers as gift as he felt uncomfortable doing it.

Yang Wei Qi is very happy when she receive the gift. Because she is born in the year of pig as her zodiac as well. When she opened the door, she was wearing The Three Little Pigs patch apron with towel wrapped hair, looking just like a pretty housewife.

Zhen Xi asked: “Do you need help?”

“No need. You find something to do. It will be ready in a while.”

When Yang Wei Qi walked out from the kitchen, Zheng Xie was watching DVD.

His expression watching DVD is very special. Holding the remote control, the screen is set to quadruple speed, no sound but only quickly skipping the subtitles in English. He does not seem to be focusing.

Yang Wei Qi is amazed. It is the same movie that she was watching a few days ago, 窈窕美眉 (She Is All That)

He just saw the end of the captions when he saw her. He turn off the screen with a sigh.

Yang Wei Qi said: “Such an interesting movie, why sigh?”

Zheng Xie said: “Is it? I do not think so.”

“Why not? It has a good ending. The way you watch this movie looks like a real style experts. Do you understand it?”

“Anyway, one of the lines are declining.” Zheng Xie carefully exit the disc from the player and re-insert it into the packaging box. He said to himself: “Life is like a play.”

“Of course. All works of art come from life.”

“If I were a girl, I can never return to the man side no matter how he vowed.” Zheng Xie say.

The story is on American Campus Idol. The campus idol make a bet with a friend to pursue an alternative art department well behaved girl. The whole thing came into light causing them to break up. And then they got back together to bring a successful and happy ending.

Yang Wei Qi said: “This is the difference between man and woman’s thinking. As long as the heart is sincere, it is all good.”

“How to judge sincere and insincerity? My principle is that once credibility of the partner is destroyed, it will be excluded from my scope for cooperation. Because once it has happen, it is inevitable that there will be a second.”

“Based on what you say, people who have committed a crime, there will never be opportunity to turn over a new life. If that is the case, all the world’s prisoners should be sentenced to death.” Finishing the sentence, Yang Wei Qi laughed. “So we both have occupation disease.”

Zheng Xie smiled politely, not wanting to argue with her.

Yang Wei Qi looked for a moment at the empty blue screen, and jokingly said: “I have always felt that human reason and sensibility is to have a balanced proportion. But Zheng Xie, your proportion apparently are very different from the ordinary people. Your power of reason is too strong.”

Zheng Xie said: “This is not good? Strong rational can avoid making mistakes.”

“But don’t you think that if everything in life is well planned, it is very boring? Nothing unexpected that happen then there will be no surprises. I guess that you’ve never met anything that is unexpected in your life before?”

Zheng Xie kept silent for a long time before slowly said: “Of course there have been unexpected incidents in my life. There are unhappy incidents too. After all, it is not all triumph in life.”

The quality of the meal was only average.

Yang Wei Qi has a beautiful and neat appearance. Her things are neat and clean. Her dishes look very pretty but the taste is just not there.

Zheng Xie patiently ate the food served. Yang Wei Qi herself could not eat it after taking a few bites and said: “We go out and eat.”

“No need. Apart from a little salty and a little hard, it is actually not bad.”

“Let’s just go out. I cannot eat this.”

“What a pity. You spent half a day preparing these.”

“It’s okay. After all, I am cooking just for fun.”

Finally, they drove to the restaurant that they frequented.

While dining, Zheng Xie felt like he has been observed.

He looked up and looked around but did not see any acquaintance. After a while, his phone rang. He picked up and said something before hanging up.

Yang Wei Qi asked: “Something wrong?”

“There is no hurry. A friend of mine. I’ll be over to say hello.”

He waited for Yang Wei Qi to finish before they got walked to the other area of the hotel. Behind the screen, they met up with Cen Shi.

Cen Shi is sitting leisurely, seems like have been waiting for him for a while. He see Zheng Xie coming, stood up and nodded politely with an indifferent expression. “I want to talk about the past but you seem to have a companion. I think it is not convenient.”

“Mr Cen seem to be spending a long time in the city this time.” Zheng Xie replied with a very cool expression.

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      1. Yes he did. That is why Zheng Xie is trying to stop He He from meeting him as he is afraid of Cen Shi hurting He He once again. More would be revealed in the upcoming chapters 😉


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