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Chapter 4 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Another funny chapter!  What happen next, I wonder……

Enjoy the read!  

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‘Su, you just tell me… what kind of mind-set does he have!’ Over the weekend, I shared the exaggerated and misdeeds in my description of how evil Yifan was.

‘He ah…’

I was so ready to listen to Su’s advice.

‘To hear my professional advice, that would be 500 Yuan per hour. For anything less than half an hour, it will be considered as half an hour. If it is more than half an hour but less than an hour, an hour fee will be applicable. According to your case with your boss, it should take at least 2 hours. Since we have such a good relationship, I will give you a 30% discount.’

‘Forget it, you money-grubber!’

In the end, I did not get to understand the President’s mind-set. But I managed to clear my thought. Since he started the war with mean methods, this Miss will fight till the very end!

Su was not so unsympathetic. She did give me a word of advice: ‘Enemy is like a spring. If you are strong, than he will be weak.’

Early on Monday morning, after being inspired by Su words, I had clear up those unhappy mood. So, I proudly marched in and sat in President’s office.

He is needed to attend regular meetings and listen to subordinates report. After the hectic morning is over, he quietly sat down and begin to read reports. However, I manage to picked up some internal issues, so I took out my mobile phone and started playing snake eat beans.

‘Damn, I’m going to clear this level!’ After last week’s overload, my phone had seriously worn out and now it had crashed.

President looked up and handled me a note while saying: ‘Ms Guan, please help me to call this number.’

I took the paper with suspicious look. I wanted to asked who to call and what to said however he give me an attitude look that indicating ‘you don’t need to know’ and continue with his work.

I called a few times without any success. I said: ‘President, no one answered’

He replied: ‘Call until you get through.’

I feel bored but continued to redial. Still no one is picking up the call. I began to wonder, maybe the number belongs to the yellow dress lady who dumped him. Suddenly I found him leaning against the window and somehow laughing at me for no reason. Because his back was toward the sun, hence, his face was hidden in a shadow. But the phone in his hands was flashing and it reflect toward his face a layer of eerie blue.

I was startled and stammered: ‘This is… your phone number?’

He said: ‘I just want had to prove how bored you are.’

I realized that while waiting for the call to get connected, my fingers keep pressing at 2, 4, 8, 6 and other keys till it get numb. I felt so sad!

But when it comes to boring, still President, you are more boring!

I cowardly went back to the sofa. A moment later, a thought came into my mind. Once again the high spirit and bold Guan Xiao Bei is back!!

I walked a few steps toward President’s desk. In front of him I seductively leer at him, ‘wow’ ripe of my shirt and reveal my black lacy bra of 34B cup and stare at him. Then, he was under my beauty and powerful counterattack, he was totally defeated. Well, all men are hungry like a wolf.

Well, of course this happen only in my imagination.

This is what I read from the internet, ‘100 Tips to Control your Evil Boss’. In the no. 99th tip, when you are fed up with your boss, then use this matter. In a normal situation, if your boss is not too extremely hungry wolf, he will realize that he has force you into such a stage. Then he will reflect his action and behavior.

I start to take action…. Then I sadly discovered that reality is 100 times tougher than imagination….. I actually the hungry wolf. I hesitate went up to him, he put his hand on his chest.

President looked up at me, his eyes a little confused. He probably never thought that I would be so daring and come in front of him. He looked at me up and down, his eyes fell on my slightly open collar.

He asked: ‘What are you doing?’

My hand froze at my chest and I went back to my sofa.

It seems I can only use no.100th tip.

The author of the post said: ‘when you use more than 99 tips and you still can’t control your boss, than you are dead!’

When I was feeling aggrieved, President spoke out.

‘Guan Xiao Bei’ this time he didn’t call me Miss Guan. ‘I know what you are thinking and I know what you intend to do. A word of advice, dispel all these ridiculous ideas. You don’t tell me, these are all small things. Personally, any minor things happen between colleagues can evolved into a public disaster. You don’t expect me to let it go and pretend nothing happened. If I could, do you think I will let you sit here for so many days?’

‘Everyone has a bottom line, and I’m no different. Inside the bottom line, I can be very generous and open-minded, but out of the bottom line I can be very mean and cruel. Unfortunately, you hit my bottom line. Although I can’t kill you, but I will seize you. Before making you completely surrender, I will not let you go.’

‘I will definitely not said a word. Nothing has happened on Monday morning. I personally guarantee!’

‘Nothing happened! Then why are you so sensitive about Monday morning? In addition, I had a conversation with Ms. Lee Lou. She told me that on Monday morning, you had shared with her 5 times of your encounter with the roaring Mr Super Star story. And she wonder why I put you in my office. Taking this opportunity she share the whole story with everyone in the office. Now, the only missing part of the story is the main characters.’

I felt regretful. It is just an accidentally split out! Su, why didn’t you just struck me at that time?

‘Guan Xiao Bei, I believe your personality. But as a human being, you will have human weaknesses. One day, in your dream you might slip it out or maybe someone might force you to say it out. So I can’t take risk’

I broke out into a cold sweat.

‘Remember the company’s mission? Join AC, we achieve our goal together. Guan Xiao Bei you will be our AC’s pride.’ President smirked and concluded: ‘Well, the detention period is over, you may go back to your office.’

I felt that I was sleepwalking while floating to the door. Behind came the voice of President: ‘Also, a word of advice. Don’t tried to resign or escape from our company’s movement. The whole company knows you have been kept in my office. President’s office, there will always be some trade secrets. You learned law, any leak of secret will cause company and individual what kind of impact!’

‘You, you!’ I’m so furious. ‘You, cannot do this! You cannot disregard the company interest in selling trade secret for your own selfishness!’

‘I am the President, whether is trade secret or not is up to me to say!’ He gracefully smiles. ‘You may leave’.

I was back into my office during lunch break. Luo Lou, Peter and the newcomers, acting caring and holding the gossip mentality surrounded me. While they are busy chatting, I calmly go under my table and get a box, emptied the stuff inside, cut a hole and put my head inside it.

The Assistant Manager of HR department rescue me out from the box. He told me that the Personnel Manager wanted to see me.

The Personnel Manager is a fat uncle, known as Lao Wu (Old Wu). He has a friendly faces and a pair of smiling eyes that gives you an unforgettable feeling. Lao Wu sitting at his desk, with his smiling pair of eyes looking at me for a long time.

Being look by people, always make me nervous and scare. But after sitting at President’s office for a week, even ten times Luo Wu with military telescope observing me, I don’t even feel a thing.

I listlessly asked: ‘May I know why Manager Wu is looking for me?’

Manager Wu was speechless. Not knowing what to said. He sighed and pushed a piece of paper in front of me: ‘Miss Guan, please have a look.’

A complaint letter from President’s office.

Content was ‘President has been sexually harass!’

‘I’m a girl, I’m more likely been harassed, ok!’ I’m so angry. Yifan! Yifan! How can you be this shameless!

Lao Wu laughed and said: ‘Miss Guan, don’t be so excited. I believe Miss Guan. It must be a joke.’ In the end, he added softly: ‘But in this company there are a lot of girls wanted to harass President.’

Didn’t know how Lao Wu think about this complaint letter, show me and laugh it off. This can be regarded as one of the most gentle-reminder. Meanwhile, he gave me a letter of transfer.

‘Miss Guan, your current position as Legal Assistant has been changed to Special Assistant to the President’

President has total of four Assistants, even the most senior doesn’t carry the “Special” title. Well this “Special Assistant”, what does it mean?

Lao Wu did not give me any answer. He just passionately said: ‘Young girl, work hard as you have a promising future.’


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12 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

  1. This is more frustrating than funny for me right now. I shall be back later when their relationship has improved. I need something to look forward to >.>
    Thank you for your hard work :}

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  2. Xie xie Tinkerbellsan for your hardwork.

    It’s going to be interesting how the dynamics and control of their relationship will change with her being transferred officially to the executive office. I’m guessing there’ll be more of a working environment than the previous situation.

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