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Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 4.1

Have anyone notice the beautiful header on the main page today? A big thank you to Sutekii for her contribution and kind assistance with such a beautiful header. Both Tinkerbellsan and I loved the 2 header that she had kindly prepare for us. And also a big thank you to Tinkerbellsan for helping me with all the visual for each and every post. 

Nothing exciting in this chapter. Only some funny moments when Zheng Xie limit what He He wants to eat for breakfast. Read on! 

Chapter 4.1: Just brothers and sisters

If a man and a woman been living together for too long, even a hug feels like his/her own left hand holding the right hand.

Xiao He He never expected that Zheng Xie will wake up so early this weekend. She has just got up and stumbled to wash up when Zheng Xie called to tell her that he will be waiting for her downstairs in 20 minutes time.

Zheng Xie has a strong time management sense and hates people being late. He He heard from his secretary before, once there were an executive meeting when the snow were very thick and slippery, half of the participants were late. Zheng Xie insisted in not changing the meeting time resulting in the meeting being interrupted from time to time when the bunch of senior executive embarrassedly walked in. As a result, as long as it is a snowing day, they will leave 30 minutes earlier from home.

Normally He He although dare to provoke him from time to time, dare not violate his command. She scrambled to get ready, and did not managed to have her breakfast. The night before, she has forgotten to prepare her clothes, only to find the dress outside her wardrobe are very colorful. Wearing only her jeans and bra, she ransacked through the wardrobe before finally found a black V-neck short sleeve cotton T-shirt with lapel collar and cuffs in gray plaid cotton inlay trim and the hem attached with a cat design. She totally forgotten when she has bought that and which year the style belongs to.

He He has just got herself looking presentable when Zheng Xie’s call came. She rushed down through the emergency fire door only to find Zheng Xie also dressed in jeans and a short black striped T-shirt. They look like a couple dressed alike. He He sat down next to him, only to think in her mind that this surfaced joke is very outdated. After all, Zheng Xie’s dressing at least is better than hers by tenfold.

Zheng Xie turn to the side slightly to see her: “Your uncombed hair are standing. And you didn’t eat.”

“Oh.” He He pulled out a small mirror and comb from her bag, found a bottle of mineral water before dipping into the water and comb her hair.

“I have told you the time I would be coming today. Because of the rain, we would leave a little earlier. You do not know how to plan your time?”

“Look, I forgot.”

“My words to you, when will you not have it left ear in and right ear out?”

Really annoying. Today is rest day and he does not have any subordinate to train, so he trained her instead. And she is very hungry.

As expected, 10 minutes into the start of the journey, it began to rain. The rain become heavier with no sign of stopping. The road is filled with water and gradually the traffic jam starts.

The place they are heading is far. Zheng Xie has always been steady in his driving. He slowed down the car, did not abide to the traffic rules several time almost causing danger. However his expression remain calm. But Xiao He He eyes grows dim from the swinging wipers and uninterrupted flow of water.

Zheng Xie parked the car and got down from the car. He He thought that he only wants to buy something, so sat in the car unmoved. Until master Zheng came over to the side of the door and open the door for her. “Get down from the car.” She got down from the car and looked up only to realize that it is one of her favorite breakfast venue. Because it is far from her place, she rarely comes. This is an honorable treatment, master Zheng as her servant.

The breakfast place offers a combination of Chinese and Western food. He He immediately points to her favorite: “A green tea cake, a tuna burger, a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice….. and add a cup of ice porridge. What do you want?”

“Biscuits, meat, soya milk, some light pickles. It is all hers. Give me a glass of water.”

With a look of embarrassment, the waiter asked: “Then, do you still want the order from the lady earlier?”

“No need.” Zheng Xie replied.

Xiao He He hopes that her obedience is able to exchange a little better order: “Can I have fried fritters?”

“Biscuit and warm soya milk.”

Haiz. Zheng Xie is in a bad mood today. As it is raining, his mood is very bad and had to be caught up in such a bad day. She does not dare to provoke him. So she accepted that, after all she is not paying for it. The biscuits and soya milk here is very expensive. Moreover, she has caused the delay in the trip, she is only able to devour to express her repentance and the intended make up for the loss of time.

Her expression is not pleasant, because between sipping her water, she slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. Zheng Xie has a very fine facial features, even with a good skin that makes any woman jealous. But with his straight face, is actually very scary. Even she whom have grown up together with him, would be a little scared, one can imagine his subordinate.

Because she is distracted while eating, her eyes brow were wrinkled tightly. “Xiao He He, there is a rice grain on the edge of your mouth.”

He He extended a hand and wipe it resulting in more biscuits crumbs on her face. Zheng Xie could not help but pulled out a tissue and wipe her face across the table.

He He laughed out loud and sprayed some of the crumbs on his hands.

“Zheng Xie, your frown is identical to Uncle Zheng. When you are old, you will look like that.”

“Xiao He He, you are not allowed to speak when you eat.”

When it comes to Xiao He He, Zheng Xie is naggier than He He’s mother. This is because rarely discipline Xiao He He.

It is still heavy rain. The car has got onto the highway. Zheng Xie drives the car more carefully.

Xiao He He dare not talk. Zheng Xie like quietness hence she is embarrassed to switch on the car radio. She plan to listen to her MP4. Zheng Xie although is quite similar with his dad, his father allows him to do what he has chosen. But in reality, he is very similar to Uncle Zheng, not even in looks, even style of doing things, for example is extremely bossy, like to make all kinds of rules. Really both are very similar.

On her side, looking for something, He He almost turn her bag inside out but still could not find what she want. Xiao He He felt that Zheng Xie has something to scold her but this time she was wrong. Zheng Xie not only ignored her clustering her things but also in a mild tone asked: “He He, is there any birthday gift that you want?”

“Hypocritical. You refused to even let me have a happy breakfast, rarely able to go to the place for a meal, you actually resorted to me having a biscuits only.”

“That’s for you own good. You just can’t stomach the truth. Chooses foreign garbage instead of Chinese food. Only put on a cynical patriotic look all day.”

Xiao He He is not able to retort back, can only sigh.


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9 thoughts on “Caught in my Own Trap (作茧自缚) : Chapter 4.1

  1. I’ll say ZX is far too strict for my taste, but, oh well. Made me remember the song “somebody”, (…share my innermost thoughts, know my intimate details…he will listen to me when i want to speak…Iife in general…though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted, he’ll hear me out and wont easily be coverted…), that the other may be your exact opposite nor not exactly your type but will still be there for you. I dont even know why i suddenly thought that. Weird.

    Im liking the story so far, thank you for translating this novel. ∩__∩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Rebecca. One can never get upset with Zheng Xie after all 😉 the thoughtfulness he puts in for He He behind her back at times will make one tends to overlook what we thought he is bullying her. Have a great weekend ahead


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