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Chapter 8.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

It is getting harder to find time to translate as much as I wished I could. Workload is getting crazier by the day as we are slowing starting our budgeting process for next year. On top of that, I had systems integrations and training to work on…. 😦 So, sorry, it is a super short chapter today. Knowing how much the readers anticipated the daily read, both tinkerbellsan and mhryu are working hard trying to keep that up. So please bear with us and forgive our shortcomings 🙂

From today’s chapter, I personally feel that Yan Ru Yu aka Teacher Xing Xin is slowly realizing how he felt towards Lan Ning. Why did I say so? Read on and find out! Enjoy the read today. Hopefully I am able to find time to complete the last bit of Chapter 8.

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Chapter 8.2: Inference

You should not have a boyfriend as you are equal to a single dog.

Lan Ning: “………”

Oh, that makes it sound like he not a single dog.

“Teacher, not only boyfriend can accompany me to go for food and shopping. You usually don’t have any social life?” Lan Ning restrain the wild galloping heart of hers and remain calm with a smile.

Yan Ru Yu picked up a few tomatoes and put in the cart. “I also want to have a social life but someone persistently drive me to work on my draft.”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning: “………..”

Then have you write it?

While he was not looking, she took a very tasteless looking tomatoes and thrown into his shopping cart. And then she turned to face the oncoming neighbor aunty.

Yes, that is right. It is the same neighbor aunty that she met the first time she went to Teacher Xing Xin’s house.

The neighbor aunty saw them and was stunned for a while. And then she grin and said: “Mr Yan, you are shopping in the supermarket with your girlfriend ah!”

She then looked into their shopping cart and picked up the tomatoes that Lan Ning just thrown in: “The tomatoes are not good. You can see this, absolutely no taste at all.”

Lan Ning: “………”

Thank you ah aunty.

Once the neighbor aunty walked away while pushing her shopping cart, only then Lan Ning realized that she had not explained that she and Mr. Yan are not in any relationship.

“Those are not the tomatoes that I picked.” The Yan Ru Yu walking next to her suddenly spoke up.

Lan Ning: “……….”

People really should not do anything bad.

After queuing and making the payment, Yan Ru Yu very bluntly put everything into Lan Ning’s hand. Lan Ning holding the two shopping bags looked at him in disbelief: “Teacher, you are a man but you have the nerve to get me to carry these for you. I feel embarrassed for you.”

Yan Ru Yu does not even glance at her and replied: “First, I had said that I am very tired from writing today. So no strength to lift any heavy objects. Secondly, these are nothing too pressure for you.”

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

You still have the nerve to say that you only wrote a few hundred words today. Have you forgotten about it? How delicate you are! Lan Ning took a deep breath and looked at him sarcastically: “Why do you think that these are not much for me?”

Yan Ru Yu whispered the words to her: “In the mountains, I found that you are fitter than most women and even some men. When I met you, you must have gone quite a distance and yet, you are able to keep up to my speed. So I guess you should have usually gone to the gym regularly. And judging from the muscles on your arms, your arm strength is good. You should have deliberately exercise by doing the sandbags etc.”

Lan Ning: “……..”

Although she do not do sandbags to exercise her arm strength, but more to simply to vent the pressure. As a result, his assumption was right.


“How did you managed to see the lines on my arm?” She wore so thick, how is it he able to see the muscles? He has perspective eyes?

“When you were in my house, you took off your coat. The last time, you wore a sleeveless dress with an inner white lace shirt, able to see the line.”

Lan Ning: “……….”

“So what? I paid attention to my health hence exercise. It is not to help you with something.”

Yan Ru Yu tilted his head to look into her eyes: “This is also considered a form of exercise. Not to mention anything, I think you could even handle a few rogue by yourself.”

Lan Ning: “……….”

“He He. Teacher, you think too highly of me. I just pay more attention to exercise it. It is not to learn fighting.”

“Do not underestimate yourself. You have to believe strongly in miracle.”

Lan Ning: “………”

Then I could single handedly crush you?





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7 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

  1. Pppft, teacher is soooo shameless!!!!I’m not a feminist, lol.. but gee, his attitude is sooooo annoying! LN, why don’t she try to single handledly crushing him to see whether his assumption that she could handle some rough is true or not! kkkkkkkk…. he trying to bait some information whether LN has a boyfriend or not, eh? Try to survey whether he has any competition, eh? #scratchingmychin

    Btw, jiao mhryu and tinkerbellsan! Your translating effort is of course very much appreciated 🙂

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