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Chapter 60.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

A much longer read today! Happy Reading! And enjoy the sweet moments between the couple 

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Chapter 60.2:

After dinner was done, he picked up his mobile phone and tried to send a message to Lan Ning again.

The doorbell rang at this time.

The face of Yan Ru Yu became slightly bright. He put down his mobile and went to open the door.

Standing outside of the door, it was Lan Ning. Yan Ru Yu sighed and smiled at her; ‘I thought you did not plan to come over for dinner.’

Lan Ning snorted: ‘I just came over to take my lunch box!’

Yan Ru Yu smiled and didn’t say anything but just let her in from the side. When Lan Ning was at the door, she had smelled the roast chicken. When she came in, on the table, she saw a dish of roast chicken.

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She groaned and was a little surprised. She turned her head to look at Yan Ru Yu: ‘Did you cook the chicken?’

Yan Ru Yu raised his eyebrows proudly. ‘Yeah. I specifically learned from your mother. On every step.’

Lan Ning’s ear was a bit hot, but her face was still very solemn. ‘Hey, what is the use of the presentation. One has to taste it before commenting.’

Yan Ru Yu handed a pair of chopsticks to her: ‘Then, you taste it.’

Lan Ning carefully picked up a piece. It was tender. She didn’t dare to use too much force.

‘It is hot. Just finished cooking. Be careful.’ Yan Ru Yu reminded from the side.

Lan Ning blew twice on the meat before putting into her mouth. It is still soft and tender. It is very fragrant. Very similar to how her mother make it.

‘How?’ Yan Ru Yu seems to have great confident in his cooking. She looks at him with a slight brow.

‘Consider it good.’ Lan Ning did not care about the face value. Her hand could not help to stretch out for more.

Yan Ru Yu smirk and brought two bowls of rice over. Lan Ning was sitting on the chair and looked at the person opposite. ‘You have spent so much time roasting chicken. You are not afraid of me not coming over for dinner?’

‘I was a little worried.’

‘Oh! Then why didn’t you call me?’

Yan Ru Yu looked at her and said: ‘I am afraid that if I call you, you have blocked my phone number.’

‘Hahahahaha…..’ Lan Ning couldn’t help but laugh. Yan Ru Yu listed to her for a while and then suddenly got up and walked toward the living room. Lan Ning followed him into the living room. ‘What are you doing?’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu took a rolled up posted and walked towards her: ‘Don’t you want Mo Zhen’s signature?’

He unveiled the poster. It is a movie poster for ‘The Actor’. In the lower right corner, the name of Mo Zhen was written with a black marker.

‘It is really the signature of Mo Zhen!’ Lan Ning excitedly stood up from the chair, wanting to grab the poster from the hand of Yan Ru Yu. Who knows, he had rolled it back up in his hand and hid it!

The empty-handed Lan Ning looked up at him with dissatisfaction: ‘What do you mean? Giving me empty happiness?’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘I was kind enough to help you get the signature, but you put me into blacklist.’

Lan Ning blinked quickly and motioned to continue. Yan Ru Yu did not speak but threw her a ‘you know what to do’ look.

Lan Ning wrinkled her nose, took out the phone and removed Yan Ru Yu from the blacklist.

‘Is this now okay?’ She shook the phone in her hand in front of Yan Ru Yu. Yan Ru Yu did not immediately give her the poster but first took out the mobile phone from the pocket of the jeans and once again sent a message to Lan Ning.

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu: Wife ~

This time, there was no annoying words. Yan Ru Yu nodded with satisfaction.

Lan Ning looked at the two words he sent. Turning red on her face, she shouted at him: ‘What is this!’

Yan Ru Yu blinked and handed his mobile phone to her: ‘I cannot stop calling my wife.’

Lan Ning looked at his mobile phone and the line of chat on the screen…. She couldn’t help but read them.

‘Teacher, I didn’t expect you to be so cute…. Hahahaha.’ She couldn’t help but laugh. She could even imagine the kind of words would be used when Yan Ru Yu keep sending her messages on the phone but was constantly rejected expression.

I am sure my imagination would not be wronged. Hahahahaha.

‘Laugh so happy. I will call you wifey more often in the future.’ Yan Ru Yu said.

Lan Ning: ‘……’

‘Don’t be shameless.’ She sneered at him sarcastically and reached out to ask for the poster. ‘Now can you give me the poster?’

Yan Ru Yu looked at her strangely, ‘When did I say that you remove me from blacklist, I will give you the poster?’

Lan Ning: ‘…….’

How can you be so shameless!

‘Yan Ru Yu, you are playing with me?’ Today she was ‘told off by her editor’ Not over it yet, coming back, is bullied by him! How is this person so annoying!

Yan Ru Yu bent down and leaned in front of Lan Ning: ‘If you kiss me, I will give you the poster!’

For this stinking request, Lan Ning frowned and thought for two seconds: ‘Then, you will also sign you name on the poster.’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu bent his mouth and smiled. He turns to get the pen and sign on the poster. After signing his name, he looked at Lan Ning with a playful look.

Lan Ning stood up and quickly picked it up. She gave him a quick peak on the lips as what they did last time.

Although the whole process was almost without any feeling, Yan Ru Yu no longer make things difficult for her. ‘Take it, my wife.’

Lan Ning: ‘……’

She walked silently to the dining room to continue eating.

Yan Ru Yu picks up his bowl and asks casually: ‘Have you seen my Weibo? Now, the national audience knows what I look like.’

‘Well….’ She snorted but she was actually a little unhappy. The teacher’s photo is now available on the internet. One can find a lot of messages. The messagers under Weibo are all confession.

Although she did not want to admit it, she found that she was not willing to let everyone know what Teacher Xing Xin looks like and what kind of person he was privately.

This feeling is like having the toy that was originally exclusive, was suddenly taken way by other children.

For the first time, she found that her possessiveness was so strong.

Yan Ru Yu observed her look and squints his lips.

After dinner, Lan Ning looked at the fact that Yan Ru Yu had himself roasted the chicken and also signed the poster, took the initiative to take up the responsibility of washing dishes.

Yan Ru Yu is sitting in front of the computer and going through Weibo. Although, after an afternoon, everyone’s enthusiasm has not subsided, the fans and messages on Weibo are still growing.

He looked at everyone’s message and sent a new Weibo.

Xing Xin (v): Thank you for your enthusiasm for me. But husband is not something that all of you can call me. This is what my editor told me 😊



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