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Chapter 26.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Hope it has been as good as mine….. 

mhryu would be away starting this week for the next 3 weeks. So she had pre-arranged all the schedule for the next 3 weeks. Yes! She is travelling again. Not sure if she would be sharing her travel stories with us on her personal blog, I however look forward to hearing about her adventures so I hope she will share them….

Someone new is entering Xiao Bei’s life now thanks to the encouragement from her father… I wonder how Yifan would react to that…. 

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Thursday, February 14 Weather: Hard to Forecast

After New Year, I carried a lot of local specialty from home to F city and also take the opportunity to bring le…… one man.

This man surname is Bai, name Xiao Bai. He is my dad most proud postgraduate disciple, who after graduate work in a well-known domestic game company as a planner.

‘Bai Xiao Bai?’ First time hearing a person called such a name coming over to our home to have dinner, I laughed le, ‘what kind of person would call such a name ah?’

My dad shook his head, using a pedant tone and said: ‘*Gongzi Xiao Bai, into the spring and autumn period he will complete his toiling to become master of universe. Nine prince will unite the whole empire under one government. Xiao Bei, I always ask you to read more books but you every day just go online!’

*公子/gōng zǐ: this is how in olden day address son of nobility/gentleman.

‘Who told me when I wanted to read ‘Records of Grand Historian’. The girl will get marry and become someone’s wife. Do not need to read all these. As long as can you cooked, wash clothes and take care of the house will do le!’ I curl my lip. Because of all these words, my original hardcover annotate edition ‘Records of the Grand Historian’ so far has been thrown near the bathroom corner, as a cushion pad for the washing machine or a padding device.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Also said, your proud disciple also abandon history. Leave the entertainment world le ma.’

My dad shook his head again: ‘Study and apply it, study and apply it. Things that you learn can be favorable position for the use of one’s skills. there is nothing to regret de. Just like you, I have raised you up, once you get marry to a good man I will be very satisfied.’

‘Why do I feel like I resemble a bait to entice a fish, an earthworm ah!’ I grumble.

‘Don’t underestimate this earthworm, I had invested a lot of money in this earthworm de.’ My dad proudly said.

The third day of New Yew, Bai Xiao Bai carry a basket of fruits and fresh flowers came over to our house. Nominally is to pay respect to teacher and teacher’s wife as disciples of friendship. But in fact we all know the purpose is to match-made both of us.

Dressed in Western-style Xiao Bai, although appearance somehow look stiff however manner is humble, respectful and sincere. This remind me of someone at work. Yifan also wear Western-style suit, but rarely wear tie. Always never button up his collar and slightly open, not as good as Xiao Bai so upright but also free and easy.

We greeted with courtesy but become alienated afterwards. Xiao Bai and my dad begin to chat professional issue. I pretend to smile like a good virtuous lady and listen attentively. In my heart kind of profiteer and repeatedly calculating: about the same height as Yifan, appearance ma…… differ a bit, but still can be shown to others. As for innate character….. talk with politeness and modest etiquette, smile frankly and honestly. Not like Yifan that kind that always display inadvertently, crafty and eyes fills with treacherous. Overall it can be interpret as top-notch goods, can be calculated as first rate…… can sell for a good price.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At that time, my dad give me a pat: ‘Xiao Bei, Xiao Bai is talking to you ne.’

Xiao Bei, Xiao Bai….. indeed sound like a pair of joyous puppies at the small garden ah.

‘Ah, I’m sorry, what did you say?’ I quickly used my hand to massage my motionless smiling face.

‘Junior sister being courteous le, just call me Xioa Bei elder brother will do.’

Sound pleasant to hear and almost similar to Yifan. But….. *Little White Dove?!

* 小白鸽/Xiao Bei Ge: the way it pronounce sound like little white dove

‘I was just asking is junior sister works at F city?’

‘Yes ah, after New Year need to go back to F city. Really don’t feel like leaving home ah.’

Flirt like fire.

Xiao Bai present a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

I was froze for a moment, only then I realised that the first working day after New Year, it turned out to be Valentine’s Day.

That bouquet of red roses make me somehow frenetic.

© 2017 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Guan Xiao Bei, don’t you give us an introduction ma?’ Yifan suddenly speak out from the side.

‘Sorry, let me introduce.’ I busily said, ‘This is our President, Yifan. This is Bai Xiao Bai, my dad’s student……. on behalf of my dad to send me off.’ After finish explaining I don’t understand why must I added the last sentence.

Xiao Bai step forward and passionately shook hands with Yifan: ‘Nice to meet you Mr Yi, Xiao Bei frequently mention about you.’

‘Frequently mention about me? Not saying malicious words ba.’ Yifan like a smile yet not a smile looked at me with a glance, ‘But never heard her talk about Mr Bai ah.’

In other words, saying malicious words about you.

But I quickly said: ‘What…. Xiao Bai elder brother and I just know one another not long ago.’

‘Not only knowing, actually I wish to be Xiao Bei’s boyfriend. She is a good girl and teacher also wish we can be together. So far, we get along quite well. Ah, Mr Yi indeed an outstanding talent, taste also quite….. outstanding. Wearing straw skirt…. doll, this gift is very special, very special.’

‘She likes it.’ Yifan faintly said.

‘I can’t remember what toys you like ah.’ Xiao Bai turned around, smile and said to me, ‘I remember when I went to your room, I only saw books. At that time I only recall ‘A Dream of Red Mansions’ that sentence resemble a young lady embroidery room, must be the study room of the boy le.’

I caught a glimpse of non-expression face of Yifan, then quickly said: ‘I like this doll, truly like it, because never ever like it so much.’

‘Since you like it, next time I will send you a bunch of it. Oh, by the way, I have make a reservation at a hotel. Mr Yi, would you like to join us?’ Xiao Bai said.

‘No thanks, I have an appointment le, you guys please go ahead ba.’ Yifan turn around and walk toward his car.




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  1. Not sure about YiFan being jealous. He always are this sarcastic to GXB.

    Thanking you Tinkerbellsan, I actually misses this novel very much. YiFan’s n GXB’s romance is moving ever so slowly. 😦

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