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Chapter 5 – Castle in the Time (Time City) 时光之城 by 皎皎 Jiao Jiao

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Chapter 5:

I ran back to Principle Luo’s home at the fastest speed. And shared everything I saw. I shared the whole incident. Principle Luo was surprised and immediately organised the teacher and the security guard to check the swimming pool. As a result, a large number of people hurried to check but they were empty.

Not to mention about human, you can’t even see one ghost shadow, traces of tobacco and alcohol, beach chairs, nothing. The pool is calm and without any waves. My cell phone that was thrown to the bottom of the pool was gone as if the ridiculous scene just now only existed in my imagination.

Lin Jin Xiu just dragged me on and got the opportunity to clean up the scene, leaving me as the only witness. In order to give me an explanation, Principle Luo still ordered to investigate quietly. Everyone I saw said that they were not in the swimming pool that night, it was just my imagination. In the absence of physical evidence, my words were not convincing.

I insist there must be physical evidence!

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Principle Luo touched my head and said: ‘I know you will not lie. But this is the end of this incident.’

As the principal, he naturally had a lot of concerns. So, the swimming pool incident happened in a quiet way and quietly gone.

But I have never been a rebellious person. That breath was locked in my chest and I couldn’t help it. Although in the face of Principle Luo, I didn’t mention the swimming pool incident, but I was not afraid of Lin Jin Xiu.

A few days later, I found a new mobile phone in my drawer. As soon as I saw what he sent, I felt a wave of nausea. I rushed into this classroom and threw the phone in front of him.

‘I don’t want your things!’

Most people in the classroom were watching me while holding their breath.

Lin Jin Xiu was not angry. In fact, he even smiled and said: ‘Xu Zhen, how much do you like me? In the end, just to meet me, did you actually smash your phone?’

Half of the classmates were laughing. I blushed and felt very insulted.

So, I stared at Lin Jin Xiu for half a year, looking for problems with him, opposing his opinions in various projects. Omnipotently spurring him until he went to college. He is a complete two-faced in school. Totally different in front of people and in front of me. For example, I tried to share Lin Jin Xiu’s scum, but I only got ridicule from my classmates. No one would believe me. In the people’s eyes, he is just too perfect. In my eyes, he is perfect in appearance with a darker side in his heart.

It was only later that I discovered that I challenged an impossible task. In this middle school, the recognition of status is incomparably clear. There are about 50 various societies in the school, all of which are highly ranked.

There is no doubt that Lin Jin Xiu is the king in this strict hierarchy.

He wants to embarrass me; it is just a gesture. He doesn’t even need to come forward.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I couldn’t do anything in school. Someone always comes to embarrass me. When I was forced to a dead end, he appeared as a hero to save beauty and spared no effort to help me. Whenever I refused his help with disgust, he looked in front of others sadly said: ‘I like Xu Zhen so much. But unfortunately, she doesn’t appreciate it. I always feel that I am a playboy, probably because of this reason, so she hurt me back.’ When there are only 2 of us, he would change his appearance as a handsome and force me to a place where there is nowhere to hide before shrugging: ‘You have seen even the worst of me. So, I don’t have to pretend in front of you. You just play with me until graduation.’

Unfortunately, although I know his true face, others do not know. For this reason, the amount of scolding I received for the constants battles was terrible for half a year before he graduates. Not only did I had to enduce the mockery of Lin Jin Xiu but also tolerate the censure of his friends. I was regarded as the public enemy by the schoolgirls.

Half a year later, he and his gang finally set off to college one after another. I was finally relieved from his terrible magic. I was content to live a normal high school life for the next two years.

Then two years later…..

I was admitted to the Department of Economics in Jinghai University. I met him again at the university. He is still the perfect noble son and top student Lin Jin Xiu. With a single wave of his finger, he can kill all directions and be invincible. And I am still his focus of torture.

Everything repeats again!

At the freshman exchange meeting, he used the inviolable seniority, reasonable requirements and handsome smile to make me go to his office to get a camera but then camera was not obtained. The others actually shut me in an empty room. When the misunderstanding was clarified, it was more than half of the night.

Lin Jin Xiu opened the door to release me. In front of me, he gave the leading boy a slap in the face. And let everyone present regardless of gender apologies to me one after another. At that time, I was so tired, I couldn’t even speak.

I don’t know how much he had played in this incident. I don’t know the truth behind it, and I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyway, the amount of issues that he has given me really impressed me!

I wasn’t the Xu Zhen who stupidly bumped into the wall two or three years ago anymore. I already knew the truth of ‘eating a glimpse of a long and a wise man’ and I knew very well that Lin Jin Xiu must not be against at any scale.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I was really scared of him. When I saw him from afar, I would detoured.  When I had to meet him, I would never take the initiative to conflict with him except for the issue of principle. Fortunately, he spent the time studying at an equally well-known business school abroad, so I no longer have to see him.

3 years later, as I enter my senior year, I saw him again just a few weeks ago. He ended his exchange student program and returned to China. While I had just buried my father and was looking for a part-time job everywhere non-stop.

Although I came from a first-class university with a first-class major, but because I studied economics at a very basic level, there is no position specifically set up for economics in society. According to my teachers, “economics are a starting point for learning”. Talking about part-time jobs, I have to look at the opportunities and have little relationship with the profession. Of course, I can do a lot of work, such as some design planning projects, research and analysis etc…. but either the time is too long, or the salary does not satisfy me.

Lin Jin Xiu appeared at this time and said that he heard about my family situation. He said that he could introduce me to a job.

At that time, I was tired and was sitting in the school garden to rest. In the hot summer, I ran for a whole day and took 3 or 4 interviews. Everyone has to lose a layer of skin.

Although I knew that the senior Lin Jin Xiu had always been bullying me, but he did not care so much at that time. Not thinking too much about his initiative, I nodded and said that I would go for an interview.

Now, it has been a month since I am in this restaurant. But I still don’t know the reason why Lin Jin Xiu offered to help me. But in terms of his personality, I am afraid it won’t be so simple as to do me a favor.

I was standing not far from them, ready to pour red wine at any time. Lin Jin XIu talked to the girl who was a little shy at first. After a glass of red wine, her shyness was completely disintegrated, and she began to talk with blush on her face. She talked about everything from heaven to earth, from clothes to study. It seems that all the words in a lifetime were spoken out today. Lin Jin Xiu listened quietly, holding his head in one hand while smile warmly.

The dinner date for the 2 of them finally came to an end. When I was standing beside them, Lin Jin Xiu waved to me again and ask for the bill.

That moment, I was so moved that my tears were coming down.

Lin Jin Xiu looked around the empty restaurant and looked at the watch on his wrist again. He slowly wiped his hands with a towel. He slowly said: ‘It seems that we are the last table guest.’

You were the last table of guest since half an hour ago! I scolded hypocrite in my heart, with a stiff smile on my face while saying: ‘The restaurant is closed at half past ten. The time have exceeded the closing time.’

‘Then you can get off work already?’


‘I remember that you stay in school?’

I didn’t understand why he is asking these questions that were so confusing, but I replied ‘Yes.’

‘Now go and change clothes,’ he said. ‘I will send you back to school.’

I was dumbfounded. Le Yu sitting opposite of him was also dumbfounded. He and his date just finished movie and ate an expensive dinner. Now, it is time to send the girl home. At this time, he suddenly proposed to send me back to school. It is a completed the same as the old drama, and once again pulled me into a complicated love triangle drama.

‘No need, senior.’ I looked at Le Yu from the corner of my eyes and said sincerely: ‘If there is something, we discuss them tomorrow.’

‘I will send Le Yu first and then you.’ He raised a gaze, not caring what I said at all. ‘My car is in the parking lot outside. Come over when you are done.’

This person is still the same, he never asks for opinions after he gets his attention. I dare not provoke him, so I must bear it.

I was afraid that Lin Jin Xiu had waited for too long. I returned to the lounge. I quickly removed my makeup and changed my clothes. I hurried to the boys lounge to greet Shen Qin Yan and hurriedly left.

I had sat in Lin Jin Xiu’s car once a long time ago. At that time, there were 3 or 4 classmates in the car, and it was very lively. We talk loudly and laughed. Now, the situation is completely different from the previous one. He is still sitting in the driver’s seat; Le Yu is sitting in the back seat. I hesitated for a moment and naturally went to pull the rear seat door.

The front door opens automatically, and he glanced back at me. ‘I am not your driver. Sit in front.’

He let Le Yu sit in the back seat while letting me sit beside him. This kind of ‘chess piece’ of being controlled by Lin Jin Xiu gave me mixed feelings. In the past 2 years, Lin Jin Xiu have become more and more unpredictable.

Lin Jin Xiu’s car was not the same one that he drove back in college. It had been replaced by another luxury model. The car is so quiet that even the sound of the engine is total silence. The car was driving smoothly on the road. I saw through the rearview mirror the look of ‘husband being robbed’ eyes from Leyu starring at me. After all, it was me who ruined her beautiful date night. She would not complain to Lin Jin Xiu. So, she gritted her teeth and all her unhappiness had to come at me. I never knew that a young girl having such vicious expression. I could just feel it on my back. This embarrassment is terrible. How am I able to take it?

No one spoke in the car. I didn’t say anything. Le Yu didn’t speak. Lin Jin Xiu just drove and kept quiet. I glanced at his profile quietly but was caught by him.

I was shocked. He looked at me with a smile. The car came to a sudden brake and after a soft ‘G’ sound, he stopped by the roadside.

He turned back. ‘We are here. Le Yu, thank you for staying with me tonight.’

‘No, Mr. Lin. I thank you. You are so nice… really.’ Le Yu said quickly. ‘Then, I…. I get off the car.’

Lin Jin Xiu said softly, ‘Okay. Good night.’

I looked at him, the emotions in my heart were really complicated. I have to admit that Lin Jin Xiu is very charming when he is gentle and considerate. The reason why there are countless women who go forward and fall into his arms. In addition to being deceived by his golden and splendid appearance, another important reason is that he is very gentle.

Gentle and considerate. This kind of sign that belongs to a good man requires a lot of time to practice. Every time someone around him changes, he continues to seem perfect.

Of course, Lin Jin Xiu has never promised anyone. As long as he put in the effort on anyone, they will not refuse him. He will take care of them, watch movie, send flowers, give gifts, shop for clothes and dine together. Even if he abandoned them, they would rather hide alone and shed tears, feeling that they are not worthy of him. This is also the reason why the opposite sex around him are easily replaceable.

There was a Le Yu before. I felt the atmosphere in the car was so embarrassing that I felt like dying. When she got off the car, I returned to normal with Lin Jin Xiu. I coughed and found a topic of conversation, ‘Are you familiar with Le Yu?’

Lin Jin Xiu started the car, ‘I am totally unfamiliar. We only met today.’

‘Today?’ I asked.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

I have known Lin Jin Xiu for a long time. I am aware of his lethality against the opposite sex. I didn’t know how to express emotion in a thousand words. I had to say, ‘It looks like she is very young.’

‘It seems like to be a middle school student.’

Seems like middle school student! My eyelids jumped suddenly.

‘Why are you so nervous? I won’t deal with underage girls anyway. But I think she is cute and sings well, so just ask her to have a meal.’ Lin Jin Xiu gave me a funny look, ‘Are you jealous?’

Although he and I have never been in real conflict with each other, but after so many years of fighting, he understands the mind of the other party. I pretended not to hear the 2nd half of the sentence, slowly brewing the emotion. Thanking him for introducing to me this part-time job. Although it takes a certain amount of courage to thank him, I have always had a clear conscience.

‘I have gained a lot.’ He replied calmly. ‘For example, I can finally see you wearing a maid costume, and it really suits you just as I had imagined.’

My face twitched. He is really consistence these years.

When I first entered university, there was an event in the department. After the event, there was a simple tea party. At that time, the President of the Association was Lin Jin Xiu. The head of the school suddenly wondered if it was meaningful for us waitress to wear costume. Very exaggerated maid costume. As one of the organizers, I strongly objected. Lin Jin Xiu was quite unhappy and threw me some words, ‘I will let you put on a maid costume someday’ while I answered, ‘Definitely not’. I then turned around and left. When there is no way to reverse the trend, you can always turn around and take care of yourself.

And the Italian restaurant where I am working now, the girls’ uniform is a black and white maid costume. The material is very exquisite and fashionable which completely exposes the essence of some people in the society.

I exhaled, ‘No wonder. You like to come to Manro to eat. To see the maid costume’

‘No’ Lin Jin Xiu never concealed anything in front of me. He laughed out loud, like a fox with plenty of food and drink. ‘I just like to watch you wear a maid costume. You don’t give in to anyone. People, after putting on the maid costume, they suddenly become obedient. And bowed their heads to the guests in a low voice. Very interesting.’

‘You just introduced me to part-time job at Manro just to see me wearing a maid costume?’

He turned his head and smiled staring into my eyes, ‘Do you think there is another reason?’

I am baffled. That’s right. As long as he is willing, he can introduce me to other jobs. And he must choose Manro. God knows why I still wanted to thank him before.

‘After all, you should wear a little light makeup all the time’ Lin Jin Xiu slowed down, ‘The look is not very good after removing makeup.’

How can my look get better? It had been really hard for me to take care of my father whom were in bed for nearly a year. And I am too busy with job to make money.

‘I am not good looking. Really hinders your eyes.’ I spit out the sentence with sarcasm.

He was not angry. The smile on his face brighten. ‘Have the strength to fight with me? Not bad. Now, this is more like you from the past. I felt so spirited at anytime and anywhere. It seems that my mood has recovered a lot.’

‘People must live a life. And people and things in the past cannot be recovered.’

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lin Jin Xiu nodded slightly. ‘Its like the Xu Zhen that I know. Persevering, hard to give up.’ He rarely said anything good about me. I raised my ears in surprise until I heard the 2nd half of the sentence. ‘Its like not killing Xiao Qiang, the spring wind blows again.’

The first thought that came to my mind at that time was to bend over, take off my shoes and fan the soles towards his face. The next second, I remembered the credo of my life: “True love for life, stay away from Lin Jin Xiu.” So, just like hundreds and thousands of time before, I lived up to it.

I think, it one says that one hundred toleration can make money, I must have been a billionaire now.



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