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K-Drama Review : My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스)

Having anticipated My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) since the announcement of the drama back in April 2017, when the drama was finally aired, the excitement is simply trilling.

It had indeed been a long while since a drama could capture my attention and I could sit quietly watching each episode while anticipating the next episode. My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스) starring my favorite Actor, Sung Hoon (성훈) had indeed not disappoint me in any way.  Continue reading “K-Drama Review : My Secret Romance (애타는 로맨스)”

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Upcoming K-Drama: My Secret Romance

OMG! So excited about the up-coming K-Drama on OCN, premiering April 17, 2017….. How not to get excited when Sung Hoon is the male lead….

I had to do a double take when I read that the cable channel known for dark, gritty, serious thrillers, OCN, will be airing a romantic comedy show! Yep guys, this news is surprising but refreshing. Not only that, it looks like your typical classic candy floss rom-com drama (that we all LOVE, heh), which […]

Read more via OCN surprises by premiering a rom-com ‘My Secret Romance’ this April — The Drama Corner

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C-Drama Review: Decoded (解密)

Once again, I got attracted to the lovely ending OST and I sat down to watch the drama that my husband is currently hooked on. This leads to me starting to watch the gripping story of top-secret Chinese Intelligence agency named Unit 701.

Decoded (解密) is a novel of the same name written by the Chinese Author, Mai Jai. This debut novel of Mai Jai reveals the mysterious world of a top-secret Chinese Intelligence agency in the world of code breaking. Continue reading “C-Drama Review: Decoded (解密)”

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C-Drama Final Thoughts: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)

And so, I finally managed to watch the final episode of Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生). I had indeed search high and low for it online….. eager to watch the ending.

Missed my first review? It is found here: C-Drama Review: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)

Continue reading “C-Drama Final Thoughts: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)”

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C-Drama Review: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)

I discover Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) by accident when I was browsing for dramas to catch up recently when I finally got my break over the Lunar New Year vacation.

Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生) is another drama adaption from a Chinese Novel, Glass Slipper by Zheng Yuan. Honestly, I have not read the novel yet so I don’t know how the drama is faring against the novel. Maybe after I have completed all my other novel translations, if no one picks up this novel, I might pick it up. Continue reading “C-Drama Review: Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生)”

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C-Drama : Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍)

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍),the Chinese Version remake of She was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) is finally out. Premiered on January 2, on Hunan TV, the English subtitled episodes are now also available on Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍) on Dramacool.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍) is a story of Li Hui Zhen (starring Dilmurat Dilraba) whom used to be gorgeous. Unfortunately the years of declining family fortune added much pain to her life and her look slowly faded away. Continue reading “C-Drama : Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍)”

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T-Drama Review: Someone Like You (聽見幸福)

With me taking a break from translation this month, I have more time whenever I could finish work early to catch up on dramas. I have been watching from C-Drama to K-Drama and now T-Drama.

Kingone Wang (王傳一) is one of my favourite Taiwanese Actor. Several years ago, I was recommended to watch Why Why Love where Kingone Wang starred alongside with Rainie Yang and Mike He. And from then onwards, I had made an effort to watch the dramas whenever Kingone Wang starred in.

Someone Like You (聽見幸福) is a story about Fang Zhang Cheng (starring Kingone Wang) whom overnight over a tragic car accident, lost everything. His fiancee Liang Luo Han (starring Lorene Ren) died from the accident and he lost his own eyesight.


Devastated over the lost of his beloved fiancee, Zhan Cheng is inconsolable and refuse corneal transplant that would restore his vision.

Zhan Cheng’s life took an unexpected turn when one day, Chen Yu Xi (starring also Lorene Ren – 任容萱) is hired to become his day nurse. Yu Xi who looks exactly like Luo Han although Zhan Cheng could not see it yet.

Although they started off on a wrong foot, Yu Xi as frustrated as she can get from time to time, also had a soft heart. So through her patience, she took great care of Zhan Cheng while slowly bring him back to the lovely Zhan Cheng whom everyone misses.

When Zhan Cheng’s family first met Yu Xi, they were shocked to see how much she look like the deceased Luo Han. However, the family slowly warmed up to Yu Xi when they see how well she took care of Zhan Cheng.

Sweet and thoughtful as ever, Yu Xi learned Tango to enable Zhan Cheng dance with his mother through his blindness. Those moments were indeed very touching.


Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi eventually started dating. And Yu Xi also became Zhan Cheng’s secretary. These are the moments that I had truly enjoyed their sweet interactions. 

Zhan Cheng slowly warmed up and open his heart. When the opportunity came, Yu Xi though her own gentle way, managed to convince Zhan Cheng to do the corneal transplant.

Of course, in any taiwanese drama, there would never be a smooth romance story. Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi become friends with Xu Ya Ti (starring Nita Lei – 雷瑟琳) whom is one of the receiver of Luo Han’s organ donation. Ya Ti whom received Luo Han’s heart began to exhibit many of Luo Han’s mannerisms and personality. And she also feel in love with Zhan Cheng.

Zhan Cheng, although realized that Luo Han’s heart is in Ya Ti, however his heart never sway from his love to Yu Xi.

Yu Xi, whom had always put anyone ahead of her, eventually chooses to leave Zhan Cheng. The moment of breakup was so heart-breaking.


Zhan Cheng whom realized the reason why Yu Xi wanted to break up with him, never gave in to the request to break up. He, in his warm and gentle way, try to win Yu Xi’s heart with the help of her friends and also Ya Ti.

Just as when they got back together finally, Yu Xi met with an accident and went into coma. Heart-broken Zhan Cheng requested to marry Yu Xi although she was in coma. What I really love about these moments are when Zhan Cheng’s family step in to help to convince Mama Chen that Zhan Cheng is serious about wanting to marry Yu Xi and she is not a burden to them although she is in coma.

And so the wedding happen when Yu Xi is still in comatose stage. And Zhan Cheng brought her home to take care of her personally. Their prayers were finally answered and Yu Xi finally woke up. A sweet ending to the drama.

Someone Like You (聽見幸福) is indeed a lovely drama that I know I would re-watch again whenever I have the time to spare. Watching about 5 dramas where Kingone Wang (王傳一) had starred in before, I must say that I have not been disappointed in any yet. And his pairing with Lorene Ren (任容萱) despite their age gap is a perfect match.

Apart from the lovely OTP couple in Someone Like You (聽見幸福), I had also enjoyed the lovely interactions between the following:

  1. Sisterhood between Xu Ya Ti and Chen Yu Xi – although they feel in love with the same guy, there were never any moment where both wanted to fight to win his heart. And the support they extended to each other are so warm and touchingtwins
  2. Siblings love between Chen Yu Xi and Chen Yu An (starring Xu Hao Xuan – 徐浩軒) – both were adopted and they were aware although they never spoke about it. The support and love that they have with their adopted mother were warm and lovingshoulda-said-a-louder-no
  3. Xie Fei Fei (starring Katie Chen – 陳語安) – Fei Fei, the stepsister of Zhan Cheng whom originally loved him but soon accepted that he will always be her step brother.
  4. Sweet moments between Chen Yu An and Xie Fei Fei – the bubbly Fei Fei fell in love with Yu An whom initially rejected her. But later, he realized that she is a lovely girl despite being a little spoiled from time to time. Fei Fei finally won a place in Yu An’s heart4625_14
  5. Li Bo Yan and Vanessa – One being Yu Xi’s selfish ex-boyfriend and the other whom have always loved Zhan Cheng, found each other in their heart finally although Bo Yan started off using Vanessa for his career. Bo Yan unfortunately died trying to protect Yu Xiwont-stop-you
  6. The friendship between Vanessa, Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi – despite all that happen in the past, Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi choose to let go the unhappiness and supported Vanessa when Bo Yan died.
  7. Friendships – William and Xiao Lin, both best friends of Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi are very supportive from the start to the end of the whole drama

Someone Like You (聽見幸福), this 2015 is definitely a recommended T-Drama. And one wants to read the recap, it is available on Someone Like You (聽見幸福) recap

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Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai Rumored to be Dating in Real Life After Filming Drama Stay With Me —

The C-ent on set couples may be continuing if this latest gossip is to be believed. A C-netizen is reporting that drama costars C-actor Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En may be dating in real life after starring in the … Continue reading →

via Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai Rumored to be Dating in Real Life After Filming Drama Stay With Me —

Imagine my excitement after reading this news… Being a fan of Chen Qiao En from her early days, I hope that she is dating someone and find her happiness soon.

I love her pairing with Geoffrey Gao too….

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C-Drama : Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我)

I finally managed to get some time off for myself. So a quick update online only to discover that the long awaited drama, Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is finally aired on Hunan TV.

Penned by popular Tong Hua, Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is a story of fashion designed, Li Wei Wei (starring Chen Qiao En) whom due to a car accident that landed her almost drowned, loses her memory. She woke up to the age of 23. The boyfriend in her memory, Chen Yi Du (starring Wang Kai) is her rival at work. And her fiance, Huo Xiao (starring Kimi Qiao) is a man whom she cannot recognize nor remember.

Based on her vague memories, she doesn’t trust the story that she had broken up with Chen Yi Du and started her own investigation on finding out the truth.

Hua Xiao is worried about losing her and tried to protect her by hindering her plan. While investigating, she realized that the busy lives kept her and her loved ones from the dream they once had pursued so passionately. The main reason behind the break-up was due to their workaholic life which inadvertently pushed away the love and understanding.

The now 30 years old Li Wei Wei decided to change her lifestyle. She is determined to change the way things are going, erasing misunderstandings from the past, erasing conflicts between them, never stopping until she finds love and the dream and heart she one possessed.

Would she be able to succeed in her plan? Who would she choose in the end, Chen Yi Du or Hua Xiao?

Excited that Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is now aired, I can’t wait to watch this drama. A quick check on Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) online, I am so excited to see that it is finally now available although only for 2 episode. So, guess Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) is now on my to watch list… after all with Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai and the late Kimi Qiao starring, the drama has a good list of all my favorite Chinese actors and actress.

Back in September, when I heard the news on the passing of Kimi Qiao due to depression, I was devastated. I first saw him in Cruel Romance and had truly admired his acting skills. Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) I heard is his 2nd last drama before he ended his time on earth.

The official Trailer of Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) can be found here

Below are some of the stills found online:

And so…. who is watching Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) as well?

Stay tune… as I might come back soon with my review of Stay With Me (放弃我抓紧我) ….