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Chapter 55.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Another week have flown by! Why is the days seems to be getting shorter and time seems to have flown by so quickly? We are now almost mid-month of the 1st month into the new year. 

Slowly but progressing…… when is Lan Ning going to accept Yan Ru Yu? Will she be touched with his sweet gesture?

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Chapter 55.1:

When she was looking for Yan Ru Yu, she had thought about this.

Yan Ru Yu is correct. He is him, not Yu Mu Yuan. It is unfair to compare him against what Yu Mu Yuan had done.

The most important thing is that, she is worried that she cannot find Yan Ru Yu. She is worried that something unexpectedly had happen like falling into the river and drowns. She actually feels what is short-loved and fragile in life. If she is afraid and she missed him, then she will regret it for a lifetime.

At that time, she thought, if she could find Yan Ru Yu immediately, she will not longer be so weak!

And then, Yan Ru Yu appeared in front of her.

Yan Ru Yu did not seem to have thought that Lan Ning would agreed. So, he was stunned. He looked down at her with his focused look: ‘Do you understand what I mean? It means that you will accept me.’

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He asked the question while waiting for the answer. Lan Ning smiled helplessly: ‘Of course, I know.’

The pupil of Yan Ru Yu’s eyes shrinks slightly and then the eyes turn brighter. He unconsciously smacked his mouth and revealed a smile: ‘Let’s go back first.’

‘Okay.’ Lan Ning nodded and head back with him.

On the way, Yan Ru Yu couldn’t help but ask: ‘Why you did not know how borrow a phone to call me on the mobile just now?’ If they could contact each other, they would not have to worry so much.

Lan Ning was a bit embarrassed: ‘Why should I borrow a cell phone?’ She said while subconsciously reached out to touch her bag. And then she said: ‘Hey, I didn’t even bring my mobile phone!’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

‘You don’t even know that you have left your mobile phone?’ He even expected her to remember his number and to call her…. Yan Ru Yu thought it was a little powerless but fortunately found her.

Lan ning also felt that she was careless. But she decided to speak up for herself. ‘Even if I bring my mobile phone, it would not make any difference. Your mobile was out of battery.’

‘My mobile phone will not always be out of battery. I can charge it when I go back.’

‘I never thought that you could find your way back.’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

‘I have said many times that I am not a direction idiot. And I don’t think that your sense of direction is any better than me.’ He slightly curled his mouth and seem a little unhappy.

Lan Ning: ‘……’

She wisely chooses not to argue with him on this issue. She bluntly turned the topic: ‘I heard from Yi Meng that you went to the river to look for flowers. Where are the flowers?’

Yan Ru Yu pulled out a few flowers from the pocket. The petals and leaves have lost the moisture. ‘Being in the pocket for so long, it is no longer fresh.’

Lan Ning looked at him with a sneer. ‘You found this while you almost got lost yourself in the afternoon.’

Yan Ru Yu smiled and said: ‘I have already remembered the spot where it is located. I will come back in the morning tomorrow to pick the fresh ones.’

‘Do you really remember the spot?’ Lan Ning didn’t believe him.

Yan Ru Yu looked at her with a slight squint and pulled out a photo from the mobile phone’s photo album. ‘I also took a photo. This is the flower, right?’

Lan Ning took his mobile phone and looked at it. The photo shows that it was specially selected for the angle shooting. There are obviously reference scenes around it which can distinguish the geographical location.

‘Hmm. This is the one. I didn’t expect you to find it.’

Yan Ru Yu does not mean anything: ‘How difficult is it to find flowers. But for you, if you cannot find me, you would not be going back today, right?’

Lan Ning was a bit embarrassed by him. If she is not able to find him tonight, she really planned to report to the police directly. ‘How can I go back? You know that I am most worried that you fell into the river and drowned.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

He was silent for a while and finally said: ‘I can swim.’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘What is the use of being able to swim? Although the water in this river is not strong, but there are many stones. You can’t see at night. If you hit the head, you will faint also.’ During the time, she had counted countless rhetorical methods of death in her mind, scaring herself more and more.

Yan Ru Yu observed her expression for a while and the suddenly smiled: ‘You have been dealing with different ways of my death in your imagination? If you are not an editor, you should be able to write mystery novel.’

Lan Ning: ‘……’

Yan Yu Ru’s phone rang. He looked at the screen and see that it was a call from Sun Yi Meng.

‘I have found her. We are heading back now.’ He explained the situation and then hang up.

When both of them walked back, Sun Yi Meng was waiting outside. Seeing the two of them walking over, she greeted her excitedly: ‘Cousin, cousin brother-in-law, you are finally back! If you do not come back anytime soon, I will be killed by my mother!’

Don’t know why, obviously her mother’s waist still hurts, but it does not affect her swearing at all.

Lan Ning raised her hand and knocked Sun Yi Meng’s head and warned: ‘Fortuntely, nothing happens to Teacher this time. Next time do you dare to get him to run around again?’

‘No. No. I don’t know that my cousin brother-in-law is a road idiot.’ Sun Yi Meng said bitterly and laughed.

Yan Ru Yu : ‘…..’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Feeling that the words of Yan Ru Yu fell on them, Lan Ning smiled and pulled Sun Yi Meng’s hand and walked back. ‘From afternoon till now, it has been such a busy time. I haven’t eaten a meal yet. I am so hungry.’

Yan Ru Yu followed behind them and walked in silently.

Although it was a frightening experience that night, there were no danger. Lan Ning finally got the courage to be with him, it was an unexpected harvest.



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