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C-Drama Review : Go Go Squid ( 亲爱的,热爱的)

It has been a while since any drama has caught my attention, the anticipation of each episode as it was released. After much anticipated wait since the announcement of one of my favourite novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao will be adapted into drama, I have been waiting eagerly for the release of the drama.

Go Go Squid is the drama adaption from the sweet short romance story written by Mo Bao Fei BaoStewed Squid With Honey (Go Go Squid!) 蜜汁炖鱿鱼. This is the story of Tong Nian, a popular online singer whom fell in love at first sight when Gun (a retired legend in the online gamer) walked into the internet cafe where she was managing one night. This is the story of 2 equally popular individual in their respective areas, step by step slowly walking into each other’s world. A sweet novel that I had enjoyed reading over and over again.

In the drama version where Mo Bao Fei Bao is also the screenwriter, the story is an extended version of the novel. While the storyline of the drama followed closely with the novel version, there were more focus the feelings of Han Shangyan (Gun), acted by Li Xian (李現) a popular actor towards Tong Nian and also those close friends surrounding them.

Go Go Squid is a cute romance between Tong Nian acted by a popular actress, Yang Zi (杨紫), an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy whom was a genius and a legend in E-Sport (the world of professional gaming). This is a story of how her unique personality and her persistent ways that finally catches his attention.

Also known as one of the most popular C-Drama of 2019 (at least in my perspective), this is one of the most popular drama that has a high ranking since the release of the drama early July 2019.

What I like about this drama:

Han Shangyan, acted by Li Xian (李現) : Comparing against the character in the novel, Han Shangyan in the drama is more expressive although he started of being very cool and unfriendly. During the part where he was ‘forced’ by Tong Nian’s mother to break up with Tong Nian, he was quietly watching her from afar while his heart was slowly breaking from missing her.

Nian Nian & Gun sad moment

When they got back together again, he tried his level best to improve himself. He was afraid of losing her while trying hard to maintain still his cool look. I love the part where he realised the danger of having Tong Nian being pursued by her senior, and he tried his level best to intercept. Go Go Squid Video

I love the interaction that he has with his beloved Grandfather. He was cold and showed how much he does not care when he actually cared a lot for the Grandfather.

The part where he worked hard to move Tong Nian’s parents’ opinion about him and convinced them to let him take good care of Tong Nian, it was so touching. He is not selfish as he wanted Tong Nian to be herself instead of always accommodating him.


Tong Nian, acted by Yang Zi (杨紫) : She is very persistent and never swayed about her feelings for Han Shangyan. She accommodated him a lot.

I love her interaction with the K&K team boys especially 97 and Demo. Both of these young adorable and loving boys are always around her whenever she is in the club even from the start.

The interaction between Tong Nian and Grunt at the start of the show was so funny with their misunderstanding.

K & K team : The relationship between the boys in the team are very funny and close. They are always looking out for each other and caring for each other in their own ways. The support and encouragement that they give each other are heart-warming.

I especially love the relationship between 97 and Han Shangyan (Gun). Yes, 97 worship Gun but at the same time, he was there for Gun whenever he knows that Gun is lonely and down. He may not be able to help him much but sometimes, just simply being there for him listening or trying to encourage him to talk is indeed very touching.

97, acted by Marcus Li (李明德) is always the one whom have the quickest update on Sister-In-Law, Tong Nian. He is quirky and funny most of the time.

97 and Gun

Demo is a cute and innocent young boy. Yu Chen En (余承恩) indeed a made that character loving and memorable. Some of his innocent questions were indeed hilarious. Truly live up to his character as the baby of the team.

Grunt, acted by Wen Yi Fan (文苡帆) certainly does not look his real age. He is always the more aggressive one among the boys although he is also one that accept reality very quickly.


One, acted by Xu Le Wei (许乐骁) maybe is the more quiet one within the group. When he realised that he had to pull out of the main team competing, he was a little upset. But he quickly accepted the fact and pulled himself up. This of course comes with the encouragement from Gun. That is definitely not easy character to pull off and he did it well.


DT / Xiao Bai, acted by Hu Yi Tian (胡一天) is one of the more popular actor within this group of boys / guys that are not very popular still even in the C-Drama world. He has much more credit and dramas to his name with at least 4 other dramas where he had played the male lead.

The team-leader of the K&K team, he has a quiet character. He loves and support his brother, Han Shangyan a lot. He stay true to his heart with Ai Ching / Appledog, his goddess from the team Solo. I love it how, he coolly mentioned over the dinner in the earlier episode that Tong Nian seems to be his brother’s girlfriend…. it was indeed funny. And how he was unwilling and yet still willing to loan money to his brother, when he wanted to borrow money.

Friendship: Go Go Squid is one drama where strong friendship are the key to the various relationship they have. Team Solo may have disband while Gun and Solo started off early in the drama not in talking terms. It was mainly Gun whom refused to acknowledge Solo while Solo was quietly behind him the whole time. When they finally sorted it out, the relationship between Solo acted by Li Ze Feng (李澤鋒), Gun, Appledog acted by Wang Zhen Er (王真儿), All acted by Chen Xi Jun (陈希郡) and Xiao Mi acted by Lee Hong Chi (李鴻其) were as strong if not stronger as before they disband. Although they were indirectly competitors against each other, they have one common goal, the win for China in the International League.

Team Solo

While, Tong Nian with her friendship with Sun Ya Ya, acted by Jiang Pei Yao (姜珮瑶) and Lan Mei, acted by Shi Qing Yan (史卿妍) were touching. Both girls were always there for Tong Nian when she needed a friend and a shoulder to cry on.

Xiao Mi & Ya Ya : I love the relationship between these 2 lovely and cute individual. Both are the best buddies of both Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. I like how this drama also focus on both of them, making them into a lovely couple. What started as an infatuation of Ya Ya to Xiao Mi to how they got to know each other and then slowly falling in love. Both Lee Hong Chi (李鴻其) and Jiang Pei Yao (姜珮瑶) had played their role very well. My favourite part is where Xiao Mi sat behind Ya Ya in the lecture hall, and tapping on her shoulder. When she turn around in annoyance, to her shocked to see someone whom she had idolised for so many years sitting right in front of her.

Ya Ya & Xiao Mi

Of course, in any drama, there are always sweet moments between the OTP. Sharing below some of the beautiful images of them together that was found online.

And of course, cannot miss the sweetest moments…

There were many funny and also many memorable moments between Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. It was a happy and touching ending. The link below are the link to some of the beautiful moments between them. Enjoy!

Ending clip of Go Go Squid

Sweet moments between Tong Nian and Gun

Sweet Coffee Moments

Proposal but got rejected

Funny moments

Been a while since I last written review on dramas and this is one that has ended up being a long one. This just show how much I had enjoyed both the novel and drama. It if from this drama and novel that I started learning more about E-Sport, narrowing the gap between me and my teens at home whom were very into E-Sport. And from this drama, I have also learned about ACM & CTF.

Highly recommending this drama to those of you whom have not got around watching it. Unfortunately, I do not know of any online link to watch the drama with english subtitle. I did however, end up watching it from our cable TV.




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11 thoughts on “C-Drama Review : Go Go Squid ( 亲爱的,热爱的)

  1. You can watch it on Viki Rakuten, but I’m not sure if you have to subscribe or not, I personally do as I can’t speak mandarin or Japanese or Korean and the have subtitles. Thanks for the review, this drama has also been my guilty pleasure when I should have been working on a project.😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the information sharing about where to watch it. For those region where Viki is not blocked, it is definitely a recommendable site to watch.
      I am rewatching the drama all over again now. Can’t seem to get it out of my system at the moment when like you, should be concentrating at work 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You definitely should watch in viki those instant comments are hilarious.. But for go go squid there was a pay wall nd you could only watch it for free after 20 days..

    Liked by 2 people

      1. They are so hilarious, and they’re on every drama. 😊😊. I have a VPN on my devices so even when we we in Japan it looked like I was in America, so after walking everywhere I would keep up with my C-dramas.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You can watch it in Kissasian or dramacool too.
    If you want to watch it in Viki but it’s unavailable in your area, I suggest use VPN.
    The drama also available in Youtube in their official chanel of Croton Megahit (use VPN if you can’t watch it) as for the subtitle I heard you can enjoy it but you first need to install an add on.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This drama indeed so sweet and I really like the cast. To be honest, I was bit irritated with Li Xian ‘expression’ in the beginning episode but as the story went further I turned to like Li Xian played as Han Shang Yan.

    Xiao Mi and Ya Ya… Ah~ really like this couple ^^ I wish I can watch more scenes of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love the interaction of Ya Ya and Xiao Mi. They were just so cute from the beginning. Especially the part where All wanted to hug Ya Ya when they first met and Xiao Mi pushed him away 🤣🤣
      In fact, I like Li Xian’s cool expression from the beginning as that is what makes him really good looking. And when he slowly open up and started to be a little bit more smiley, those were sweet moments 😍


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