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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 13.3

Zheng Xie started dating officially with Yang Wei Qi. What is the progress between He He and Shi Lin? In this chapter, we will get to know Shi Lin better and discover how he has developed the feelings for He He. I wonder if they will eventually end up as a couple before both Zheng Xie and He He discover their true feeling…….

Chapter 13.3 : Turn left and Turn Right

When both of them attended the dinner together, they inevitably encounter acquaintances. The Acquaintances also recognized Yang Wei Qi and is very surprised to see both of them together: “Yo, a few days gone, the universe has changed.”

The man has always had a mouth filled with oil, so Zheng Xie simply chooses to keep quiet. In the meantime, Yang Wei Qi gracefully said: “We are friends.”

“So it is just friends.” Acquaintance pat Zheng Xie on the shoulder. “Hurry up. When sending invitation, don’t forget your childhood buddy.” Zheng Xie gave him a shove.

Yang Wei Qi shyly said: “I apologies, usually joked too much.”

“As long as you don’t mind.” Zheng Xie very gentlemanly smile.

Shi Lin always believe that some talented people must have defects in other hidden places, just like his own.

He grew up as a good student, top in school. Teachers and students praised him for his excellent character and learning attitude. He is a mathematical genius, even won awards in writing. He is top in his culture class, excellent in sports and even excel in his schoolwork. He has lots of hobbies, chess, calligraphy and painting with no barrier.

He has different honors from Zheng Xie who always looks cold, polite enthusiasm but increasingly indifferent alienation. In contrast, Shi Lin is gentle with friendly and warm smile. Others even more exasperating is that he also has good looks.

In short, in school Shi Lin is all-round perfect developed student. In the society, he has the ability and political integrity to be a high-quality leaders.

When Shi Lin harbors any feelings, he believes that things are equal. The gains will lose as well as waxing the deficit rule. He has always been careful in finding their weakness.

He had previously did not find their true weakness, since he has always used the shortest possible time to overcome them. But now he knows that he can be at the most vulnerable when it comes to chasing girls.

Although he does not have a strong family background like Zheng Xie’s family, but because of his warm smile and easygoing personality, there are many girls that likes and chase after him. So many years in the past, from domestic to foreign counties, he had wholeheartedly dodge the coming of “peach of spring”. He had been busy studying, hence his chasing the female instinct has completely degraded.

Shi Lin stared at the computer screen while on the side is looking at the heavily immersed in work Xiao He He. Deep inside himself shallowing mourning.

He never believed in love at first sight. But Xiao He He also have what it seems to be unforgettable traits. The last time he met her was seven years ago. If it is not Zheng Xie’s reminder, he did not remember having met this girl before, which is the best description.

But that day, he was bored and had nothing to do. So approached this girl who gave him a comfortable feeling for a short chat and then out of courtesy, sent her home. Then he wanted to see her a second time.

It is not easy to see her the second time. He tried to make appointment several time before he finally succeeded. And then he found himself was more comfortable with this girl than the previous experience. So he wanted to see her the third time, which is harder to make appointment the third time.

Shi Lin reflected on himself for a while. It seems that he is making the usual mistakes that men usually make. That is, the more you want, the more you can’t get it. The more you want to see, the more you can’t see.

He despite himself. The result of the more he wants to avoid the “铁树开花”, the chances of it coming to him is higher.

铁树开花 (pin yin: tie shu kai hua) – Chinese idiom that say : the iron tree bloom. Meaning: a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence

The purpose of Shi Lin trip back home this time is to carry out the study on children’s behavior and need the expertise in drawing people to cooperate.

He was recommended by a friend to a company who allegedly acting style and design that are suitable to his taste. And the owner of the company recommended a few candidate to work with him on the project. Xiao He He so happen to be one of the recommended candidate.

Shi Lin does not want to believe that their fate is not successful.

He finally had the opportunity to observe Xiao He He. With his knowledge in studying people, he soon concluded that Xiao He He does indeed has a character that attracts him, not a temporary attractions of his.

She obviously looks very ordinary, small nose with small face. Thin body bone, when thrown into the heap will completely be difficult to find. But he knew that she is very different from the other women.

Her fresh, sweet, polite and amiable, like 邻家小妹 that people want to get closer to. But once the person step into her safe zone, she would become alert just like a cat.

邻家小妹 (pin yin: pin jia xiao mei) means younger sister from neighborhood / next door

She looks forever happy, right, simple and pure. When she does not speak, she only smile slightly but taking a deeper look into her eyes, there are contents that one cannot read, just like hidden secrets.

She can stumble and may be sloppy but when she made out things, it becomes clean and beautiful, full of aura and creativity.

She is not noisy and once people have different opinions, she chooses to immediately shut up. Unlike the women in his industry where they will contend for the merits as they refuse to lose to the man. She is a daughter of modality, soft but not necessarily is obedient but has her own opinion.

In short, she has a clear and transparent look but is also a confusing petite woman.

Shi Lin studied it from the front, back and side. Each view demonstrated the feasibility of him together with He He. The more he thinks it is worthwhile to look into developing it further. Pity the expertise in him, often want to subtly from the beginning when, but suddenly projected him in the clear eyes with no place to hide. The clear unstained dust in the eyes, even he felt that you want to meddle a very dirty idea.

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6 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 13.3

  1. Thx for the always fast updates, when will our two leads realize their feelings? Its scary to think how comfortable they are with each their own situation. Missed opportunity can cost a lifetime heartbreak


    1. Thanks Lola for the support. I wonder too as I am only reading it when I am translating. It can be frustrating when both of them keep missing the clues about their feelings for each other. Guess it is only clear to those around them but they themselves…. Or maybe they do know but not willing to let go of the currently close ‘sibling’ relationship between them for the fear of losing it should their ‘love’ relationship does not work out in the end.


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