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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 8.2


In this chapter, we will see how boring Zheng Xie and Xiao He He are but also discover how harmonious both of them are. I enjoyed the part Zheng Xie’s encounter with He He’s new pet kitten, Xiao Bao……. so…. enjoy the read!

Chapter 8.2 : Boring and harmonious pair

Xiao He He yawned again while thinking about her bad habit. Although natural conditions is very important, if you start training from young, should be effective. When she have her own children, she wish to follow how Zheng Xie was being brought up. She rambled on how to come up with several children upbringing style and then suddenly realized that this is really nonsense. Looking at how Zheng Xie parents brought him up, she timidly look at Zheng Xie. At the same time, he looked up and said: “Early in the morning you have been yawning. What time did you sleep last night?”

“Twelve midnight” Looking at the unconvinced look on his face, she changed: “One? Two?” And then changed: “Maybe three.”

Zheng Xie moved his lips, finally chooses to remain quiet. He oblique to her, then continued to eat his breakfast. He glimpse at He He with a guilty and conscious look, which directly more effective than his teaching. Zheng Xie when dealing with her, increasingly has a way to save energy.

Although He He is not a lady, but thanks to Zheng Xie’s tuning, there are many rules that she will be very conscious and will abide. For example, even though she is very sleepy and impatient at the moment, she will still sit while resting her chin opposite of Zheng Xie waiting for him to finish his meal.

But of course her mind does not follow the rules. He He think if she should go shopping together with Ren Ran in the afternoon or stay at home to get some sleep. There is a daily drama that she is watching is having its finale tonight. And the story that she has been following seems to have a bad ending. Should she abandoned these? Right, the handsome male lead is similar to Zheng Xie. Every time when she is watching the drama, he reminds her of Zheng Xie. But the male lead is very violent and sick, is she being dishonest here?

Floating mind Xiao He He came back to reality. She is shocked to discover that the table in front of her is very clean. Zheng Xie is even in the kitchen washing dishes and organizing her kitchen cabinets. Goodness, she pinced her arm once. Pain! So this is not a dream. He He looked out of the window, it is still raining and it is not red (red symbolise danger or destruction). He He quickly bounced to Zheng Xie’s side, with a hypocritical smile: “Let me do this. It is embarrassing.”

Fake polite is better than not being polite at all. Most educated people will have this hypocritical attitude.

“Just demonstrating and showing you how a kitchen should look like in a girl’s house. You are so untidy. Xiao He He, how to get you married off?”

“Er”. He He have been trained again. Xiao He He touched her nose, dingily hid farthest away from Zheng Xie. Before she even arrived at the destination, she heard Zheng Xie’s changed of tone voice: “Xiao He He! What the hell is this?”

Things that changed Zheng Xie is very limited. Panicking in her hear, she quickly turn back. She saw the kitten that she brought home from Ren Ran’s place biting while swinging on Zheng Xie’s pants. Zheng Xie is looking very pale.

How could she forgot about it. If she had told Zheng Xie that she has a cat at home, today he would probably not troubled her and she could sleep in. Haiz… haiz…..

He He carefully put out her hand and put the orange kitten onto the centre of her palm. She put it in front of Zheng Xie and he took a big step back.

“Do not be afraid. Xiao Bao is less than 2 months old and will not bite. Isn’t it pretty?” He He said.

“Xiao Bao?” Zheng Xie hissed out the words.

Ya, He He and her bad memory. Zheng Xie biting his teeth expression, she vaguely remembered, Zheng Xie used to have the same nickname of “Xiao Bao.” But don’t know what happen that caused the name to be a taboo, he later successfully submerged the nickname into history. From the time that he was about 7or 8 years old, there is no mentioned of this name anymore.

This cannot entirely blame He He and her bad memory. When Zheng Xie was 7 or 8 years old, she was still very small. But she was very considerate and discuss with Zheng Xie: “Otherwise, call Xiao Xiao Bao?”

“Just call Xiao Bao is good.” Zheng Xie generously said. “Bring it far away from me!” When the kitten wants to lick Zheng Xie’s hand, his lips went pale.

Zheng Xie took a few step back and went home.

Originally, he want to stay in He He’s place in the morning. This is because although her house is in a chaos and a mess, but it is very comfortable. Bright with pastel colors, the floors are filled with soft comfortable cushions. Extend the hand out, would be able to grab interesting things, very suitable for relaxation. But suddenly, there is Xiao Bao the kitten, and He He with her sleepy look, he decided to evacuate from her place.

The rain is still very heavy outside. Zheng Xie hate rainy days. He becomes moody on a rainy day and it becomes worst in accordance to how heavy the rain becomes.

By right, today is the day he would go back to see his father. So he pushed all his activities, but Old Zhen has something on, so Zheng Xie had to cancel the trip. So he is bored.

Zheng Xie admitted himself that he is actually a very boring person. Although he seems well versed, none of them is his own preferences. His work is very well planned and rational. Once the plan has been disrupted, he do not know what to do.

He mopped the floor again. He remembered that every Sunday He He said that there will be a part-timer that comes and clean. But this time he has nothing to do. He turns around and look. Although He He’s house can get very sloppy but in his place, it is very neat and clean. But then on his side, there is really nothing to mess up.

Then he saw down to watch TV. He changed the channels… in addition to the Olympics, there is the boring drama, which he has no interest. He stopped at the woman shopping channel and watched for 20 minutes and then felt bored. He thought of going back to the company to get some work done, but looking out of the window into the wet world, he quickly dismissed the idea. He began to change the channel again. Finally he found a channel that broadcast the 1983 edition of “Legend of the Condor Heroes” where he finally settled down.

Zheng Xie watched the television for a long time, very focus. Later, the doorbell rang gently 3 times, for a long time. Stop and then rang again followed but the sound of the cat’s claws scratching on the door. Apart from Xiao He He, there is no one else.

“You do not have the key? Open your own.” Zheng Xie raised his voice at the door, too lazy to move.

Sure enough, the door opened and Xiao He He stuck her head inside.

Zheng Xie shouted out: “Wait, your cat is off-limit.”

“No, it went to sleep. It just do not care for your gloomy and cold home.”

Xiao He He slop in with her slippers, holding a glass bottle with a big book under her arms.

“What are you doing here?”

“It is so hot. Here you have the air-conditioning on.”

“Xiao He He, you have progress well. Now have the sense to be thrifty.”

“Now there is power cuts all day long. The factory had not even started propertly. Such a severe electricity situation, how can I enjoy myself blowing the cold air? But your air-conditioner here is on by yourself, so it does not matter.” Xiao He He explained while throwing herself onto Zheng Xie’s single soft leather sofa. With her small stature, she almost buried herself inside.

“Brother Xie ah, your tasteful and expensive home, only this sofa felt relatively humane. If you want to give this house away, remember to leave me this sofa.”

“Why do I want to give this house away?”

“Maybe you would generously give this to your girlfriend…”

Zheng Xie holds the remote control and increase the TV volume, instantly covering Xiao He He’s sound.

The sudden loud sound scared Xiao He He and she immediately covered her ears and closed her mouth. Her memory is really bad, forgetting that the amazing weather will always bring out Zheng Xie’s unreasonable behavior. Look, earlier he helped her cleaned up the kitchen and now cannot even joke.


Her heart muttering those words but towards him, she smiled brightly: “Do you want to drink this grapefruit tea that I made myself?”

Zheng Xie glanced at her, did not make any sound but tune down the TV volume.

Xiao He He holding the bottle and drank a few big mouth. She kicked her slippers away, roll up her legs on the sofa and spread out her sketch book to start to finish her work.

She painted a few strokes and her hands paused in the air. She gently put the book aside and went barefoot to retrieve the slippers that she had just kicked away. She placed those slippers nearly next to the sofa, sat down and pick up the pen to sketch.

She glanced through the corner of her eyes at Zheng Xie. Zheng Xie was staring at the TV screen so intently that he did not see her.

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