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Chapter 24 – First Strike by Red Wolf

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Chapter 24:

The Spetsnaz mercenaries had started to become drunk on the taste of vodka when they heard the alarm for the cargo bay doors. At this time, they were too drunk to believe their ears, and continued in their revelling under the influence that the alarm was a malfunction.  Ignoring their initial suspicion with laughter and hearty drinking, the ten special forces operatives abandoned their instinct and continued their merry-making.

  Nyechenko, Kamensky and Gorinsky were in the cockpit, observing the city view, when one of the buttons started blinking. The professor noticed this first, and pointed it out.

  “What’s that alarm, Yuri?” he asked. “Is the autopilot malfunctioning?”

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  Silence. Kamensky looked at the two men and exited the cockpit, approaching the balcony. To her chagrin, the cargo bay doors had been opened, and the female prisoner was pushing all the armaments and cargo off the plane. 

  “What are you doing, you wretch?” she yelled over the roaring wind. 

  “Fuck you, and your little bitch-arse!” Granger yelled, hurling a middle finger at the Russian sniper. Gorinsky stepped out and realised what was going on, rushing downstairs to alert the soldiers. 

  “Svetlana, kill her!” he ordered as he descended. “I will find the other rat and rip his head out of his spine!” 

  It was too late. All the bombs had been dropped over a vast landscape, leaving behind a trail of burnt fields and buildings. Worse, Gorinsky had to fight his way into the galley, only to encounter a drunken Spetsnaz entourage.

  He furiously grabbed a Baikal-441 and shot a bullet into the ceiling, alarming the soldiers.

  “The fucking Britons have opened the cargo bay, you fools!” he yelled out. “Get your drunken asses in line, and find those Western decadents!” 

  The soldiers clumsily grabbed their rifles and followed Gorinsky to the cargo bay, where Granger was standing with her arms outstretched. The Russian brute whipped out his handgun and aimed for her head, his hand trembling in unspeakable rage. 

  “You fucking whore.” he hissed through his teeth, clenching the trigger tighter with every second. “I hope you burn in hell.” 

  “You first.” 

  That was when McCain emerged with an AK-74 in hand, spraying bullets into the soldiers. He had avoided the bulletproof armour, aiming for the neck or the face. As Gorinsky took cover, McCain tossed the fully loaded Saiga-12 to Granger, who rushed upstairs to face Kamensky, who had just returned with her Chukavin. Meanwhile, Nyechenko had locked the cockpit door and unfolded a piece of the carpet, revealing a hidden trapdoor. He opened it and accessed the hidden passage, making sure to seal it off once he was inside. 

  Time, twelve minutes past nine in the morning.

  Which was twelve minutes past eight in the morning.

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  Hall had barely set foot into the office when she was rushed inside to receive a very important phone call. Seated in a conference room, she was left alone in a dim, empty space with nothing but her cellphone. She took an incoming call several moments later.

  “This is Director Hall.” she reported.

  “Hall, this is Prime Minister Holt.” the world leader sounded flustered. “Do you mind telling me what the fuck you ordered?”

  “Sir? I don’t understand.” the MI6 head was puzzled at this sudden outburst.

  “Your airlift! A bunch of missiles were dropped from a crate over Polish territory from your C-17 Globemaster! What the fuck did you hope to gain from inciting a fucking war, Hall?” 

  That was when Hall became more alert. 

  “I didn’t order a covert airstrike! The aircraft was on a flight to and from the Zelenograd airbase to pick up-”

  She went silent in realisation.

  “It’s a signal.”



  “Christ’s sake, woman. What are you talking about?”

  Hall sighed to herself and continued.

  “I received a call last night about a mole in the op. Apparently, Scotland Yard had done some background digging on the operation and chanced upon a very interesting story.” she revealed. “During Nyechenko’s time in Moscow, he had befriended quite a plethora of military and KGB friends. One of them is none other that a member of the kill squad Winter Snake: Yuri Gorinsky.”


  “So the professor who sought our asylum – I repeat, our fucking asylum – is the mole?” Holt was clearly perplexed and infuriated.

  “Yes. I wanted to warn our agents, but we couldn’t contact them. Somehow, Winter Snake had access to the embassy channels. The only explanation is Nyechenko, their little spy.”

  “Fucking hell, that Ruskie.” Holt uttered under his breath. 

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

  “I think Winter Snake wanted Nyechenko to reach the airlift and sabotage the entire procedure at the very end, paving the way for the mercenary group to arrive and fly over to London. With the Brimstone virus in tow, they could dispatch the samples across the country without turning a shade.”

  “Then why the fuck would they drop bombs over Poland?” Holt reinforced his main question.

  “McCain and Granger, the surviving agents, must have seen a chance to spread worldwide news. A strike on sovereign land is a definitive act of war, something MI6 would take particular interest in. They wanted us to see this, so that we could send help.” Hall theorised. “It’s a logically-planned improvised SOS, given the circumstances.”

 The line went silent for another four minutes as both sides reflected on the situation.

  “I’ll speak to Belweder Palace and the Federal Chancellery in Warsaw.” Holt reluctantly sighed. “I’ll pressure them into sending aerial support but there’s no guarantees. Call the RAF and have them on standby. DEFCON-2.”

  He killed the call. Hall opened the door and waved the phone in the air.

  “Get Bryan Stone on the line now.” she instructed, then walked right past the agents surrounding the conference room. 

  Time, twenty-six minutes past eight in the morning.

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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