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Chapter 58.2 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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Another 5 chapters to go to the end of this novel after this chapter. Can’t believe that we are almost at the end of the novel already. Soon, we will have to say goodbye to Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu.

As everyone is aware, I no longer can guarantee a regular post. At the same time, I am still pondering if I should continue with online novel translation after completing this novel or should I retreat from online translation community. As much as I love translating and reading the novels, it is getting harder for me to be able to commit the time into getting the novel completed. Anyone wishes to comment?

On the other note, for the remaining 5 chapters. I am taking this opportunity to hear the feedback from all the readers. Would it be better for me to stockpile and complete the 5 chapters before posting them or should I continue to post as I find time to translate even though it would be irregular?

A sweet ending to today’s post. So….. Happy Reading!

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Chapter 58.2:

Bìkōng rú xǐ: Is there anyone here playing ‘The Rivers and Lakes are not good’ game online? What should I do if I forget my account?

Yan Ru Yu laughed. This is the aspiring youth that Lan Ning said? He took a screenshot of this sentence and decided to find a chance to send it to Lan ning. After saving, he knocked in the reply box.

Xing Xin: Just think of it

Bìkōng rú xǐ: ………………

Shíjiǔ zāi: Hahahahaha. Teacher Xing Xin is too much.

Mù bái: There is nothing wrong with it. →_→

Yún qīng: Are you bullying the young fresh meat? Bìkōng rú xǐ don’t cry. Come to my arms…. =3=

Ye Cheng: ‘….’

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He better go and write his manuscript.

When Yan Ru Yu saw that there was no movement from Bìkōng rú xǐ, he poked him separately. ‘I may have to disappear for a while.’

Shíjiǔ zāi: You have a new way to drag the manuscript? [Frightened]

Xing Xin: No, I am planning to retreat.

Shíjiǔ zāi: Hey, don’t scare me. The end of the world has not arrived yet. Don’t play so big.

Xing Xin: I can get married after handing in the manuscript. 😊

Shíjiǔ zāi: …….

Shíjiǔ zāi: You…. The other party really had agreed?

Xing Xin: Speaking about it, my first marriage proposal seems to have been rejected.

Shíjiǔ zāi: …….

Shíjiǔ zāi: Xing Xin, you are confident because you are Xing Xin? 😊 (also sounded like confidence in Chinese)

Xing Xin: It is also related to the value of the face.

Shíjiǔ zāi: 😊

Xing Xin: How did you proposed to your wife?

Shíjiǔ zāi: I am more curious to know, how did you proposed to the someone [laughing cry]

Yan Ru Yu simply described the situation of his proposal. Shíjiǔ zāi only sent a smiley face and a comment: ‘It is good for you to remain as a single dog. Don’t harm the girl.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

He knocked and beat in the dialog box, wanting to ask more about proposal. Before the message was sent out, he saw that the group was full of excitement.

Shíjiǔ zāi: Teacher Xing Xin said that he wants to retreat and write manuscript. The previous bet can now be kept

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

This is the heart of the people 😊

The name of the next book seems to have been choosen.

Yún qīng: I cannot believe that the group leader is so active in writing. Is it the conspiracy of the Great Devil?

Shíjiǔ zāi: You wait. He may lose a heavy weight to you soon 😊

[Shíjiǔ zāi is banned by the leader of this group for 24 hours]

Yún qīng: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Shíjiǔ zāi you also have such a day!

Mù bái: The group leader is crazy. He even bans his own people!

Yún qīng: Xing Xin, there is the ability to banning someone, there is also the skill to sing the song!

Xing Xin: Rest assured. I will definitely sing. But I will not sing it to you. 😊

Yún qīng: !!! Said now… who is the traitor!

Xing Xin: I am coming here this time to tell everyone that I have to retreat for a while. And everyone should not miss me too much.

Yún qīng: Do not explain clearly, you are not allowed to go! ╰_╯

However, Yan Ru Yu ignored it and went offline.

This time retreat, Lan Ning did not have his news for two or three days. When she saw news related to him again, it was a popular news that she saw as she was browsing Weibo before heading to bed.

The film release of ‘The Actor’ will be held tomorrow. And the main actors and Teacher Xing Xin will be at the scene!

Teacher Xing Xin will be on TV!

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Lan Ning bounced up from the bed and dialed to call him. Listening to the beeping sound in the ear, Lan Ning couldn’t wait to be authentic when the phone was finally connected. ‘Teacher, I just saw on Weibo. Are you going to attend the press conference of ‘The Actor’ tomorrow?’

Yan Ru Yu pinched his own eyebrows and tiredly responded: ‘Yeah’ These two days he was originally planning to concentrate on writing his manuscript but in the end, it was all used to modify the script. At the press conference, something that he had never participated in before. But this time, it is the first film of Enron Detective series. The film and television crew attached great importance to it. He as the screenwriter, he had to focus on completing it.

Lan Ning seems to have heard the exhaustion in his voice and her enthusiasm retreated. ‘What happened to you? Tired?’

‘Well, I have been changing the screenplay. Both the film and television crew were rushing me’

‘Oh yes, they definitely want to get it completed early. So many viewers and fans are waiting.’

Yan Ru Yu sighed softly: ‘But I have no time and energy to write the manuscript.’ It it is not because of the eagerness to complete the new book, he would not be so depressed having to change the script.

When Lan Ning listened to his words, she was initially surprised and then smirked before saying: ‘It’s ok. The manuscript is not urgent. Hehe’

‘Oh!’ Yan Ru Yu gentle raised his eyebrows. ‘I hope you can say this after we get married.’

Lan Ning: ‘….’

What do you mean? He thought he could drag the manuscript after he got married? Too naïve. She will not let him onto the bed after marriage!

No, who said that I want to marry him!

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

She licked her lips and coughed: ‘Have you had dinner?’

‘Eaten a bit. But now seems to be hungry again.’

‘Well….’ Lan Ning’s mouth tilted slightly. ‘Then I will bring you some food to eat.’

‘Good’ Yan Yu Ru said with a smile.

After Lan Ning hangs up the phone, she went searching for something to eat from the refrigerator. She put them into the lunch box that she usually brings to work and went over to Yan Ru Yu.

Just a few minutes after, she stood at the door of Yan Ru Yu.

Don’t know if it was because they have not seen each other for a few days. Now, suddenly seeing him, she is a little nervous. Don’t know even where to put her hands.

Yan Ru Yu step aside to let her into the house. Lan Ning changed her slippers and went into the kitchen to heat up the food.

‘What is this?’ Yan Ru Yu followed her and looked at the dishes in the lunch box.

‘Sausage fried rice cakes. They are made by my mother.’ She sometimes like to be lazy with her home cooking. Sausage fried rice cake is convenient and delivious is usually her first choice.

Putting the dish into the microwave and adjusting the time. She turned to look at Yan Ru Yu.

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Her heart seems to be beating a little faster. Lan Ning staggered in his eyes and said: ‘Why are you always looking at me?’

‘Because you are beautiful.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

Is this praising her? It is true that distance brings the heart closer. Used to be with him every day, never see him praising her.

The gaze of Yan Ru Yu is not enthusiastic but cannot be ignored. Lan Ning reddened. She suddenly heard him asking: ‘Can I kiss you?’

Lan Ning: ‘….’

Don’t ask such a shameless question like this, Teacher!

Without waiting for Lan Ning’s answer, Yan Ru Yu continued: ‘It’s what you said, falling in love is to hold hands and kissing.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

Her eyes flashed slightly. She quickly got her emotion intact and kissed Yan Ru Yu on the lips lightly.



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