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Chapter 4 – First Strike by Red Wolf

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Off to chapter 4 we go! How have the read been so far?  


Chapter 4:

Having escaped a potentially hazardous experience, McCain knew he had to get off the grid. He could try the police station, but knew that was the first place these mercenaries would look. Quietly slipping away, he repeated his morning route, returning to the alleyway from earlier and going north instead. As he looked behind him, McCain saw two women in office wear, headed in his direction. Both wore identical office dresses and high heels. It was almost like they had attended a funeral, or were about to. The lady on the left reached for her handbag, and McCain immediately knew something was up. As he predicted, she suddenly swung a left hook in his direction, with yet another syringe. 

This one was different; it was nitrazepam, another powerful hypnotic sedative. Commonly used for espionage and other black ops missions. 

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

She swung once more, missing the mark by mere inches. A third swing saw McCain grab, and twist, her arm. She screamed, dropping the syringe and allowing McCain to catch it with his left hand. 

Now, he had a weapon of his own. He quickly took a step back, tossing the syringe to his dominant right hand and circling around the crumpling agent, her colleague following suit. 

The woman chuckled to herself.

“You’re one hard man to find, Lucius McCain.” the lady sneered, quietly clenching her raised fists. 

“And you people were hard to lose.” McCain revealed. The lady was taken aback at how he knew this. “I could see you, from the reflection of my silverware. I pretended to ignore you as bait.” 

Silence. Then, she chuckled again.

“As you like it.” the assassin sighed, and abruptly exploded into a cartwheel. McCain leapt backwards, tucking his stomach in so she couldn’t make contact. He veered to the right and raised the syringe higher. The lady’s feet touched the wall, and improvised a backflip. She then turned to face McCain.

“Just give up, Lucius.” she pleaded sarcastically. “I don’t have all day. Neither does my boss.”

“You’ll have to catch me first.” McCain winked, suddenly dashing onto the busy streets. He slowed to a walk, squeezing in between people among the sea of bodies. The lady cursed under her breath and tried to navigate the chaotic scene. 

© 2021 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Written for with permission from the Author, Red Wolf. If you are not reading this from, then this original novel has been posted without the permission of the author.

McCain slowly took out the syringe and pretended to trip over a young businessman, making him fall over, while jamming the needle momentarily into his neck.

“Sorry, about that.” he improvised. “Clumsy feet.” 

He helped the innocent bystander up and walked away, picking up the pace to avoid being caught. Within minutes, his victim collapsed, sending everyone nearby into a frenzy. As people rushed over to his aid, McCain found it easier to move. 

“Shit.” the lady hissed under her breath; she realised what McCain had played, and was furious at having fallen into his trap. 

McCain slipped into another alley, this one filthier and with large garbage containers. He slowly picked up the pace, jogging as if trying to avoid someone on the main streets. All of a sudden, a black van came to a screeching halt in his face. The door slid open, and a lone soldier with an assault rifle fired a tranquiliser dart into McCain’s chest, sending him flying. As the world around him began to grow dim, McCain remembered two pairs of feet approaching his near-lifeless body, hoisting him up and throwing him into the van before closing the door.

“We have the asset.” one of the soldiers spoke into a radio. “We’re on our way back to the safehouse.”

McCain remembered the helicopter and those soldiers, as if by experience of deja vu. His eyes struggled to stay open under the heavy influence of the sedative.

Then, everything went black. 

Original Novel by Red Wolf



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