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Chapter 63.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

We are now at the 2nd last chapter of this novel. It has indeed been a long journey. I cannot thank you everyone enough for the patience while you wait for the upload of each chapter. I know that there are times were I have gone offline for months but many of you still lurked around waiting with upmost patience. 

So, would Yan Ru Yu and his brothers be able to solve the mystery and find Lan Ning the bride soon? Interesting read today while the groom try to resolve the mystery and locate his bride. Happy Reading!

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Chapter 63.1:

‘Yes!’ Shíjiǔ Zāi and Mu Bai whispered, high-fiving in celebration. ‘Look for tips on the computer.’

However, it is disappointing. When the computer is turned on, it is an ordinary desktop. Even the background is the one that comes with the system.

‘I thought there would be a video or even an opened file. Waste of the excitement.’ Mu Bai sighed.

Yan Ru Yu carefully swept over the icons on the desktop, hoping to find any clues. Shíjiǔ Zāi is also looking at the icons on the desktop, frowning lightly as he thinks: ‘The icons on the desktop are normal. The system time is right…. Look at the files she recently browsed.’

‘This is what I was planning to do.’ When Yan Ru yu said this, he opened the folder with the mouse. One of the files Lan Ning recently browsed was word document. When he opened it, he looked at it. Looks like normal manuscript. There are several pictures under the word, which are also the first drafts of the design of the cover of the novel.

Shíjiǔ Zāi could not help but sighed. ‘Your wife is really dedicated. She is still working on the eve of her wedding.’

Mu Bai said: ‘Would it be related to these manuscripts or covers?’

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‘Probably not. These novels and covers are unpublished. It is inappropriate to hide clues.’ Yan Ru Yu minimised the folder and opened the browser to check the history.

The top one was past nine o’clock last night. The ten best places for honeymoon.

Shíjiǔ Zāi smiled and patted the shoulders of Yan Ru Yu. ‘Hurry up, write down these ten places and take her one by one.’

Yan Ru Yu ignored him, just clicked on the website links and looked at it. Almost all the ten places summarised there are abroad. Lan Ning couldn’t be there. He looked and dropped it.

‘There are ten most worthwhile places in City A below. Farm in the desert.’ Mu Bai pointed to the screen. ‘She may be in one of them.’

Shíjiǔ Zāi frowned. ‘This range is a big. Even if we all go out looking for it, it would be too late.’ He blinked and said: ‘or you can call her directly.’

‘Hum…. Her phone is with us.’ Dai Qing held Lan Ning’s phone in her hand and shook it in front of them.

‘Hmmmmm’ Shíjiǔ Zāi turned around with disappointment and pressed twice on the keyboard. ‘Let’s see if there are any other tips. The bridge should not play too much.’

The following are some miscellaneous forums, or else it is Weibo or some TV series.

‘Ah!’ Shíjiǔ Zāi suddenly cried out.

Mu Bai and Yan Ru Yu both turned to look at him, as if waiting for his new discovery. Shíjiǔ Zāi shouted: ‘My wife is also chasing this TV series.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He turned his head again to look at the history and then his eyes moved slightly. ‘I know where she is.’

Shíjiǔ Zāi: ‘What are the ten places listed?’

‘These ten places were deliverately misleading us.’ He turned away without further explanation. ‘I am going to find her now.’

Shíjiǔ Zāi got stunned. ‘Are you going alone? Then, we will go to the hotel to help you entertain your guests.’


‘Are the parents of the bride with your father?’

‘Yes, with my uncle’s side of the family. I am almost there at the hotel now.’

Shíjiǔ Zāi nodded. ‘Then you drive the car. Remember to pay attention to time. Please contact us if you have any questions.’

‘Um’ Yan Ru Yu took the car key and went downstairs.

Because it is a wedding car, the front cover is also decorated with dried flowers and ribbons. Yan Ru Yu drove the car directly out without removing them.

Lan Ning was sitting on a small hill while admiring the scenery under the mountain. The weather in October is not too cold but her wedding dress is too thin. She still feels the chills sitting on the mountain.

She rubbed her arm with the palm of her hand and whispered, ‘Why isn’t Teacher here yet…. Won’t he really cannot find her….’

She shouldn’t have listen to the bridesmaids who are creating chaos with the games to play. If Yan Ru Yu really cannot find her and delay the wedding banquet time, what can she do?

Hmmmm….. wait another ten minutes. If Teacher still haven’t’ come over yet, she will need to find a passerby to lend her cell phone to call him.

As soon as Lan Ning thought about it, she heard someone calling behind her: ‘Lan Ning’

Lan Ning’s eyes lightened slight. She couldn’t hear it wrongly. It is Yan Ru Yu.

She turned around and see the man in a suit, finally relieved. ‘You are finally here. I don’t know how it will end if you don’t come.’

Yan Ru Yu couldn’t help but chuckled and went to her. He sat down: ‘Why did you allow them to play this game?’

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning flattened her mouth and said: ‘Everyone said that we are getting married too fast! They said, they cannot let you marry your wife so easily, so I have to make it difficult for you!’

Yan Ru Yu frowned slightly: ‘Are we getting married too quickly? Have they considered my feelings when they say this?’

‘Well.’ Lan Ning grinned and then suddenly sneezed.

With a frown, Yan Ru Yu took off his suit jacket and put it on her. ‘It is not good to be here in the mountain. What should I do if you catch a cold?’

Lan Ning rubbed her nose and looked at him with a slight curved eye: ‘How did you managed to find me here?’

Yan Ru Yu gently raised his eyebrows and looked at the shoes on her feet. ‘I saw that you bought a pair of sneakers online. Which is the pair that you are wearing now. When we went to the gym last time, you mentioned that your shoes are new. I don’t think you will buy another pair so soon. So, this should be the clue that you left for me.’

Lan Ning blinked: ‘Even if I buy a pair of sneakers, it does not mean that I would be here.’

‘Buy sneakers, indicated that the place you are going is not suitable for wearing high heels. Then, it is most likely that it will be used to climb mountain. And there is one more point…..’ Yan Ru Yu bent over and picked up the ‘Countdown’ in her hand. ‘In this book, the male and female protagonists here have known each other on the mountain.’



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