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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 13.1

And the matchmaking attempt continues even after the visit back home. Would Zheng Xie end up picking one of those candidate recommended by his cousin Qiang Wei?

Chapter 13.1 : Turn left and Turn Right

It is said that people are accustomed to one foot deep and shallow kick. So if in the wilderness without a goal to walk, one will always be back to the origin. If so, starting with a starting point, a left and a right away, may eventually meet again.

But the premise of this proposition is: A, in the wilderness, B, there is no goal.

I am finally going through the “progress” of drawing the line

Zheng Xie interaction with the new girlfriend started too logical.

When he came back, he was harassed by his cousin Qiang Wei day and night. Qiang Wei is a freelance with no regular schedule and her husband is not around most of the time. After getting up in the morning, she have been calling her dearest cousin on the phone, whether at the time, Zheng Xie could be in a meeting or still asleep. She beat around the bush, hesitantly, garrulously and sentimentally to the extent of forcing Zheng Xie to beg for mercy: “Elder sister, you let me be happy.”

30 minutes later, Zheng Xie received a large volume of email.

He glanced at the open email, the first page is a long line of directory with dozens of names. His mouse hover over the few words of introduction and the two inches of photograph. And then click a thousands of words attached to the countless photographs.

This is a “People Yearbook” with “Lady’s Directory” from his city. Zheng Xie picked up and study a little. The brief introduction is very short, such as “XXX, a female, 26 years old, personality and lively, cheerful, love sports”.

Details may be more complicated with detailed resume including kindergarten, personal interest and hobbies. Also include specialty and the kind of food to favorite color and their favorite movie star. Some even come with his elders reviews. A aunt said: “this is a good girl, good hearted, respect for the elderly.” B Boyle said: “not fragile, forthright personality, like a boy.” Finally there is cousin Qiang Xie recommendation: “This kind of girl no need to be coax giving peaceful mind. If not suitable to be partner in life, can also be friends.”

Zheng Xie is drinking water while browsing the mail. When he saw this section, he choked on the water.

For the sake of his own safety, he wrote and email back to Qian Wei, adding a few word of comment: “Please pick a few and arrange for me when you have time.”

Zheng Xie does not believe the view of cousin Qiang Wei. From the beginning of the year, his cousin dating requirement for him have been reduced to “as long it is female.” And he is worried that this list that is sent by his cousin has already gone way off the subject.

His memory in this area is always bad. So he drop a few line to his secretary Wei to help him to vent through and pick a few.

Secretary Wei is very efficient in her work. In the afternoon, holding a stack of papers for Zheng Xie’s signature, there is also a very thin piece of paper. “The e-mail you forwarded to me, I have screened it and picked five, President. I have streamline the information.”

Zheng Xie look at the first page and laughed: “Su Ren Ran? You must have been mistaken.”

“Ren Ran has a great personality. Didn’t you just return with Ms Xiao?”

“Who said so. This time I want to seriously find a girlfriend, once and for all. Bothering her is tiring but would not be as tiring as rejecting Qiang Wei, isn’t it?”

Wei Zhi Xin is smiled carefully, not daring to say a world. Ren ran is her good friend.

Zheng Xie turned over the edge while continuing to explain, so that his secretary don’t think that he did not want to meet her friend. “I have eaten with Ms Su twice. She does have a good personality. But she is He He’s good friend. If I go and hooked up with her, don’t you think that it feels like “luan lun”?”

In the novel, the author used the word “luan lun”. A quick search online, I found the meaning of Luan Lun – 乱伦 (Traditional: 亂倫) which is define by Chinese Yabla app as incest / inmmorality / depravity / fornication.

Luan Lun? Wei Zhi Xian see a few crows flapping while flying above her. She racked her brain for a long time to understand what this have to do with “Luan Lun.” However, she dare not interrupt.

Zheng Xie has high efficiency. While talking, it only take him a minute to turn over more than a dozen pages, each page more than 10 lines. Then his gaze landed on a piece of paper in the middle filled with a few words for a few seconds. He then pulled it out and asked Wei Zhi Xian: “This one.”

“This is the young lady that you have met before.” Wei Zhi Xian looked at him and whispered, “The one that you returned the scarf.”

“Oh, no wonder I felt a little familiar.”


“It’s her then. Help me to get in touch with her and make an appointment.”

Thus, Zheng Xie and Yang Wei Qi began their smooth interaction.

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    1. Thank you Samie for the encouragement. I am anticipating the moment Zheng Xie realized his heart and mind. Though Yang Wei Qi is a lovely lady and truly love Zheng Xie, she most probably know from early stage that his heart will never be hers. Let’s enjoy the read together 😉


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