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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2 : The force is mutual

Zheng Xie want to push Xiao He He away but she held tightly onto his waist. She put her head on his shoulder and whispered into this ears quietly: “If you catch up, she would think that you had a crush on her. You will then be pestered by her.” Gasping for breath: “This woman from the start is already so malicious, if you interact with her, would definitely be encountering family violence. My feet is almost crippled from her stepping on it.”

Xiao He He uses the excuse of the injured foot and still cannot walk to maintain a koala posture holding onto Zheng Xie. Tugging back and forth while holding Zheng Xie’s wait, he dragged her out leading to the interest sight of the a lot of people.

After a few minutes, she regretted it. What she thought was just nonsense embarrassment for a moment, with a word of explanation will be fine. Who knows, she had caused the pretentious woman to leave.

She is afraid of Zheng Xie really ignoring her, so continued to pester him. Usually he is a soft hearted person, as long as she show her soft attitude to him, he would not stay upset with her. Even though it is shameful, she clutched his waist tight, determined not to let go.

He He just did not expect that Zheng Xie did not drive today. As they got to the outside of the hotel door, Xiao Wang had driven the car over, saw them, with a surprised look: “What wrong’s with Ms Xiao?”

“She got stomach ache.” Zheng Xie blankly said. Twisting away from her, he opened the car door and sat in. Xiao Wang was shocked, immediately went around to the other side and helped He He opened the door.

On the way, Zheng Xie remain quiet. Xiao He He after reflecting her action in her mind, begin to feel guilty.

Reflecting for a moment, Zheng Xie hate missing decent thing. He hated most women the known up to mischief. Although she cannot be considered “women he had known” because he only treats her like a child, at times, beating her ass. Definitely do not treat her as a woman. However, she still feels guilty.

Xiao He He pulled Zheng Xie’s sleeves and whispered softly: “I was just joking. Who knows this woman cannot be stimulated. You obviously could explain clearly to her, why you did not explain?” Even feeling guilty, she cannot keep apologizing otherwise she will lose her face.

Seeing that Zheng Xie still did not speak, she thicken her skin and said: “I did not lie ah… I did not say I am your little lover. I really helped you changed your bed linen and pillowcases. You have not changed it for a long time isn’t it?”

Zheng Xie closed his eyes. Xiao He He felt bored and went to sit in the far corner of the other side while muttering softly: “Stingy. Did you measure that the woman would be a perfect golden couple match? You give me her phone number and address, I will find her whereabouts and apologies to her, ok?”

Zheng Xie finally looked at her eyes: “No. Did not intend to see her a 2nd time. How come you are there today? What happen that you are so stimulated today?”

“Nothing happen. Just felt bored. So thought of playing April Fool’s Day for next year in advance.” Xiao He He finished the words and fell silent.

Zheng Xie turned and look at her. She closed her eyes with her long eyelashes flickering like butterflies. He rarely saw her with thick make-up. It is rare to see her wearing a dress, so neat even her short hair were combed into a small bun, appearing more matured. Only back of her head is the colored fish hairclip.
The color hard pottery fish clip is made by He He. Because the wire is very hard hence forcing him to help. He He let him take the pliers to relive the back hand class. He He’s light yellow dress is his gift to her when she graduated and was going for her first interview.

In fact, he accompanied He He that time to the shopping mall and personally bought this dress. That year, He He failed in her first interview. She was badly affected. A month later, she bump into the interviewer and muster her courage to ask the reason why she failed her interview. The answer really caused her to almost vomit blood, it is just she was wearing a dress that cost several million Yuen (Currency of China), people think that the girl is only there to play.

So that time, He He really hated Zheng Xie thought that he deliberately spoiled it for her, to make her stay in the city. She is always nervous. Zheng Xie when picking up the dress, did not care about how much it would cost and quickly tear the price tag. Later she choose to wear this dress to the party that she hated while being forced by Zheng Xie to attend.

He He’s bag sat in between them. A big bag with a lot of mess cloth sew together by He He. There is a wrapped jade hanging, a good luck that she also ruined.

Xiao He He is a strange woman. Sometimes stupid with a clumsy hands, could not do anything well. After so many years of cooking, could only cook noodles and scrambled eggs. Unable to clean up the house, making her nest very disorganized. But she has a very nimble hands. Give her a bunch of cloths, she can in a very short period of time, make many lifelike doll, even making her own clothes.

He He’s bag is very big and bulging. Xiao He He is always a disorganized mess. Hence looking for something in her bag, she need to rummage through the bag. He often have opportunity to enjoy her rummaging through the bag.

There are a variety of large and small cloth bags in countless shapes that were filled with keys, coins, mobile phones, CD players, MP4, umbrellas, towels, sunglasses, cosmetics, drinking cups, warm jacket and even a small puppet toy. It seems that she is always ready to leave for a journey. Obviously a horrendous mess, even further categorized filled, never making a mistake.

Zheng Xie looked down at her feet. A very simple style canvas sandals. At a glance knows that it is a stall goods, worth not more than 30 yuan. But Xiao He He had sewn many different forms of natural ore to it, so it can be regardless as a priceless items.

Should another woman is dressed like that, Zheng Xie can only sigh and keep a distance. But these added to Xiao He He, not only looks harmonious, it complements her well. Visible people’s aesthetic taste is also due to the habit of slowly being assimilated.

Zheng Xie looked at He He and sigh. He decided not to continue questioning her reason for her disorder behaviors’ today. She has a very tight mouth. If she don’t want to say it, torturing her also will not gain any success. But he did not want let her go easily. After a while, casually said: “Xiao He He, the lady that you upset today is someone that my cousin introduced to me. So you undertake the issue and settle it for me.”

“Who” Cousin Rose” Xiao He He suddenly opened her eyes wide and her back start sweating. She began to believe that Zheng Xie deliberately did not play along with her earlier, not stating the truth to his blind date. He is clearly using her as a collateral, hoping that she will make mistakes.

He He is very tense while Zheng Xie’s mood is getting better, “Do not be afraid. My cousin has always liked you, she will not harm you.”

His good mood continues in the car to Xiao He He’s home. He went upstairs with Xiao He He and ordered her to cook him pasta and get him a glass of milk. He asked her to go to his house and get new towels, toothbrushes and medication. This is because He He had caused him from being able to eat properly and loss of temperament as well as demeanor, therefore she should compensate him.

Xiao He He grinded her teeth and did as instructed one by one. Once the pasta is a little cool, she finally brought it to Zheng Xie only to find him fast asleep on her sofa. He had not even undo his tie. There is a slight shadow on his eyes indicating that he is very tired.

He He covered him with a blanket and went to shower.

She came out after her shower only to discover Zheng Xie gone and the pasta eaten. And miraculously, there is no bowl in the sink. He had actually helped her wash the bowl.

Then when she found the note beneath her lovely clay cat fridge magnet, she vomited blood (not actual blood vomiting but an expression). In a very clear and straight steep handwriting, it is writted: “Tomorrow morning at 0830 hrs, I will come for breakfast.” Listed below are his breakfast request list: millet porridge, cake, eggs…. And so on….

Really…. Damn!

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