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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 12.5

Finally, the last part of Chapter 12. This is indeed an extremely long chapter to translate. 

Both Zheng Xie cousins are wondering if Zheng Xie likes He He, hence the reason why he has not been responsive to all the blind dates that had been arranged for him. I anticipate the read when both of them start to realized their feelings for each other. I wonder who would realized it first, Zheng Xie or Xiao He He….

In the meantime, let’s just sit back and enjoy the read the conversation between the 2 cousins while on the other side, the conversation between Zheng Xie and Xiao He He.

Chapter 12.5 : Knowing about the past

“He He is also pitiful. Every time used by Ah Xie.” Liang Bing Bing sigh. “Qiang Wei, in your opinion, would it be that Ah Xie likes He He, hence he has been waiting for her to grow up?”

“He He is already twenty-five. Not big enough? If he really have the heart, he would have started it, no need to change every two or three days. I used to think the same. But Ah Xie had returned from abroad for four to five years. I had observed in these four to five years, but I did not see any movement.”

“Ah Xie is a guy with high IQ with low EQ. Whom have you seen him ascending to in the heart? In additional to Aunty Qian, there is only one other that is Xiao He He.”

“Do not you think Ah Xie and He He together is just like every family, most of the time, Ah Xie will be dad while He He will be like the maid.” Qiang Wei sigh. “If he genuinely marry He He, although a little childish, it is also great as we have seen her growing up, so know her pretty well. I am most worried about…..”

“He He is childish?” Liang Bing Bing drove the car and barely missed an illegally turned car. “I felt that He He only act childish in front of Ah Xie. Many other time, this little girl is very assertive and stubborn. If she has decided on something, it is hard to change her mind. In many ways, she is similar to her mother.”

“How is it possible that He He is similar to her mother? Totally different. Lin Yi Xin is an amazing woman. For so many years with all that happened to her, including the serious illness the year before, she actually ought to people suffering but she can completely be unaffected. She clearly towards this kind of things do not care, including her daughter. But for her work, she set her whole heart into.”

“That is sustenance ah, sustenance. Qiang Wei, you should always look at nature. By the way, what did you say you are worried about earlier with regards to Zheng Xie?”

“Uh, that one. Do you think Zheng Xie has any defects ah? Physical? Psychological? Otherwise, why he never……”

Bing Bing brakes: “Got such sister that curse her own brother to have defect….. you have not heard that he changed his companion just like he is changing seasonal clothes?”

“Yes ah, all less than three months. This means there is not enough in-depth understanding of the……”

I will reflect on the dividing line

Zheng Xie drove the car with He He and brought her to walk around the bustling night market.

Zheng Xie felt his ears hot. He suspect that his cousin is complaining about him, perhaps with his name written on the voodoo doll stuck with needle.

There are many people in the night market. He He is excitedly checking out each stalls. With a flash of an eye, she is gone. So Zheng Xie pulled her knapsack straps, just like he is holding small pets.

He He shake him off and led him on. She often wants to intensively check out any stall but will be pulled back.

“Hateful. Let me go. I am not your dog.”

“You have already walked for 20 minutes, not enough? Let’s go home. There is nothing good here.” Every time Zheng Xie explore the night market, the crowded place makes him dizzy.

“It is all because of you, causing me to eat so much. I have to explore for two hours to digest. You go back. I will take the cab home, after all we are heading different direction.”

“Well, you always lost your way. In event of you being abducted by traffickers, it will be my biggest sin.”

“Why do you always remember people’s embarrassing moments, ah, dark hearted.”

In fact, that year when He He is about five or six years old, Zheng Xie smuggled her out to visit the mountain, resulting in him losing her. Sweating, he searched for her and found her 10 minutes later, with simmering tears storming.”

“I have not come across such tense moment in life. Then, my only thought was, you certainly had been abducted just like Zhen Shi Yin’s daughter.”

Xiao He He thought for a moment before remembering who Zhen Shi Yin is: “Cut. How old were you then, already reading “A dream of Red Mansions”? Bragging.”

“Xiao He He, why do you always use your low IQ as a reference to measure others.”

He He thought for a long time bout could not come up with anything that can regain her words, so had to change the topic: “You are the most troublesome person. The last time, I messed up your blind date and today, you come and harm me.”

“Anyway, idle you will always be idle.”

“Today the lady is a beautiful person with good temperament and conservative. Better than your previous blind date. Why don’t you try to hook up with her?”

“Ganging up?”

“You are not afraid of people having bad impression of you, starting so strongly.”

“Xiao He He, you go and take it up.”

“Now only you know, you are the victims.”

“Do not stroll anymore. Go home. If you come home late, Aunty Yi Xin would blame me for bringing you.”

“My mother never say bad things about people.” But hearing the mentioned of her mother, Xiao He He obediently follow Zheng Xie into the car.

“We did have a ‘sequel’ discussion about Red Chamber” Xiao He He still feel very full, so talking in the car to digest. “One day we discuss if the modern man will be willing to marry younger sister or older sister.”

“The conclusion?”

“Yu Bao get married. Younger sister, Zhao Ling becomes lover.”

Zheng Xie laughed: “No wonder we all are the same. We also discussed about the content but in a more pure content than you. We hope to have sister Lin’s IQ and Bao sister’s EQ.”

Also look like Lin sister while feels like Bao sister. Xiao He He added in her heart, did not dare to say these words.

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