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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 4.2

And so… it is Xiao He He’s birthday. Read on and find out what Zheng Xie got her for birthday gift….. 

Chapter 4.2: Just brothers and sisters

“Really don’t have any birthday wish?” Zheng Xie asked.

“Gold dropping from the sky, the street filled with good men, as well as powerful motherland, world peace.”

Zheng Xie gently laughed: “It is good enough to meet a good man. What do you think of Shi Lin? He has a good impression of you. Not good enough for you?”

“Not familiar with him. Talk about it later.”

“He will only be in the country for 2 weeks. If you have a good impression on him, just don’t refuse him. Shi Lin is a good man. No family and also engage in education. Very different from our group of people.”

“Did you change your field and open a marriage brokers? Don’t talk when driving.” Xiao He He is not in the mood to talk about it.

“He He, you have always say one thing but ended up doing the other thing since young. Everyday say want to find a good man. When really met one, becomes like this.”

Xiao He He turn around left and right, no longer bothered with him. She finally found a new target to focus on. At the back of the car, there is 2 beautifully wrapped very big box. Her hand reach out to the boxes, while checking out the packaging, turn to Zheng Xie and asked: “This is for me, right?”

Zheng Xie kept quiet means he is admitting it. He He open the 2 boxes. It is not what she expected. Inside is a limited edition Barbie. Zheng Xie really had no idea, her closet is filled with them. This time, it is a Scarlett with a Twelve Oaks barbecue Grande Punto skirt shape and the other with green curtain fabric shape.

“But only one is yours, so pick one.” Zheng Xie said while intently watching the road ahead.

“Of course, both are mine. Anyway, both were mean to be given to people. With such childish toy, those women with you, giving it to them are detrimental to your taste, Master Zheng.”

“What those women. Be careful of what you say. Do I need to please any women?” Zheng Xie is really in a bad mood today. In the past when He He mock him, he rarely argue back.

“That….thank you, ah. How do you know that I wanted Scarlett O’Hara doll?” It has exceeded He He’s expectation.

“Zhi Xian says you want this, and went to search for you. You go and thank her.”

He He knows that the mighty Zheng Xie, with the women that he is interested in, he is too lazy to please them, what more to say about wanting to find out about her preference.

Zheng Xie seems to talk more than normal today. After a moment, said: “He He, next week I want to go for a trip to City X. If you are free, go back with me. You must have not seen Aunty Lin for a long time, right?”

“It is not any holiday season, why suddenly want to go there?”

“Father Zheng called, said want to see me.”

“Did you cause any trouble and is dragging me out to help you? Also taking my mother out for a cover. My mother is also very busy. I don’t think she would have time to meet me.”

“Aunty Lin is a great woman. Whoever talk about her has high regards for her, except you.”

“How is it possible? Actually, I am afraid of seeing her. You know, my mother is a good woman. Although she has never had expectation on me as she is already generally very successful, at least I hope I could be like my dad whom is dedicated although in the ordinary post is able to be successful. However, I am just very mediocre with nothing extraordinary. She must have been very disappointed with me.”

“She is very concerned about you.”

“Of course. An hour after the daughter is born, decided to name her “Smile” which shows her deep maternal love.” He He said in a muffle. Her name has resulted in her being ridiculed from the time she was in kindergarten till her work place today.

“She hope that you will forever be happy.”

“Yes ah, who say it is not.”

Then both of them kept quiet. Only the faint sound of the car running over the water surface and the rain on the window pattering. The silence continued for more than an hour until after they have reached their destination.

They went to the cemetery located on the mountain. The car is not able to go up the mountain, hence they can only walked up. It is raining all the time. Even with an umbrella, both of them crowded together is still inevitably be caught in the rain. Zheng Xie, is holding a large bouquet of white gardenia flowers, petals lined with green leaves in his arm. It is said that this is He He’s dad favorite flower.
It is very quiet in the mountain. Tombstones are everywhere. There is even no sound of birds and insects, just the rain and their footsteps amidst in the horizon of inky clouds. He He is afraid of such quietness, thinking over and over and decided to talk to overcome her fear. “Zheng Xie, isn’t the Gardenia Flower season already over.”


So how did you managed to get the fresh flowers? He He bite the corner of her lips and swallowed the thought. She held the umbrella higher while holding on to Zheng Xie’s hand pulling him closer. This way, her fear will ease.

They finally found He He father’s tomb. The tomb is very clearn. The flower placed during the “Qing Ming”, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day has been cleared away. In front of the tomb, there is a stone bottle with a few ugly mesh flowers sticking out followed by her handwriting. There are a few DIY fabric flowers made way better than hers. Below the flowers are notes, tribute from his previous students.

The Qingming or Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, is a traditional Chinese festival on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. – Wikipedia – Qingming Festival

Lettering on the grave are still so clear after so many years of wind and rain. Xiao Lie Shi is buried here. August 10, 1983.

This is the day that Xiao He He was born.

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    1. Yes very sad but she don’t think it that way. She grew up being a carefree and naive person. You will find out more about her carefree attitude as you read on, Kitty. Enjoy the read


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