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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 5.1

Today, we will read all about Zheng Xie in Xiao He He’s opinion and eyes…. 

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Chapter 5.1: We are all already born with our Fate

Born with silver spoon in the mouth will also have to face their own pain.

During strings of gathering with friends over dinner, someone said something angrily: “People are all born with different fate, some people are just born with silver spoon in their mouth.” She would naturally thought of her boss, Zheng Xie.

Zheng Xie is indeed very lucky. The official position of the father is rather high and mother into a family with successful family business. Backdating to both of his maternal and paternal grandparents, their background history have been recorded separately in the Revolutionary Memorial Hall.

These are nothing, although born into a good family, is a smart person, even temperament is good. Others may be envious of him, but he never took it seriously. Not only he refuse to join his mother’s and inherit the huge family business, he also kept a safe distance from his father side. After returning from abroad, he took over a small business venture and work hard in the venture. In only 5 years, he has managed to expend the size of the business venture by hundredfold.

Although he has a strong family background where he faced less big obstacles, He He had accompanied him along the way. Therefore, the effort and his key to success, she had seen it all and understand what he had gone through the most.

In the ordinary world that emphasizes everything that is balanced, all gain and loses. But in Zheng Xie’s perfect and smooth path can only with a heavy sigh, attribute it to the good deeds from his ancestors.

Of course, with the kind of background that he was born into, he also had a different kind of life experience.

Friends like Zheng Xie whom never know the true reality of life, always have enjoyed his youth. Unlike her other friend Su Ren Ran, whom almost got into a depression, discovered the joys of life in the orphanage. Hence at every spare moments, she spent the time with the orphans and disabled children.

However, Zheng Xie is completely different. He has a very healthy lifestyle. He looks after his diet, exercise well, and abide to a good balance of rest and working. Although he was never a soldier, he had learn martial art for many years since young. He spent many holidays in the juvenile training camp, all these are the result of training from young.

If we want to look for his weakness, then it is said that his emotional state of mind in relationship is unhealthy.

In fact, the simple “feeling” is something Zheng Xie don’t think. He also had not had more than three months of probation period with his “girlfriends”. Zheng Xie has lots of women friend, so much so often that she needs to check the memorandum to recall the appearance of a person. This is because he is always changing, at times, the frequency is like changing seasonal clothes. There are also shorter time, such as a week, however this is very rare as Zheng Xie has expectation where their body is great and their attitude is also not too outrageous.

He found so many “girlfriends”, each has their duties. As dinner companion, different ones for grand banquet and those as ordinary dinner companion. There are girlfriend for visiting, even designed to cope with the elders and so on. Of course not to see the elders. He has many elders in the family whom always drops for a surprise visit. He has elders’ girlfriend whom are designed to resist any sudden arranged blind dates.

All the girlfriends of Zheng Xie, all their preference and information are recorded by Zheng Wei, such as Miss Liu Hai Qin likes light blue, GUCCI and speaks Cantonese, Mss Sun Xiao Lin can speak Japanese and German, is a vegetarian advocates and conservationists. Because he never remembers, Zheng Wei will always remind: “Zheng Xie, Ms Li Zong will accompany you to attend the birthday party of Miss Chu today. She does not eat seafood, fearing other saying that she is fat.”

Of course, when it comes to the gifts of flowers and any invitation, it is in her hands. After the date, anything that her boss does, it exceeded her management authority and monitoring. She will not comment.

She is very puzzled. Zheng Xie obviously have a good memory. Reading it again after the employee roster, he can articulate No. 0810 employee’s name and age, but when it comes to understanding on his women’s habits and preference, he does not remember. Oh, apart from Xiao He He.

Xiao He He affairs, big or small, he remembers them all, although at times when he received He He’s calls or text messages, he always sounded impatience, but somehow, often suddenly look for her. When preparing a gift for his girlfriend, he will suddenly said: “This set is more suitable for Xiao He He, change another set.” Or when he visit a new restaurant, while signing and getting ready to leave, he will suddenly say: “The dessert just now, send 2 set to Xiao He He.”

She had to admit, there are many type of lucky, not only those born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Xiao He He is also unable to be jealous even with anyone of them.

Zheng Xie is driving alone on the road slowly as the rain is still heavy, such a trouble. Xiao He He got down from the car while in the suburbs, saying that she wants to go to Su Ren Ran’s home to see the newborn kittens as Mother Su had promised to gift her one of the kitten.

The moment when he wanted to stop her, sarcasm came out of his mouth: “You can’t even fend for yourself well, you still want to keep a cat?”

He He stuck out her tongue: “Such a big man still afraid of cats… what a shame… what a shame…..” She ran away without looking back.

On the way, he picked up a call from a childhood buddy: “Ah Xie, there is a newly opened place at the pavilion that has very good taste. And the service team there are very nice. Come out and check the place out.”

“Not interested. Another day.” He hastily cut the line and call Wei Zhi Xian: “Help me book a room in the 7th Street, just me alone. No one is allowed to disturb me. This afternoon, transfer all my incoming calls to your phone.”

Zheng Xie in the clean chamber slept the whole afternoon. Woke up to see that it is already dark and the rain has stop. He called Xiao He He and hear lots of buzz over the other end. He He said: “I am in the night market with Ren Ran eating barbecue.”

He gave up the thought of having dinner with He He and intended to call for a meal himself.

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  1. Good thing ZX does not have a steady girlfriend or she will be the one who is jealous of their relationship. I’m surprised he does not question why he remembers everything about HH. Thanks for the update.

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