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C-Novel Recommendation : Rolling Love 半欢半爱 – 蓝白色

Hi everyone…. greetings from Singapore…. Yes, I am stuck here for 2 weeks long training…. it has been fantastic so far although it is mentally exhausting as there are just so much to learn…. 

Sorry, no translation for today as all translators have been busy… So today, mhryu decided to share with everyone her latest read….. 

Recently I discover a new novel translation by Miu Miu….

Rolling Love 半欢半爱 by 蓝白色  of Yan Liang whom is the heir to a large cosmetic organisation and Jiang Yu Nan, a man whom appeared and saved her position as the heir.

They ‘fell’ in love and eventually got married. Only later did she find out that she has actually fallen into a well planned trap of revenge.

Jiang Yu Nan whom have an ulterior motive for revenge set up a very well plan as he is a smart and ambitious man. When he finally achieved his goal, only then he realised that he has lost what is important to him….

Will they be able to find their way back to their love?

What I really love about this novel is how well it was written and then translated…. each emotion and each heart-break….. from the revenge to finding out about the illness and then each of them trying to harden their heart…. the heart-break when they found out about the deception….

This is definitely a highly recommended novel…. I actually completed the entire read in 2 days…..

So, if you have not read this fantastic novel yet, head over to Miu Miu’s Blog – Rolling Love 半欢半爱 now. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Rolling Love 半欢半爱 are first recommended on Shushengbar

Adios for now…. hopefully this recommendation will bring some reading joy to those whom have not discover this fantastic novel.

In the meantime, thank you for all the continuous support and patience with our translations. I promise that we will try out level best to return soon.



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