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Chapter 8.3 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Today’s chapter seems a little confusing for me. So it is harder to translate. Forgive me if I did some confusing in some parts of the chapters. 

What exactly does Yan Yu Ru mean in some of his sentence? I am as confused as Lan Ning as well…. As confusing as today’s chapter maybe, I hope that all of you enjoy the read….. 

Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu will take a break after today and return again next week. So stay tune!

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Chapter 8.3: Inference

As she fight with her inner anger, she walked left together with Yan Ru Yu. He sense her emotions, and gave her a pleasant smile: “Just casually mentioning it. Do not be angry. I specifically bought your favorite cauliflower.”

Lan Ning pulled her mouth: “Who told you I like to eat cauliflower? Is it your instinct again?”

Yan Ru Yu gently picked up his brow and walked out of the supermarket with her. “People when looking for a nickname, they usually will choose their favorite or names with special meeting. Like Nineteen holy. He began writing for the magazine when he is nineteen years old. And his name contain the word “哉”, so name himself Nineteen Holy. Another example is Cloud Light. She liked “Recent Afternoon Clear Sky Days” poem because of the mood, so took two words from the poem for pen name. There is this White Wood. His pen name is using his own surname composed. So the name cauliflower is a straightforward name. So I can only think that you like to eat cauliflower.”

哉 – means Holy

Lan Ning after listening to his analysis, suddenly tilted her mouth into a smile: “Your analyst is very reasonable. But I am cauliflower only because when I took over the account, it is called cauliflower. And I am too lazy to change.”

Generally speaking, when one took over the editing account, the editor name changes should also follow. But ‘Cauliflower’ was actually not an editor name. Before she came, Apple change the nickname as a joke. And she told Lan Ning to change the name, but Lan Ning has not change it.

After saying it, Lan Ning felt comfortable. She was looking forward to see Teacher Xing Xin beaten face. Yan Ru Yu only looked slightly stunned and then light sigh while saying: “Really interesting. Woman really cannot be explained by logic.”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

…….. Just like that?

Lan Ning felt a little lost.

She asked him: “Then what about you? Your name is “Xing Xin.” What is the meaning behind it?”

Yan Ru Yu laugh with a slight mock: “When you chase me for my manuscript as an editor, you actually did not even do your homework?”

Yan Ru Yu had received a lot of written interviews before which of course includes: “Why do you take this pen name”. Lan Ning had seen them but she could not really understand: “You said ‘Heart of opportunity’, I cannot totally get your point.”

“Heart of opportunity is so difficult to understand?”

Lan Ning learned of his disdain and picked up her eyebrows.

Yan Ru Yu turned back and eyes her with a smile: “Have you read ‘山海经’? Lan Ning blinked and deliberately asked: “Which version?”

山海经 (pin ying: Shan Hai Jing) – is Chinese classic text and a complilation of mythic geography and myth titled: Classic of Mountains and Seas.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Yan Ru Yu slightly lowered his eyes and lowly laughed and said: “In the records of ‘山海经’ the beast is called Sheng Sheng. U know the past but cannot predict the future. And is very greedy because they love wine and sandals. Native will put wine and sandals on the road to tempt them. At first, Sheng Sheng will not be fooled. This is because they will know who went over to put these objects. But repeating several time, Sheng Sheng still cannot endure and got drunk, and he was finally captured by the natives.”

‘山海经’ during Lan Ning’s university time, had borrowed the book from the library. But she is still attracted by the description from Yan Ru Yu. She looked up at him and asked: “So, Xing Xin is Sheng Sheng?”

Yan Yu Ru gave a very pale smile: “Don’t you feel that Sheng Sheng is similar with human nature? Because of greed, knowing that some things cannot be done, but in the end will still be tempted.” He looked at the side head of Lan Ning, with his eyes hidden a dark mood. Anyone seeing it could sense “Intended to kill is a temptation.”

Lan Ning suddenly spring up the moment feeling the chill that she could not explain. She pulled her coat tighter around her body. She looked at him and said: “Teacher, please don’t scare anyone at night.”

Yan Ru Yu smiled. The mood in his eyes quickly disappeared: “I am talking about those roles in my novels.” He recalled in a very slow and low tone and asked Lan Ning: “Do you remember Zhao Yue?”

Zhao Yue, ‘actor’ in the actress. She is a well-known actress, whom are very stringent in her work requirements. She is very demanding in the role that she played. Must look at the role with a true life experience. If she is to play the role of a doctor, she would really go to the hospital and experience the life of a doctor. If she is playing the role of a teacher, she would go to the school to experience the life of a teacher. If she is just an ordinary working, she would go to the factory to gain the experience of a workers. Media says that it is not possible to find anyone more dedicated as Zhao Yue. Then, she picked up the role of a Criminal Investigation, her role in the movie is to kill people.

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Zhao Yue is very aware of her own quirks. But she still picked up the movie, 逐风 (by the wind). Why do you think so?”

Lan Ning is shocked. Not because he highlighted the problem but also because he did not use the word ‘professionalism’ but used the word ‘quirks’.

Zhao Yue paranoid insistence, really seems to be a quirk.

“When arresting Zhao Yue, Wu Yang found in her study, the script of 献给亲爱的你 (Dedicated to you, my dear). Did you noticed the details?”

Lan Ning forced to think for a moment, embarrass smiled and said: “There seems to be such a thing.”

Then she triggered Yan Ru Yu’s 献给亲爱的你 (Contempt of the smile): “To my dear you, the theme of the movie is also crime. I mentioned it in my other short stories.”

“You mean, Zhao Yue refused once these kind of film but when 《逐风》casted her, she no longer refuse?”

Should she go back and re-read this novel?

“This is what I mean by, intend to kill is a temptation.” When Yan Ru Yu make the statement, Lan Ning looked into his unpredictable eyes: “Do you have a moment where you hate the person to the extend you wanted the person dead?”

Lan Ning slightly frowned and was silent for a moment. She looked at him and said: “Every time you delayed the draft, I cannot wait to kill you.”




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