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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 16.6

Zheng Xie ended up spending several hours in He He’s balcony. The interaction between Zheng Xie and Xiao Bao the cat is so cute. Both are so careful around each other. 

Zheng Xie felt asleep while sitting in the balcony. And what did he dream about? Enjoy the read as we get deeper into Zheng Xie’s sub-conscious mind.  

Chapter 16.6: Understanding that is too deep

Zheng Xie immediately understand the meaning of her words. He kept quiet for a moment and then he slowly said: “You have no confidence towards me or is it that you don’t have confidence in yourself?”

“None of those.” Yang Wei Qi quickly said and immediately change to a lighter tone and the topic. “Next week I want to invite you for a meal. I have recently learned a few dishes, hopefully there is a hero who would dare to try these dishes.”


“Remember to eat your stomach medicine first.”

Zheng Xie hang up the call. Not long after, the sense of weakness gradually came back. He went back to the room and looked at He He. She was still sound asleep and was very quiet. He went back to the balcony, looked up and saw a glimpse of the moon. His thought went back to a popular song that he had listen to, 都是月亮惹的祸. Silently he smiled, touched against his pockets to look for something. This time, he touched the box of cigarettes and matches that is taken from Su Ren Ran’s wedding banquet. It was a gift for every guest.

都是月亮惹的祸 is a song by a popular Taiwanese Singer, Phil Chang, (張宇) : 都是月亮惹的祸

A good brand of cigarettes. He took one of them into his mouth and light a match. The wind is not strong but he had not used this thing for a long time. It took him 2 matches to get it lighted.

In fact, he rarely smoke. So after the first puff, because of the wind, he even choked a little.

Zheng Xie wonder where is the ashtray. Then he got into this intuition. His intuition has always been very sensitive.

Sure enough, at the door, he saw Xiao Bao, the cat that gave him a headache. The cat was looking at him.

Zheng Xie have not seen it for a long time. He realized that Xiao Bao had grown a little. Even the eyes seem a little matured.

Although Xiao Bao the car does not seem to want to come close to him, but Zheng Xie had his guard up. As a result, the cat just whiz to the corner of the balcony, took out a dish and throw in front of him and then quickly fled.

Zheng Xie picked up the bowl. It was actually a very dedicated little tin plate that is surrounded by flowers and with a carved angel cat that look like an ashtray.

Zheng Xie sat on the wicker chair and enjoyed himself rocking on the chair. Smoking without actually inhaling the cigarette. The smoke that was spit out had not yet formed any stools were blown away by the wind with the vague sound of the insects on the grass downstairs. This bring the feeling of returning back to their teenage years, especially with the little action from Xiao Bao the cat earlier. Bringing on the feeling of a fairy tale.

He looked at the moon that seems to have moved a few degrees to the west. He could see a few starts. Then he felt a little sleepy. In the dim room, his mind went back to an incident many years ago when his always stern father said: “Ah Xie. I give you a birthday present.” Then he saw a wrapped pale pink cloth for carrying baby is Xiao He He. There is small package printed with many small cat print. In the middle, there is a red silk tied in the form of flower shape.

He wanted to laugh at the confused among absurd and funny dream that seems so real. Also dreams of He He grow up quickly and clumsily crawling around. Her staggered walk while babbling away trying to talk. She was wearing a red scarf that have a lot of small red flowers. In his dreams, it was like a cursory viewing gallery, then distant past in finite length within a frame that emerge. Some of the lens are blur and clear shots. In most of them, He He is laughing. Some laughing mischievously, her smug smile, happy laugh and her smirk.

But he remembered this scene the most. He is watching from afar, He He sitting on the sofa curled into a shrimp like, clutching the pillow while watching the TV. Silent tears were rolling down her face, some into the corners of her mouth although she is not aware of it. Not until she found him looking at her, she then said: “My rhinitis recurred again. She paused the screen and turned to go to the bathroom to wash her face.

Zheng Xie looked at the DVD cover on the table. A pair of youthful faces with playful actions that is of similar age with He He at that time. “She Is All That.” Obviously appears to be a youthful comedy but she had to cry.

Zheng Xie is still the half-awake trance and felt that he is being looked at. So he suddenly opened his eyes. He saw He He standing about two meters away from him watching him while holding a quilt. She had changed her dress, now wearing a light-colored flowers printed full nightdress with her unkempt hair that is half blocking her eyes from the wind blowing.

See that he is awake, He He said: “Why are you sleeping here? You will catch a cold.”

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