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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 12.1

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Chapter 12 is another super long chapter so I would be splitting it into several parts. So stay tune!

Chapter 12.1 : Knowing about the past

As the authors would say, when the brain is blank, there will be too many words that one wishes to say but not able to say it.

Every day, Wei Zhi Xian will be in the office at least 20 minutes earlier. Turn on her computer, changed her clothes and then tidy up Zheng Xie’s office. Then she will go back to her own seat to sort out her work for the day. Zheng Xie will walked into the office about 10 minutes before the start of the working hour all dressed up neatly. At most, the differences would be only 1 minute.

But today, surprisingly Zheng Xie arrived in the office at least 3 minutes earlier than usual. So when he walks in, Wei Zhi Xian is still not out of his office yet.

This anomaly is very abnormal. Wei Zhi Xian careful observed and saw Zheng Xie’s right arm has a very significant new scars. It is very close to his joints hence it is presumably would affect his driving.

She tried to hide her curiosity, so that she do not appear to be nosy. Although modest expression of concern is accepted in the line of a secretary duty, unfortunately, their age gap is too close. This kind of concern is not worth mentioning in order to avoid unnecessary issues.

“Zhi Xian, help me to book two-round trip tickets back to the provincial capital, and returning on Sunday. The specific time, please ask He He.”

“Director Zheng, the journey to the airport and waiting time is about 5 hours. With the recent flight delaying so often, driving would be better as it is only 5 ½ hours.”

“The last time we go back, He He had car sickness and did not recover even after 2 days.”


“I have train sickness.”

Wei Zhi Xian does accordingly to what has been instructed. However, this is her first time hearing of such a secret. He He is the kind of person who sit on the Ferris Wheel can also articulate clearly back “Moonlit Night”. Zheng Xie frequently drives on the road at the speed up to 220 kilometers per hour. Both activities scares her. And now suddenly she learned that both of them turn out to have motion sickness, one when sitting in the car while the other while taking the train. Now she feels like fainting as well.

春江花月夜 – Moon Lit Night is one of Du Fu’s most frequently translated short lyrics. Because in Chinese poetry, love poems are relatively rare, hence “Moonlit Night” is a rather previous gem. Read more about the poem at : Moonlit Night – English Translation / 春江花月夜

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She went to work in the morning, but from time to time her eyes are looking at Zheng Xie’s wound. Can’t blame her as she is very curious about the injury on Zheng Xie. This is because he is usually very cautious. Occasionally, the band aid on his hand or his twisted feed, it is probably from the trouble caused by Xiao He He where he was made the scapegoat.

Zheng Xie probably sense Wei Zhi Xian paying attention to his arm, suddenly reminded him of something. He took a silk scarf out of his file bag: “I remember that this brand should not be cheap. Can I find a new one?”

Wei Zhi Xian took the scarf and looked at it for a moment: “This one is not cheap. This is a limited edition. Only 900 pieces in the world. Not to mention new one, second-hand also hard to find.”

Zheng Xie paused: “The buy another scarf from the same brand. Send it back together with this one.” He handed over a business card to Wei Zhi Xian.
Wei Zhi Xian turned the name card and whisperd: “Ah… the staff there is so rich?”


“The owner of the silk scarf. You didn’t notice that she is a lawyer at Qing Zheng Ping Law Firm.”

“Oh, I did not noticed.”

“Do you know that Qing Zheng Ping is the legendary law firm that loves to take case with no money nor influence vulnerable groups? Often take cases that will safeguard social fairness and justice, just like the origin of the name. Last month, they just helped a few workers fought a good lawsuit. The most exciting news over the first half of the year as they also sued the government.

“I’ve heard.”

“I only heard that they do not love money and hate the rich, but did not think that they had an ordinary lawyer that has a rich background?” Wei Zhi Xian gossip heart has just been aroused.

“Perhaps they make lots of money.” Zheng Xie mind floated back to the red car that he saw last night. Definitely not the kind of car that a young female lawyer would drive.

“Although they are resounding fame, but in fact they do not make a lot of money. After all, the lawsuit that they fight always favor the weaker party. That could only earn minimal. I have seen their boss, indeed have a very good personality.”

“Yes ah. Employees also have the same personality.” Zheng Xie bowed his head to work, ending the discussion. As Wei Zhi Xian turns to go out, he added: “Yes, you send by express is good enough, no need to mention my name, do not need to leave contact.”

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