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Chapter 62.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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Chapter 62.1:

Finding a house is a very troublesome task. Not only have to consider the distance from the company, but also the level of the rental. Even if you are satisfied with both conditions, you may also not like the house itself.

Apple had a headache. But after listening to Lan Ning’s words, it seems that there are hope: ‘Would I be sharing with you?’

‘No’ Lan Ning shook her head. ‘I may be moving out after a while. You can just move in. It is not far from the company. Most importantly, the landlord is nice, and the rent is low!’

This is certainly tempting in the eyes of those who needs to rent a house. But Apple still keenly grasps the point: ‘Why do you want to move? A good house like this would not be a reason why one will move unless…..’ Apple whispered…. Covering her mouth… ‘Ah! Do you want to change jobs?’

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When one change jobs, the possibility of moving to a new house is very high!

‘No…’ Lan Ning smiled, not knowing how to explain to her. ‘I just want to move to another place but maybe only next month.’

‘Ah, this is not an issue. The landlord has rented the house to me till next month.’

‘That’s fine then.’

But Apple still didn’t give up: ‘But why do you want to move out?’

‘Uh… I will tell you later’

Apple: ‘…..’

Is it so mysterious now?

Lan Ning helped Qu Tong find the next tenant. While Yan Ru Yu start to prepare for the wedding. Because all the manuscripts have been submitted, so he has a lot of time on hand to concentrate on this matter.

Although National Day is the peak of wedding banquets, Yan Ru Yu still managed to reserve the hotel. After the time was set, he printed non-stop wedding invitation and choose the wedding dress.

Lan Ning was ashamed. She seems to have nothing to do.

‘You just need to be on time for the wedding.’ Yan Ru Yu said to her.

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After a hard day at work on a Friday, Lan Ning went straight to Yan Ru Yu’s home after work thinking of helping him to prepare for the wedding during the weekend.

Yan Ru Yu have greetings have been printed. All piled up in the living room, waiting for them to write their names and address.

‘This thing can only be done by you. Your writing is looks better.’ Lan Ning smiles and left the task of filing up the wedding invitation to Yan Ru Yu. Yan Ru Yu is not discouraged. He passed the printed guest list to Lan Ning as asked her to check again.

Lan Ning was eating fruits while checking the list. After looking at it for a while, she couldn’t help laughing. ‘Teacher, why are your friends so few, eh?’

She put down the fruit in her hand and pointed with her fingertips. Gently tab on the paper, ‘I count, one two three four five…. And all of them are author.’

Yan Ru Yu sitting next to her looked up at her silently.

Lan Ning was even more amused: ‘Teacher, just write, I have a few friends for your next book…. Hahahahaha.’

Yan Ru Yu picked up the pen on the table and said indifferently: ‘There is no need to invite so many people.’

Lan Ning leaned over and asked tentatively: ‘Are you angry?’


Lan Ning blinked: ‘Not inviting your classmates?’

© 2020 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘Do you think I still have contact with them?’

‘Oh…’ Lan Ning thoughtfully said: ‘After all, when their names became the dead in your pen, no one wants to contact you.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

Successfully teasing him, Lan Ning covered her mouth and laughed beside him. Yan Ru Yu look at the guest table in front of him with a frown saying: ‘It’s almost all your friends and relatives. You will be responsible for the seat arrangement. And remember to confirm with them if they can come or not.’

‘Oh.’ Lan Ning smiled and nodded. She wanted to send a message to her circle of friends to officially announced that she will be getting married. She is not able to find her mobile phone everywhere. She poked Yan Ru Yu and said: ‘I can’t find my mobile phone. Can you call me?’

Yan Ru Yu’s phone is on the table. He took it and dialed Lan Ning’s phone. A moment later, the sound of the ringing came from his feet. The sound sounded humming.

Yan Ru Yu lifted a pillow beside his feet. Below, they found Lan Ning’s mobile phone.

Three big characters were on the screen which was particularly conspicuous.

言狗蛋 (Yán gǒu dàn ) which also mean Speaking Dog



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