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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 8.1

He He can bully Zheng Xie all she wants and he hardly ever get angry at her…. however, when it comes to Zheng Xie’s request, we can obviously see that He He will try to accommodate as much as possible. Even to the extend of getting up early just to prepare what is requested and ensuring that it is ready by the requested time. With all the things that she had done for him and his house, is this the love towards Zheng Xie that she does not realized yet? Read on……

Chapter 8.1 : Boring and harmonious pair

Everyone has weakness, no matter how perfect they may appear to be.

During the weekend morning, Xiao He He usually sleep until noon. Today she scramble upstairs while carrying a heap of breakfast items.

It is raining outside. Holding her umbrella while carefully protecting the few packets of breakfast items requested in her hand, she is not able to attend to her wet shoulder and legs.

Whenever she is with Zheng Xie, she always wear a wrist watch to remind her of the time. When she looked at her watch earlier, there is only 5 more minute to 0830 am.

It is really strange. It is obvious that Zheng Xie will never get angry at her. He hardly show her any anger nor ignore her, but she is still a little afraid of him.

Cannot considered that she feared him as she is spoiled by him and dare to bicker him. At times, she also dared to call him a villain fool to his face. On April Fool’s Day, she will spend the whole day maneuvering him, and even dare to cause trouble just like yesterday during his official appointment. However she dare not disobey him. From her young, Zheng Xie has always let her do what she want, rarely say “no” to her and also rarely reject her.

Thinking about how Zheng Xie has never been angry at her, her mind gently skip a scene but quickly pressed herself to not think about it. Well, probably such a thing had happened not long ago, but in this 25 years of her life, over 9 thousand days, more than 200 thousand hours, more than 10 million minutes, and this little incident can be overlooked.

She has always been very generous and rarely upset at people, just remember well, do not hold any grudge, and only remember the good things and not bad things.

He He quickly ran upstairs and is out of breath. Even though there is not enough time, at least she must let Zheng Xie see that she is trying to make up for the mistake. It is worthwhile even if she is late for work.

Distraught. Zheng Xie is so disciplined and gives priority to efficiency. Why not stay in best places, instead of mixing with private profiteers. Such a waste.

He He lives on the sixth floor with no elevator. This is because she love the little pitched roof loft. But not she can understand the benefits of low-level or high-rise buildings.

The house is registered under her name. Not even a year after she graduated, she bought the place, making her feel like she had run into the middle class.

But in fact she did not spend much money. Using the demolition compensation from the house where she used to stay with her mother, most of the purchase has been paid off. With the help of her mother to pay half of the remaining housing funds, her mother suggested that she do the rest of the loan amount. This allows her to experience the survival pressure and also able to alter her bad habit of spending money.

When she went to complete the formalities of the purchase, the developers actually smile at her and informed her that they have several internal promotions in places. Because their boss and Zheng Xie are friends, she has been given a discount of 30% off the purchase price.

He He is shocked. This developers have always been arrogant with less discount and promotions. Their marketing staff attitude indicate the attitude of: “Buy it or leave it”. For the sake of buying this house, she got up at 5 o’clock and only managed to get her wanted floor at noon. And now they are actually warm at her, waving their hands? Down with the privileged class!

All of the sudden, she does not even have to loan, there are also spare money. Later, she tried to beat around the bush and dig some insider information from Zheng Xie but failed, so no choice, she just sit back and enjoy the privilege that has just fallen from the sky.

The consequences of this is Zheng Xie also buying the house opposite of her and left it unused for a long time. So she naturally act as his housekeeper, helping him to pay water charges, electricity fees, internet fees, management fees as well as hire regular part-time cleaner. He only stay there at most 2 or 3 days per month so she often helped him change the bedsheets, dry the quilts and stocked the items in the pantry although all expenses are paid by Zheng Xie.

He He emotionally always think, Zheng Xie obviously have many smart and capable secretary. And he despite her housekeeping skills, why like to bully her. Sometimes, to irritate Zheng Xie, she deliberately change his bedsheet to a pink sheet with hearts, Hello Kitty tablecloths and lace fanciful pillows. Yet he is not angry, just scowled at her and give her 10 minutes to clean up.

He He ran up the stairs, finally arrived at the door. After a short pause, before she could even catch her breath, she heard the door behind her opened. Zheng Xie, all dressed up comes out on time. Looking at his watch and the note that he left last night. Half past eight, the standard Beijing time, not even a second late.

If this is in the company, Zheng Xie will be considered as a very demanding boss. Although Wei Zhi Xian never complained, but He He thinks that Secretary Wei must have a miserable daily life. He He thinks that Secretary Wei is awesome, to be able to endure Zheng Xie all these years.

Xiao He He secretly yawned while looking admiringly at Zheng Xie while looking at Zheng Xie eat.

She eat very fast, because she loves to sleep in, hence not willing to get up early and developed a 3 minutes breakfast habit. Today, in order not to let Zheng Xie find out, she tried to slow down. But unfortunately, Great Wall or Pyramid is not built in a day.

In fact, Zheng Xie does not eat very slowly. But he ate calmly, wearing a T-Short and short pants at home eating porridge just like how he did in at top French Restaurant in general, which also seems quiet logical in nature.

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  1. It seems more like a siblings love for each other. She bullies him and yet, takes care of all his request. While, ZX is big bro protector and all… How will they sort out their feelings… I’ll swoon and squeal 😍

    Thanks dear 😘

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  2. Juli, their “couple” life sounded like an old married couple… steady and each other willing to go all the way out for the other party….
    Samie, I am also looking forward to the chapter where they will sort out their feelings… guess that would be sometime away still looking at the super slow progress but at the same time, how both continue to look out for each other…. sigh…..


  3. I just found out your translations while browsing around, I was a little bit disappointed because seems all the ding mo’s novels being translated is in hiatus:( but thank goodness because of that I found your blog!! Thank you, your work is awesome ❤️❤️

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    1. Hi May, thank you for your lovely comment 😉 I started translation as I ran out of translated c-novel to read online as well 😉 Enjoy the read. It’s a little slow novel but pretty enjoyable. A light read


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