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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 11.3

Who is this woman that Zheng Xie rescue? What happen after? Read on……. 

Chapter 11.3 : Psychologically low tide

They did not dare to stay too long in the parking lot just in case it more trouble comes their way. So Zheng Xie led the woman into his car.

“I want to thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“You have learned martial art. Very impressive ah.”


“How you dare to fight with them? You are not afraid that they have gun?”

“I have observed and confirmed that they do not have any gun on them.”

“How do you know the origins of the group of people?”

“Shot in the dark.”

“Do you know their big brother?”

“Unfamiliar. Once my primary school classmate for a few years.”

“Then how you know my nickname? Do you know me?”

“Ah? I casually said, there is a song.”

The woman kept quiet and the suddenly lightly called out: “You’re hurt?” In a panic, she dig her bag for tissues for him. And then took of the belt on her skirt and tied it on him.

It is a small wound, just a piece of broken skin, but now began to bleed. Speaking of shame, just now when he uses his elbow to hit the guy, he got himself scratched by the metal pendant hanging from the guy’s cloth.

Zheng Xie is amazed. This woman is just crazy. In the casino, like a judge she dares to go stand up for people, in the parking lot, was calm just like she is heading for dinner and now nervous, even the hands were trembling slightly.

Woman is indeed a difficult animal to guess. The best way is to not waste brain cell on them.

Zheng Xie is dizzy just from thinking about it, could not help but ask: “You knew that you had offended someone, how come you still dare to walk around in the parking lot alone?”

“I always am not able to remember where I park my car. After looking for a long time could not find it. I thought the incident is over. I never expect that in this country, there is men that is not graceful.”

Zheng Xie felt like he is talking to Martian. He cleared his throat, think if he should open his mouth, then swallowed back. Finally he asked one of the most useful information: “What is your license plate number? Model? Color?”

They drove around for a few minutes and finally found the heroine car that is similar with her dress color of a garish car. The woman is also born rich, do not know that the world is sinister.

The woman keep insisting to accompany Zheng Xie to the hospital to bandage his wound. He keeps turning her down. In the end, she dig her bag and passed him her business card: “If your wound becomes bad, remember to contact me.”

“Such a small injury, what could have happen?”

“Tetanus, septicemia. Everything is possible. You don’t be negligent.” The woman said with a serious expression.

Zheng Xie reconfirmed with this woman is back from Mars whom is back to visit her relatives. He managed to wait till the woman drove off in the car before he started the car.

They went out onto the parallel road. The woman waved at him and open her windows. He also opened his window.

“My name is Yang Wei Qi.”

“I know. It is on your business card.”

“What’s your name? I will contact you another day to thank you.”

“Small matter. There is no need to keep that in mind. Goodbye.”

Zheng Xie waved towards the side, and step down on the accelerator and his car speed off.

The wind is blowing hard through his open windows. Fatigue, he listen to techno music all the way home. If old Comrade Zheng listens to the music, he would definitely say that there is no decadent life attached to the music.

His recent days is indeed very decadent without any life. He had over the past several years, never been so psychologically low before. Not only there is no sign of improvement, but instead it is getting more and more serious. Meeting such exciting incident as well as got into a fight while meeting such a beautiful lady, he should at least have felt some excitement or uplifted. But instead he still felt meaningless, only the slight throbbing in his right arm to remind him on the exciting night.


Reading this part, I am starting to wonder when Zheng Xie would realized his true heart…… and the reason why he is so depressed and down recently? We as readers could feel it so strongly yet he does not seem to make any sense on why he is feeling like that recently. Or it is that he is aware but still in denial? 

Can’t wait to read the next chapter to see if there is any progress with Yang Wei Qi or he will still be mopping around wondering why is he feeling so down?

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6 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 11.3

  1. Ah…I just think that in my eyes whoever come to Zheng Xie would never replace He He, I will slightly hate her and hope she will naver make ZX’s heart waver…
    Ah…the OTP should be happy till the end

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  2. While HeHe is not around I hope ZX will realize his feelings toward HeHe and how significant she is, in his life. Thanks for your great work and translations. Looking forward to the next update. Have a blessed day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you amy3108 for the encouragement. Unfortunately Zheng Xie will not realized it for the next few chapters yet I think. Their progress can be slow and bittersweet … As long as it’s a HE it’s fine 😉


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