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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 15.2

We have reached the half-way mark of this novel 🙂 

In this chapter, we learned more about Yang Wei Qi identify and the little secret about her and her family. We will also slowly read about her feeling towards Zheng Xie. 

Chapter 15.2: A Special Corner

Yang Wei Qi drove the car slowly, while think back on the words that he had just said. Not wanting to think too much about it, she carefully change the subject: “I always thought that He He is your distant sister but as it turns out, that you do not have any blood relation?”

“No. But there is no difference between distant sister and sister. I had watched her growing up.” Zheng Xie said. And then seem to talked to himself: “I was the first person she see after she was born.”

Yang Wei Qi laughed. “You’re really fortunate. People like you in this age, very rarely have sister. Sometimes even if they have, is extremely unruly, the brother being taken advantage of. Unlike yours whom is very well-behaved.”

“I remember that you have a brother. But I do not see you unruly.”

“That is not the same.” Yang Wei Qi lowered her voice. She hesitated for a moment and then gently added: “My brother and I are not born by the same mother. My mother is not my birth mother……”

Quiet for a long time, Zheng Xie said: “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. My older brother and my mother treated me extremely well. But I felt ashamed, so do not want to go home. As so not to remind myself from time to time that I am Mr Yang’s disloyal derivatives and result.”

“Do you call your father Mr Yang?”

“Yes, I have been calling him that since I knew the truth about my birth.”

“Your mother…….. when did you know that?”

“On my 18th birthday. My mother….. you mean the mother who gave birth to me? She died when I was very young, and I do not have any memory of her. I only have one mother.”

“Your stubborn look really looks like……” Zheng Xie said half of the sentence and stopped, not speaking after a long time.

They returned to Zheng Xie’s permanent residence.

Zheng Xie is really drunk. He also hold a strong appearance all the way home. After getting home, he said: “Thank you” and went into the bedroom and lie down.
Yang Wei Qi went to get him a glass of water but found that he had fallen asleep.

She stayed for a long time in his apartment. She is not good in cooking, so spent a lot of effort in the kitchen to cook him porridge. She took a short tour around the apartment looking into each room where the door are wide open but did not touch anything that is private.

The apartment that Zheng Xie is staying cannot be called a home.

The apartment is located in the posh districts. A garden like scenery outside of the window with sophisticated interior decorations. Every corner is branded but with no life in them. Too simple, sober and too solemn with no frills. Very cold place. Rather like an office suite.

Yang wei Qi did not think that Zheng Xie, a jade like superiority, and extraordinary taste will have such a boring lifestyle.

But she sighed again. The handsome man will get different treatment. If it is other man, she will give him minus points. But having this happens to be Zheng Xie, and he seems otherworldly.

Later, Yang Wei Qi found a very humane place. In the partial hall in a very inconspicuous corner is scattered a few straw futon. The craft is very bad, just like DIY initial works. On the futon is also a few patchwork cushions, patterns and colors that match up very elegantly. There is also a hand sewing needle, but with sophisticated technology. Next to it is a short rattan frame that hang a homespun cloth of a strong of fish, two cloth made mouse, a slender strips and veneer logs makes up into a forest hut and a fish-shaped antique vase, handmade. She picked it up and see that at the bottom is engraved with “He He’s Handmade” words. There are a pile of books, six or seven books, each of the sets are with cloth cover, style and patterns that varies. She picked up and turned a little, could not help laughing. This beautifully chic covered books are actually popular romance novels over the last 2 years.

In the cold apartment of Zheng Xie, there is such a playful and unique place which actually looks very coordinated. Yang Wei Qi thought for a moment and try to recall the look that seems like a little girl. But she vaguely remember clearly a matured urban woman. She has superior memory and is actually confused.

It is getting dark. She saw that Zheng Xie is fast asleep, so left him a note to tell him that she has gone home.

Later she received a sincere phone call. Zheng Xie asked: “After sending me home, you cook porridge?”

“You’re awake?”

“Ah, what I remember last is uncle Yang forcing me to drink a glass of wine. Then I have no recollection. When did I get home? By the way, how did you get me upstairs?”

He obviously walked himself calmly upstairs and did not look drunk. Yang Wei Qi felt very weird.

Then she once again confirmed that any shortcomings of Zheng Xie will really become very special.

Yang Wei Qi is very sad that he has no principle.

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14 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 15.2

    1. Hi Samie, it could also be the guilt for the death of He He’s dad that he stay away from admitting his feelings for her? We are almost half way through and yet no sign of them getting together 😢. Hope you had enjoyed the read so far 😉


    1. Hi Blackrose156, thank you for your constant show of gratitude. Enjoy the read. A pretty slow novel but a good read for me as well. And a good one to start my translation project 😉 thank you once again for the support 😘


  1. Thank you….yes i agree that the novel progress very slowly but it is still a good read since i am curious to know how will they deal with their feelings for each other .


  2. Thanks for updating. .. yes. . What does it mean he has no principal? This is ZX main apt, right?.. not the one in HH ‘s place?.. So he keep all HH’S work in his place

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    1. Yes it’s ZH’s apartment that they were in. Guess what Wei Qi thinks about ZX not having any principle could also means that he don’t have any identities as his apartment is so cold apart from the little corner where HH’s stuff were kept.


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