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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 16.5

Zheng Xie to Xiao He He rescue again especially on a night where she drank sooooo much….. He sent her home and yet could not leave her side as he is worried about her. Did anything happen between them? Read on…….

Chapter 16.5: Understanding that is too deep

He tucked her into his arms. And brought her from the underground parking to the top. Walked for a long time. He pulled the key from He He’s bag to open the door and put her on her bed in the bedroom.

This series of actions is very strenuous. He He is very light and thin. Just that when she lay down, her had her hair tangled to the buttons of his shirt. It took him a long time to unravel them.

Zheng Xie look down and checked her out in the moonlight. She already had her make-up removed and her hair are hanging down. She has a very small face with long eyelashes that covers almost half of her face. She look like a porcelain doll. Zheng Xie went into a trance and a kind of illusion. It seems that it brings him back to their childhood memories. Everything he takes her out to play, she will fall asleep and he finally had to bring her home. There is usually no one in her home, so Zheng Xie always had to take off her shoes and cover her with quilt.

Zheng Xie at that time always felt himself compelled to playing live version of house.

His moved to switched on the bedside lamp. The sleeping He He is lighted up with the light. She frown and turned over. Her face is buried in the pillow, the hair all scattered on the pillow.

Zheng Xie worried that she would suffocate. He carefully turned her, combed her hair to the side and then take off her shoes.

Her dress is very tight. Even sleeping she is heaving deep breath. Zheng Xie subconsciously snap the buckle and pull the zip down a little to let her breathe freely. When his fingers touched her skin, he felt like he was suddenly hit by the water and quickly withdrew his hand. He got up and covered her from foot up to neck with the quilt.

In the dim glow of the bedside lamp the sleeping He He is not the familiar and lively He He that he know. It seems as if she is those women from the biographical film. The reversal of the young adult role. From the small girl whom dance and jump, in the flicker of candlelight, suddenly all grown up. Making him feel very strange.

Zheng Xie is a little irritable. He turned off the lamp and fled out of the room. With no destination to turn, he walked around the house for a while. And then he went into the kitchen to pour a glass of water to put on He He’s bedside. He did not want to leave as he is not comfortable to leave the drunken and unconscious He He alone. Finally, he went out to the balcony to enjoy the starry night.

The sky is very clear. The moon was on transit, reflecting a land of brilliance but with unclear starts. The wind is blowing with uncertain directions, sometimes warmth and sometimes very cold.

The balcony is a very large and open area. He He has put a crescent-shaped rattan rocking chair as well as a few stump wood stool there.

He He is very lazy towards things that she is not interested in. So there are no conventional plants and flowers on the balcony, hence it is very refreshing. Zheng Xie remember that there used to be a big block of cactus and prickly pear because these kind of plants do not need constant care and water, high survival ability. But even these are gone now. He He must have removed them for the fear of hurting her cat. She is very selective and careful.

Thinking about the cat, from the time they walked through the door, don’t know where it had gone to hide. He does not like it, so he estimated that the cat also don’t like him. So the cat had dodge and went to hide.

Zheng Xie walked around the house but could not find Xiao Bao. He found the cat’s nest, so thinking that it certainly had not eaten. Zheng Xie pulled out two bags of fresh cat food and put it into the bowl. He went back to the balcony and sat down on the swaying wicker chair, while looking at the moon.

He thought for a long time but could not think of what he had to do. Then he took out his cell phone to call Yang Wei Qi.

“You’re home, right?” Asked Zheng Xie.

“A while ago. All okay over at your side?”

“Nothing. What could have happened? What are you doing?”

“Watching DVD. 窈窈美眉 (pinyin – yao yao mei mei). What about you?”

“Looking at the moon.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed over the phone. “Have you seen the goddess of the moon sister, Chang Er?”

“No. Only see the bumpy surface of the moon. I think Chang Er has not place up there to live.”

“Maybe she lives on the back of the moon. The one we can’t see. Do you use a telescope? How do you see the moon?”

“Without a telescope, I can imagine.” Zheng Xie move the phone to the other ear: “You are watching the movie ‘She Is All That’? You actually will watch youth movie. But the movie is so old.”

She is All That is a 1999 American teen romantic comedy, a modern adaption of the 1964 My Fair Lady movie. It is one of the most popular teen movie in the 1990s which reached No. 1 in the box office within first week of release. For more information: She Is All That Movie

She Is All That

“Watching an old teen movie may seem superficial and light but it somewhat is naïve and yet distinctive.” The playful Yang Wei Qi say via the telephone. “Zheng Xie, you also have watched this movie? Does not seem to be your type.”

“I have not watched it. Just heard about it.” Zheng Xie say. “Did the movie have a good ending?”

“Of course. To watch teen movie is to relax. Who would want to watch a sad ending?”

“Oh!” Zheng Xie swallow the remaining words that he wanted to say. He continue to look up at the moon, trying to determine the speed of the movement.

They did not hang up the phone. He is waiting for Yang Wei Qi to say goodbye. After a while, Yang Wei Qi said: “Zheng Xie, this upcoming National Day holiday, if you have got nothing to do, we go slightly further away for a short holiday.”

“Good. What do you want to go?”

“No matter where. As long as it is not crowded. We go and celebrate.”

“What is there to celebrate?”

“Celebrated that we have known each other for a period of time. We have actually known each other for a month. I sometimes felt that it is very magical.”

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    1. Stay calm Kitty. Their relationship will go way deeper before Yang Wei Qi pulled out opening it for Zheng Xie and He He. A long and frustrating road ahead from time to time 😉 in the meantime just enjoy the ride and read 😉👍


  1. Thanks for translating mhryu..
    HH must be so upset to be in that condition. .. Just wondering.. What kind of sickness does she has that she can forget everything about yesterday?

    By the way.. is there anyway that we can access your blog through SSB?

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    1. Thanks for the support. I am not sure about SSB access. But I did started the translation of this novel after reading the recommendation on this novel from SSB.
      There are lot of unanswered question constantly in the chapters that would slowly be revealed in the novel on a later stage as well though it is not all. I am translating and reading them as well at the same time so I have no clue what happen in the later chapter till when we arrive at those chapters 😉 so we will know more together later


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