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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 16.3

Why is Zheng Xie in a bad mood? We know that he did not meet any old flame during the wedding? Is it because of Cen Shi whom had hurt He He so badly before in the past? What is the secret of the past between He He and Cen Shi? Will we find out in this chapter? 

Chapter 16.3: Understanding that is too deep

Zheng Xie moved his mouth: “It would be good if it is my old love. Who can still remember who is who.”

Yang Wei Qi found the meaning of his words amusing and smiled. But she did laugh out loud and just kept quiet. After a long while, she heard Zheng Xie said: “If you know many years ago, when you had a chance with your first love, but was deliberately blocked, would you blame the person?”

Yang Wei Qi slowly asked: “How long ago? Age is different so the perception of things is naturally different.”

“For many years. Seven years.”

“Seven years period. The child at that time is all grown up now and is able to distinguish good faith and bad faith. Moreover, if it is really so unforgettable, how someone else is able to blocked it. So, you are not the main reason.”

Zheng Xie said: “Thank you. You are really comforting.”

“You forgot what my occupancy is.” Yang Wei Qi said: “Your sister, He He?”

“At the time, I thought that it was for her good. Her mind is unclear at the time for her to make the right choice. But now, I am not even sure that I did the right thing.” Zheng Xie said as if to himself, recalling Xiao He He strange look today.

He He is the kind of person that don’t keep a lot of things to heart. And the very spirit of Ah Q, good self-anesthesia. This enable her to look at abnormal things, so he imagined that she don’t mind. She always think that mention of the past and memories are what elderly people do. She talks about her future plans and ideas of all kinds. When others mention about her childhood stories, she often is confused and could not remember. She have very poor memory. So even Zheng Xie thought that she had completely forgotten.

Yang Wei Qi said: “When I was a kid, I used to hate it when the elderly preached to me. I think that they are pedantic and ridiculous. On the surface I nodded but in my heart, I rebel. Until many years later, after experiencing some things in life, I realized that what they preached is totally right. It is good for me. But at the time, I cannot understand.”

She looked at Zheng Xie who is still maintaining the original sitting position. Half of his face is hidden in the shadows while the other half is reflected in the moonlight, caged with a thin layer of halo. He has excellent skin, with an empty face without any expression. Seem so real yet with fine wax like. She is not sure if he had listen to what she had just said.

Yang Wei Qi trance for a moment and then suddenly shouted while pointing to the northern sky: “Look! Meteor shower! Quick make a wish!”

Zheng Xie looked toward the directly of her hand, saw nothing. He turned back and asked: “Where?”

“Maybe too fast.” Yang Wei Qi felt sorry for him. “Have you ever make any wish with Meteor Shower? It does come true. Really. I have tried before.”

Zheng Xie finally laughed. His smile although is generally silent but people could feel it. Zheng Xie said: “Childish!”

“Childish but also more interesting than nothing.” She smiled and then suddenly shouting: “Another one! Haiz, come too fast.”

Zheng Xie looked back. Yang Wei Qi laughed: “If you are not childish, why did you turn and look?”

“There is no meteor shower. You are bluffing.” Zheng Xie laughed.

“When you laugh, your face is more attractive. You should smile more. How? Do you think you feel better now?” Yang Wei Qi ignored his statement.

Zheng Xie smiled sincerely. He did not know if to continue or put away as it is so stiff. The phone rang just in time. It is Xiao He He’s number.

In the middle of the sea, the cell phone signal is bad. Could not hear the sound on and off. The line quickly cut off.

He dialed back. But still could not hear clearly the phone. The voice from the other side of the phone does not seem to belong to He He.

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