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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 12.3

Through this chapter, I finally understand why Zheng Xie and He He can be such a boring couple….. their upbringing and parents are similarly as boring…. Enjoy the read as we discover more about their families….

Chapter 12.3 : Knowing about the past

Secretary Zheng looking for Zheng Xie is usually not for anything really important.

Zheng Xie is always known to have a good sense of everything. From his younger days, he hardly disturb his father for anything.

But he still need to regularly report back to his father on the current situation in his life. To be concise, the report is not less than 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes. After answering his father’s questions, just like an interviews.

This is his father’s occupational disease, also their father and son way of communications.

Zheng Xie and his father walked out from the library to see that He He’s mother has also arrived and is talking to He He. She speaks with a gentle tone with her calm face but He He, whom is sitting opposite of her bow her head in silence, just like she has done something wrong.

Zheng Xie has known He He’s mother for over 20 years and pretty understand her. Her impression is still like a layer of fog, cannot be seen clearly.

Ms Lin has the appearance and elegant of temperament. When she is together with He He, they look more like sisters not like mother and daughter.

Ms Lin rarely put on any expression. Zheng Xie have only seen her smiling and not smiling kind of expression. He has never seen any angry or anxious look.

Ms Lin rarely speak. Often only when others question, she will answer. She never talks about others, and there others don’t talk about her.

Ms Lin is an expert in her field of academic.

Such a woman with no desire or emotion but wholeheartedly only want to study for her knowledge. She grew up being unconsciously coincide her image as Gu Mu Pai (古墓派) successor by others.

古墓派 – Gu Mu Pai is the secret of Ancient Tomb Sect, a kung fu school founded by Grand Ancestress Lin Chaoying. The kung fu of this Sect is elegant, graceful, light, and beautiful and appears harmless.

But Zheng Xie tries not to think of Lin Yi Xin as Xiao Long Nu (小龙女). This is because he always felt that He He’s dad is like Guo Jing (郭靖).

郭靖 – Guo King is a fictional protagonist in the popular Wuxia novel, The Legend of the Condor Heroes written by Jin Yong.

Guo Jin - 郭靖

小龙女 – Qiao Long Nu is a fictional female protagonist in The Legend of the Condor Heroes.
Huang Rong’s husband and Yang Guo’s wife got married and had a daughter…. This is how chaotic their relationship are.

Xiao Long Nu 小龙女 2

Zheng Xie mind is still in the past. Originally He He’s head is lowered. She heard footsteps and raised her head. Unexpectedly turn towards him throwing him a surprised look in the eyes, flattering Zheng Xie.

He He has always been afraid of her mother, which is equivalent to Jia Bao Yu (贾宝玉) with Jia Zheng (贾政). But He He obviously admits that her mother not only never hit her, scolded her, even harsh words towards her also never happen. But somehow, she is afraid of her mother.

贾宝玉 – Jia Bao Yu is the main character in a classic Chinese novel titled: Dream of the Red Chamber (紅樓夢) that is also known as The Story of the Stone, composed by Cao Xue Qin. This is a Chinese Romeo-and-Juliet love story that also is a portrait of one of the world’s greatest civilizations. Read more about the novel @ Dream of the Red Chamber (紅樓夢)

Dream of Red Chamber

贾政 – Jia Zheng is the father of 贾宝玉 (Jia Bao Yu)

The older generation started chatting among themselves while the younger generation is free to do what they want.

When Professor Lin and Secretary Zheng gets together, it is a full reflection of the Chinese ceremonies style.

“Yi Xin, how is the progress of your research? I heard Lao Li said that you often experiment overnight. But health is more important.”

“Thank you for your concern Secretary Zheng. Everything is going smoothly. You need to pay more attention to the body, not too tired.”

Dinner in the Zheng household is very lavish. On the tables are many dishes. Many of these dishes are He He’s favorite.

Zheng Xie and He He when sitting on the dinner table is very quiet. This is because as a child, they were prevented from speaking at the table, in order to avoid food choking. Good habit that is hard to change, so when they grow up and the ban is removed, they have always been silent. They will keep their head down and eat quietly while respectfully listen to Professor Lin and Secretary Zheng chatting while dining. They will chat about the province with the content that covers politics, economy to science and technology and so on and so forth.

The dinner ended very early because Professor Lin need to head back to the lab to check on the result of her research. She lightly turn to He He and said: “You go to sleep. Don’t wait for me. Remember to lock the door with three locks.” This means that she will only be back at dawn.

In fact, Zheng Xie will be bringing He He along to attend another party.

Zheng Xie’s Cousin Qiang Wei is waiting for him at the famous teahouse, Yingbin saying that it has been a long while since she last met him in person. She misses im and wants to make sure that he comes out.

After going up, in the private room, there is not only his cousin alone. His long lost cousin Liang Bing Bing and a young woman that he had not met before are also there.

Sure enough, it is as what he had expected, another matchmaking attempt. Fortunately, he had prepared for this and hence brought along Xiao He He.

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  1. I know the story really well. Most Chinese knows the story. Guo Jing never had any illicit affair with Little Girl Dragon. So I’m confused how this story about them two have a child came about.


  2. Xiao Long Nu is from Return of the Condor Heroes and married Yang Guo. He was son of Mu Nian Ci and Yang Kang who was sworn brothers with Gou Jing and married to Huang Rong. I’ve never heard their relationship explained differently…

    If it was true then it wouldn’t be just Master-Disciple incest but REAL incest

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