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Chapter 9.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

A happy Friday everyone! mhryu is finally flying off this weekend 😦 I am so going to missed her and irritating her……. She will only be back almost 3 weeks later…….. At the same time, I am eagerly waiting to read about her adventure on her trip. The trip had been planned for months, so she is very excited about it. 

Last chapter was really funny! Did not expect that Yifan would be afraid of spider and was not gentleman about ‘rescuing’ Xiao Bei. Hahahaha….. and the kids who tried to make him into a Hero! 

Enjoy the read today and have a great weekend ahead!

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Sunday, October 14 Weather: Heavy Storm


I lazily rose up from Su’s treatment chair, Su immediately pick up her account book and I saw her written down: ‘a conservative 7-15 estimated treatments are require, and owe 5800 Yuan for treatment fee.’ I reluctantly smile: ‘Record, record it. I don’t really care since I have mountain of debt.’ Su didn’t pay any attention to me, biting the pen and thought for a moment then she fill in ‘October 13, broke a glass, value at 32 Yuan.’

I am speechless, I’m a debtor of millions, why would I worry about you charging me a broken glass.

Tragedy began at the end of September.

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AC makes an acquisitions with an industry groups and affiliated companies have been a significant news in financial market for the past two years, finally it has entered the most critical stage, Legal Department has begun following up on the merger and acquisition activities, from top-down everyone needs to work overtime, we are extremely busy.

At lunch time, Lou Lou grab me and complained loudly: ‘Xiao Bei, I was so busy until I have forgotten the feel of falling asleep.’

I admired her busyness. Being Assistant to President we are also busy, but my subconscious told me this was only a temporary post, I will eventually return to Legal Department where I loved the most. Therefore I applied with Yifan to be temporary transferred back to Legal Department to help up, reason has been granted: ‘for the sake and the interests of the company, fighting side by side with colleagues at a critical moment for the company’s development.’

Yifan readily agreed and said: ‘Work hard.’

I show him a fighting action (passionate fist action).

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He said: ‘Don’t forget your work.’

Of course I remember to work. Back to Legal Department, I quickly put into full swing as front line labour, work in legal department are heartless, they don’t care as long as you are labour you need to work.

A few days later, I realised Yifan meaning of ‘don’t forget your work’, it doesn’t refers or relate to the merger and acquisition affairs, but… his blind date thing!

In fact, the main negotiations of the project has been completed, currently is waiting for the legal department to prepare all the documents to be signed by both representatives parties, so we are relatively concerned. As for Yifan, he was more relaxed, when he was too tired of sitting down, he will come over to disturb me.

During when I’m super busy, Yifan keep calling me more than once and he gently said: ‘Oh, Marriage Network have been calling me saying there is this girl, very good and would like me to meet up.’ I was holding a stack of material and hearing Yifan complained saying. ‘Why so slow answering my call! Next time if you are slow I will deduct your wages ah!’

I’m getting impatient, Jin Kang’s face is getting darker and darker.

Jin Kang is our Legal Department Manager, his character is like his name, mighty and tough, and he rarely smile. Even Yifan needs to respect him.

He saw me frequently picking up unrelated calls and he said: ‘Guan Xiao Bei, no matter who call, please tell that person if unrelated to work, solve it after working hour.’ I nodded, I knew this was his most tolerant reminder to me, next time I’m certain it will not be such a gentle attitude. But boss ah, you can show your black face to President, however I’m only as small potato. Can I make such irresponsible remarks saying President you are so silly?

© 2016 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

That afternoon, Jin Kang summoned us for a meeting. Yifan keep calling my phone, even though I have put on silent mode but I still feel distracted because I’m waiting for an important call and I can’t turn off my phone. I frequently looking at my phone and it attracted Jin Kang attention, he suspended the meeting and given me 3 minutes to solve the problem, otherwise I will not require to appear in this conference room anymore.

I always wonder did Yifan used surveillance camera to watch me or else how can he always pick the most hectic time to call me.

Sure enough! He said: ‘Turn left and 5 steps forward, there is a camera. Come, give me a smile and said cheers!’

‘Yifan, please stop your silly move! Isn’t this your company? We work so hard for you, do you think this is a playground for you to have fun?’ I’m so angry.

Yifan said softly: ‘Xiaobin ah, in fact I would like to tell you not to be so nervous and please inform Jin Kang to relax.’

Relax? Now if you touches Jin Kang, he will burst.

I fiercely stared at the camera and turned back.

The meeting just lasted for half an hour and I received called from President’s office non-stop.

Without approval from Jin Kang I rushed out. Rushed beneath the camera, show my middle finger and shouted into the phone: ‘Huh, you this silly uncle…… ‘

Not finished my sentences, I scream and woke up.

I, a very small probability event occur again or to President……

Telephone over there was a bit quiet, but I have not heard the voice of rage projected. For a long time, I heard a very bad Chinese voice said: ‘Ah, ah, Ms Guan, I’m Morgan.’ Just now, Yifan and I discuss about Chinese and American’s staff and boss relationship attitude. I said, American workers have more freedom than Chinese workers, they dare to voice out and even quarrel with their boss, as of Chinese workers they will not. Yifan said, not necessarily, Chinese workers do dare to scold their boss. Therefore we bet and I have lost. Ha, ha!’

Morgan is one our foreign AC shareholder boss. He and Yifan has a very good relationship. It said his shares in AC also act on behalf of Yifan. I had seen him once at far, a typical American uncle….. but I did not expect his to be so ridiculous ah.

However, I actually show middle finger and also burst out foul language….. Su said is right, my spirit is very unstable.

Daze, tension, depressed, anxious state of mind during the entire period of merges and acquisitions or even until both AC and other parties had signed the merger contract, handshake pictures, spray champagne, everyone face look relaxed and smile, but I still feel tense.

At that time, somewhere in my heart had a feeling of trouble floating around my whole body.




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