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Chapter 3 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Thank you everyone for all the lovely comment in the last chapter. It was enjoyable for me to read all the comments and how much everyone enjoyed this novel. It is indeed a very funny chapter. 

Today, presenting another funny chapter. What happen next, I wonder? Enjoy the read!

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August 24, Friday Weather: Rain and Wind

Before I joined this organization, I had made my career plan. The plan was so detailed to the point that it will determine the foundation of my future glory. But……

I never had expected my career would begin like this.

Of course, I had thought of resigning but Su coldly said: ‘You still own me last month rent.’ My plan had completely been destroyed! See, the distinction between ‘home’ and ‘under someone’s roof’. When there is a rainstorm, ‘home’ will shelter you. However ‘under someone’s roof’ it is different. You will be left out to withstand by yourself…..

My daily routine at work are very simple. In the morning, I need to punch-in. Once that is done, I will head to the President’s office and sit at the corner of the sofa just like my own home. I will sit till noon. Then it is lunch and followed by another round of sitting till evening, when it is time to go home. In between these hours, should there are anyone looking for President, I will then move myself to another corner. These two days, during lunch times there were some activities.

On the first day, during lunch time, President was out. So I dare not act rashly since I have not receive any clear instructions. Later, I was too hungry and was not able to take it anymore. So I decided to head downstairs for lunch. I was surprised to find out about the deadbolt lock. I kept knocking on the door and the window with no respond from anyone. I finally gave up, and waited obediently with wholeheartedly for the President to return.

He only return after lunch break. The moment he was back, he walked straight to his desk and started working on his paperwork.

My stomach was making ‘grunt’ sound, which reminded him of my presence.

‘Didn’t have lunch yet?’

‘No.’ I weakly nodded, waiting for him to grant me permission to go and find some leftover foods.

‘What a pity. AC has been well known for its delicious lunch and today we have a welcoming lunch. Our food and beverage department specially prepare some additional foods.’

My stomach again make another clamor.

He continued looking at his file and remain silent. It looks like there is no way he will allowed me to have my lunch.

I was stupefy.

Thursday morning, I arrived on time to sit on President office’s sofa.

President passed by me and looked at me for a moment. He said: ‘Ms Guan, you seem to be thinner. And looks like you had lost your good spirit comparing to the first time we meet.’

I looked at his rimless glasses. It flashed a nasty look and a faint smile on his lip. I’m 10,000% determine he did it on purpose!!!

By lunch time, I took out ham, biscuits, yogurt from my bag and displayed it on the table.

President faintly smile and said: ‘Ms Guan, you are really amazing. You are able to conjured a pile of foods just like Doraemon.’

*Doraemon is a popular Japanese Manga Robotic Cat. 


Well, this is what I called a countermeasure. I had gone through hunger for three days and if I still continue to starved in this office, then I am brainless!!!

He came over and said: ‘But Ms Guan, you may keep your foods. I am taking you out for lunch’

So, the good-for-nothing me, just follow behind the President. We walked and attracted all the suspicion gazed from the colleagues leading to his car.

The car turned here and turn there before we finally reached the city’s most famous five-star hotel.

The doorman politely opened the door and took the key for valet parking. Without asking, the waiter directly led us to a table for two: “Yi President, your prearranged table for two.’

President sat down, took the menu and carefully look at it.

I awkwardly sat across him. My ass was only half seated and I quickly took the menu. I gave the waiter a *fox guilty smile and then pretend studying the menu price.

*fox guilty smile ‘狐假虎威的心虚的笑容’: A trick of cunning to appear more powerful (using other people’s name to look powerful).

‘Two set of chef’s specialty steak. One well-done and one medium rare. Red wine.’

‘What about starter and dessert?’

‘As usual.’

‘Certainly, please wait a moment. Your lunch will be here shortly.’ The waiter collected the menu and left.

I was a little unhappy. He invited me for lunch, so he should at least ask my opinion even though I’m not familiar here. That doesn’t permit him to decide for me. But then I thought, since this is a five-star hotel, even coming for a cup of tea, I had benefited. Not even to mentioned that this is lunch. So I felt much better.

Someone came over and poured President a glass of red wine then followed by my glass. When I was about to reach out to taste my first glass of French wine in my life, I heard President said: ‘Ah, Ms Guan, I’m so sorry. Actually I have invited a client for lunch. Please be seated at other table. I had overlooked.’ When he finished saying, he click his fingers.

A new waiter was summoned and brought me to next table. The waiter pass me the menu and left.

* kào! X@#%

*靠- kào = Fxxk (foul language)

In my heart, I cursed out the foul language. This bastard deliberately wanted to humiliate me. Otherwise, how can he not realized I have been sitting there for so long!

I glared at him as he picked up his glass, and made a toast before leisurely enjoyed the wine.

I placed the menu down and planned to leave.

A waiter came over to stop me and said: ‘Miss, this is a reserved table. Even you do not spend, you are required to pay a 20% service charge.’

I was about to said: ‘Please asked the next table Casanova to pay. Immediately a thought came out; since he is paying I must as well eat till he drop dead poor! So I open the menu and go through from beginning to the end.’

Well, if I can’t finished, I will pack them home! Then I looked across the table and give him a sneered smile.

Soon, President’s guest arrive at the same time my first course was served.

Looking at the white glutinous rice, golden eggs, it just look exactly like the legendary Yangzhou fried rice.

Excuse me… this is not right! I asked the waiter: ‘I don’t seem to order this dish’

‘This was specially order by the gentleman who came with you. He said that your stomach is not suitable for greasy food therefore asked us to prepare this golden looking fragrance fried rice.

Sure enough, Yangzhou fried rice!

Using fried rice to fool me. I do not want to eat them! I sternly said: ‘Please change, I want to eat steak!’

My voice has attracted dissatisfaction glimpsed from other diner. The waiter quickly explained: ‘Miss, although this is just a traditional fried rice however our chef has used refined ingredients to cook this delicious and healthy meal that cost only 198 Yuan, truly value for money.’

198 Yuan for Yangzhou fried rice!!!!! I’m a poor kid. Using the logic of ‘even drinking a cup of tea I still earn’, I decided to sit and accept the mercy of fate. I feel so depressed clinging on fried rice and thought: ‘Can this expensive fried rice taste like steak!’

An hour later, I was sitting in President’s car.

He asked me: ‘Ms Guan, how was lunch?’

I sarcastically replied: ‘Don’t just said fried rice even plain water taste good in five-star hotel’

‘Good that you enjoy the lunch. I’m so worried about Ms Guan psychological burden. Based on our company policy, only Department head and above are allow to reimburse meal allowance. While other employees need to pay their own bill. Like Ms Guan, today your lunch will be on your own personal account, even the company paid in advance, it will be deducted from your salary.’ The President calmly share and brief the company policy.

…… 198 Yuan of Yangzhou fried rice…… Paid by myself……

My heart was pumping hard.


A person who love to break the rule, forgive quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollable and never regret anything that made me 'SMILE'

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    1. yadane, remember in the beginning of Chapter 1, GXB saw a guy on her way to work? The guy was begging the lady he was with not to leave him or something. And then GXB mentioned and shared it with her colleagues when she was in the company. and Chapter 1 ended with her being totally shocked when the boss of the company step on the stage as it is the same guy. Now, from there I think you can understand why GXB is being treated like that


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