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Chapter 4 – Castle in the Time (Time City) 时光之城 by 皎皎 Jiao Jiao

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Chapter 4:

To be precise, the young man and woman who just walked into the restaurant, I only knew the man. It is my senior, Lin Jin Xiu. The girl, it doesn’t matter who it is. After all, the women beside him changes every three days.

I adjusted my mood and greeted them with a standard service while saying ‘Welcome.’

Lin Jin Xiu looked at me up and down and then a smile wagging around his mouth. He pointed to me and said: ‘It is enough for her to serve me.’

Shen Qin Yan withdrew, and the corner of the eye glanced at me.

I think that I am a bold person but every time I see Lin Jin Xiu laughing like this, I have the earie feeling. Lin Jin Xiu is look in everything except his relationship. But in all fairness, I want to avoid having relationship with him with all my life.

I asked cautiously, ‘Where do you want to sit?’ The busiest time has passed, so there are now plenty of seats in the restaurant.

Lin Jin Xiu replied: ‘You recommend it to me. Where is it suitable for us to sit?’

For the first time this evening, I heard someone asking me to introduce the pros and cons of seating area. I was totally unprepared and thought about it hard: ‘You and the young lady have dinner together. It is best to choose the quiet corner so you can talk too. The position by the window is very good. And both of you can also enjoy the garden view outside.’

‘It sounds good, but I think….’ Lin Jin Xiu looked at me interestingly, I will still take the usual seat.

I just started on the job after ending my training. So, I have no clue where his usual seat is. One of Lin Jin Xiu’s hobby in life is to watch me deflated, so he could laugh happily.

I was extremely embarrassed. Shen Qin Yan came back and said: ‘Mr Lin, she is a newcomer and she is not aware of your preferences yet. I will show you the way.’

Yes, I had realized that Shen Qin Yan is a good person but today, I learned more about this and almost burst into tears.

In front of the outsider, Lin Jin Xiu had always maintained a good appearance of gentleman. And he just smiled and stop embarrassing me. He walked towards the window with a slight smile.

When I set the tableware for two people, I took 2 menus and handed it to them. Ordering was proceeded very quickly. Lin Jin Xiu was very familiar with the dishes here. He basically ordered the dessert before the meal without even looking at the menu. And then he asked the girl opposite of him: ‘Leyu, the dessert here is very delicious. You should like it very much. What would you like for dinner?’

I felt that the girl named Leyu probably had come to such a high-end restaurant for the first time. Or because she is too excited to be with Lin Jin Xiu, she bit her lower lips and turned the menu at loss. Under Lin Jin Xiu’s gentle eyesight, her face is a little red. And she finally whispered: ‘I…. I am not very sure. Mr. Lin, what do you recommend?’ The indulgence of love is unbearable for me.

Lin Jin Xiu casually recommended a few things that are the signature dishes in this restaurant.

Le Yu hesitated, ‘Will that be too much?’

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‘Where will there be too much. I haven’t eaten before the movie earlier in the cinema. That’s all the order.’

Lin Jin Xiu turned around and said to me, ‘Do you remember everything I just said?’

‘Of course,’ I answered quickly. I took down the order with a pen and quickly retreated to the service desk. I patted my chest in shock.

Shen Qin Yan retreated behind me. Handed the order to the kitchen and turned back before saying to me, ‘When you are nervous, you will talk a lot.’

‘Ya. I talk a lot when I get nervous. This is my old problem.’

Saying that across the front desk, he peeked at Lin Jin Xiu from the corner of his eye. His eyes flew, his expression looked like a smile but not a genuine smile.

Shen Qin Yan glanced at me and then Lin Jin Xiu again. He looked down to get the coffee cup, his face showing a little suspicion while thinking, showing a rare interest.

I did not hide from him. ‘Maybe you were wondering before, now understand why I can get this job without any work experience? And the manager is very polite to me… he introduced me to him.’

Shen Qin Yan is a wise person. After listening to my words, he nodded clearly. ‘I met him once, more than a month ago. And the manager respected him a lot.’

I think that Shen Qin Yan really observed the details and remembered guest well. He remembered him even after meeting him once. Of course, Lin Jin Xiu was not particularly conspicuous.

‘He was abroad before and only returned to China 2 months ago.’ I stopped and said: ‘Manro is probably the property of one of his cousins.’

Shen Qin Yan said: ‘Uh.’ He stopped speaking and did his own thing.

I also buried my head in order to organize the cutlery in my hand.

The grievances between me and Lin Jin Xiu are really hard to explain. I met him back in high school.

I didn’t have a mother, close relatives or friends since I was young. My father often went on field trips for 10 months to a year. He personally home-schooled me. Until I was 15 years old, I had never entered the school. So, when I was in high school, I felt very new to the “school” environment. My whole person was upright and full of vitality.

The high school I attended was a real aristocratic middle school. It used to be a boys’ school and only started recruiting girls a few years ago. High school pursues elite education, and tuition are terribly expensive.

My dad sent me to this aristocratic middle school for a simple purpose. He hopes that someone can take care of me when he is out on field trip. For example, Principle Luo of this middle school. My dad and Principal Luo are university classmates and have been closed with each other in life. My dad feels that he can go far away without worrying about sending me to his best friend.

Principle Luo cares for me and took care of me. So, I was looked upon by my teachers as soon as I entered school. The classmates around me were also very friendly while I also performed very well myself. Then, I joined the publicity department of the Student Union and several other clubs. At that time, I love this high school.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the Student Union, I met Lin Jin Xiu. He was the prince of the school at that time with a good family background with excellent grades. He is handsome and are highly regarded among students. In the last year of middle school, he received a notice from the Department of Economics of Jinghai University, which is the best business school in China. At the opening ceremony of the freshmen, as an outstanding student representative, he told us some encouraging words about youth, high school and general life, which makes people want to burn youth quickly. I sat in the vast sea of freshmen, looking at this outstanding senior from bottom to top, thinking, I must become a person like him. Makes people look forward to and yearn for.

So, full of enthusiasm, in additional to study, I also participated in various school activities. There were so many rushed external activities. I was very busy, but I was happy. I always stay late in school, so I found some strange phenomena.

I remember that it was late autumn. I printed out the sample of the brochure and left the office. At that time, my father went abroad to study and asked me to stay in the home of Principle Luo. The apartment was less than 100 meters away from the school. It was very close and safe, so it didn’t matter if I went back later.

On the way back, I crossed the campus and passed the labs, playground, indoor gymnasium and swimming pool. The streetlights were obscure. I saw someone sneaking out of the swimming pool at night. I was shocked and rushed over to find someone immediately. But the man didn’t catch the person, but the gate of the swimming pool was indeed locked.

When I was on a field trip, I often lived with my father in the wild for several months. And I have seen all kinds of danger. I also know little self-defense so I was bold and went in to investigate.

It makes sense that our school is known as a noble middle school. The swimming pool is very large. There are 3 swimming pools, large, medium and small pool. The big one is used mainly for competitions.

I gritted my teeth and pushed the door open layer by layer to confirm that there was no one. I finally came to the room with the smallest pool and pushed open the false door. And I saw the unforgettable sight of my life. The choking smell of tobacco and alcohol. Perhaps the remnants of marijuana are scattered all around. In the swimming pool and on the shore, almost naked bodies are stuck together seamlessly, a sip of wine passes from one person to another. And the wet water vapor flows from one person to the other. It came down and glued another person’s skin…. The laughter language, the long moan, the fierce body movement and the agitated water splashes blended together.

I stayed on the spot, shocked.

I have not seen any pictures for those 18 and above before. The visual impact in front of me stunned me for minutes.

Terrible. Terrible! It’s unsightly. Totally unsightly!

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I can now recall my reaction at that time. Dumbfounded, unsteady standing, full of body heat, blood rushing, anger rushing to the crown. This is not because the swimming pool is heated up.

I had the courage of a newborn calf that are not afraid of tigers at the time. I was just trying to take a breath and my emotions were brewing. ‘What are you doing?’ Just after I mentioned it, I saw Lin Jin Xiu. He almost bounced off the beach chair by the pool with instantaneous movements. Flashed in front of me, covered my mouth with one hand, buckled my shoulder and pulled me out of the pool. During these actions, I barely saw his face.

He finally to let me go. So, I can clearly see that we are in the hallway outside the small swimming pool. Compared with people in the swimming pool, he was wearing a white shirt on top of the swimming trunks. He was so close to me, drop of water rolled off his skin and dripped on me.

He was wearing very little, so it makes me nervous. So, I took 2 steps back until the distance between the body and the wall completely disappeared. He approached again, one hand on the wall, the skin on the arm almost touching my ears, eyes as sharp as a knife. I gasped for breath. And I was so angry that the words were unfavorable, ‘You….. you….. what are you doing!’

He didn’t have much to say. He reached out accurately, took the phone out of my left pocket and quickly flipped it over. The bright light on the screen of the phone shone on his face. I could see his tight face, clenching his teeth. His face was filled with gloomy unhappiness, anger interrupted by good things. The light under his eyes was extremely cold, just like his voice.

Although I am not familiar with Lin Jin Xiu before, I have always though nicely of him. He is very self-cultivated and extremely gentle to girls. In short, Lin Jin Xiu is always full of smile. How could he change his face to such a degree that it is completely another person?

‘Are you calling someone?’

I jumped up and grabbed my phone. ‘Give me the phone! I want to call the security guard! I have to tell the teacher! Tell Principle Luo!’ How can my height and strength compare to a man 2 or 3 years older than me? How to rebel when we are not on the same level? Of course, it will fail.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He didn’t talk much. He pulled me by the collar and lead me into the swimming pool. In front of everyone, he threw my phone into the pool with a “snap.”

I stayed for a few seconds, watching my beloved phone sink into the waer. And the light on the screen disappeared.

A person started laughing.

Lin Jin Xiu fixed his clothes light and patted his hands gently.

I don’t know what this language implied. In short, the group of people got out of the swimming pool and started to change their clothes.

I was stunned and stared at the scene. The angry flames were rising, and I lost my temper.

I pointed to Lin Jin Xiu and scolded him, ‘You, men and women….. not wearing clothes…. Shameless…. Just too shameless!’

‘You said, what are there for us to be shameless about?’ He gathered his cold smile and asked me in a chatting tone.

I almost collapsed and yelled while blushing: ‘You, you actually do such a shameless thing! It’s vulgar! Don’t you know how shameful?’

A room of people seems to hear the funniest joke, forgetting to wear clothes, stopped halfway whatever they were wearing. Patted the shoulder of the one next to them and laughed.

‘How did this little sister got admitted to our school?’

‘This is just homicide!’

‘Oh, don’t say that the little girl has a transparent glass heart!’

‘I am afraid that she doesn’t even hold a man’s hand. Hahahaha.’


After they laughed, Lin Jin Xiu replied me with grandeur: ‘It’s human nature to love men and women. We are all over 17 years old and some are over 18 years old. And we are adults. You have taken physiology classes. You should know how a human is born. Do you also say that your parents “behaviors “are also destructive?’

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I was so choked that I could not refute the king. I took a few deep breaths: ‘My parents are different from you! Besides, you can’t do this in the school swimming pool!’

‘What’s wrong with the school? The school in everyone’s mind is different. A school has a wide range of functions. In addition to reading, it can also be used for other purposed’ said Lin Jin Xiu. ‘The school swimming pool is idle. It should have been open to students.’

I was dumbfounded and yelled after a while: ‘You threw my mobile phone into the pool! You lost my mobile phone!’

‘Oh, lost your phone? Who proves that I threw your phone?’

A group of people laughed and agreed: ‘We didn’t see it at all, elementary school girl.’

I later learned that Lin Jin Xiu’s eloquence is very good. It is said to be the best debater in the school. He took the school team to participate in the city’s middle school debate contest. At that time, I was completely distracted by him and the group of senior students. It was easy to see the light in my mind and squeeze out a sentence from my throat. My face was almost pig-colored and shouted: ‘You violate the school rules!’

Lin Jin Xiu laughed instead: ‘Since you mentioned it, which school rule we violated? Which school rule stipulates; it is not allowed to open PARTY in the swimming pool after nightfall?’

No students will recite the school rules. Of course, I am not exception. I have some impressions, but it is impossible to remember the specific items.

I accused him poorly: ‘You steal the concept! You are still the President of the Student Union!’

‘Because I am the present, I know what graduates need most. Xu Zhen, we need to relax, do you understand?’ He sighed softly and finally reached out to touch my face and leaned down again. His lips were close to the tip of my nose. I heard his voice intimate and ambiguous, but he also suppressed his breath, it sounded so dangerous. His face enlarged in front of me. I saw his eyes that usually have gentle smile, however this time, it has the faction kills, making one skin to go cold.

‘Please tell the teacher and the principal.’ Lin Jin Xiu shrugged, saying one by one. ‘We have a total of 22 people on the scene. No one is irritated that you see them naked. What better days do you want to have in the future?’

He was so powerful that he completely suppressed me who was weak.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I remembered things from a few years ago. My father and I unearthed fossils on the African grassland. I saw a lion walking towards us. The look was exactly the same as Lin Jin Xiu’s now. Yes, I know that it is unabashed, even intentionally revealed hostility and threat.

At that time, although there was indeed a flash of fear. I was young and vigorous. I replied fiercely: ‘Fear of death? Why should I be afraid of death!’ The I used all my strength and pushed angrily at him and run away.

The moment I pushed the door, I heard his cold voice.

‘Remember, to take care of your mouth.’



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