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Chapter 54.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great start of the year. January seems not to be too busy of a month for me for now at work. Finally, able to sit back and take a breather!

An interesting chapter… Yan Ru Yu doing the unexpected for Lan Ning. 

Enjoy the read!

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Chapter 54.1:

Both of them wandered around and then head back before eleven o’clock.

The time they returned, there are a lot of guests whom have come to check in and there were a lot waiting for lunch. Seeing that Lan Ning was busy, he took the initiative to ask: ‘Is there anything I can help?’

Lan Ning said: ‘How can we get Teacher to do these awkward things? You have walked far this morning so much be tired. Go back to your room and rest. I will call you for lunch later.’

Yan Ru Yu disapproved her statement: ‘My physical strength is better than you. You can continue to work, how can I feel tired?’

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Lan Ning: ‘…..’

Is it necessary to argue with her on this kind of thing?

She took a book from the bookshelf and stuffed it into Yan Ru Yu’s hand: ‘Then, you sit on the sofa and read the book. I will pour you a cup of coffee.’

Yan Ru Yu said: ‘I have read this book.’

Lan Ning snorted and said: ‘Then, I will help you change another one.’

‘No need. I have read all the books on this shelf.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

‘But I don’t mind reading it again.’ Yan Ru Yu held the book in his hand and went to sit down on the sofa. Lan Ning poured a cup of coffee for him and continued with her work.

They had their lunch at noon and he went back to the room to rest. In the afternoon, he did not see Lan Ning and asked Sun Yi Meng whom was sitting on the swing on the first floor. ‘Did you see your cousin?’

Originally sleep, Sun Yi Meng woke up immediately after heading the magnetic voice. She blinked and glanced at Yan Ru Yu: ‘Cousin brother-in-law, what did you just ask me?’

Yan Ru Yu said: ‘I cannot find Lan Ning. Do you know where she is?’

‘Oh, you mean my cousin.’ Sun Yi Meng jumped from the swing and stood opposite Yan Ru Yu. ‘Just now, there were a few Japanese tourists that arrived. I was shocked. Cousin could understand Japanes. So, I let her bring them around.’

After clarifying the whereabouts of Lan Ning, Yan Ru Yu was reassured. He slightly decapitated and asked Sun Yi Meng: ‘Where did they go?’

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‘Cousin took them to visit around the area. They will be back before dinner.’

Yan Ru Yu looked at the scorching sun outside and rubbed his brows.

Sun Yi Meng was afraid that Yan Ru Yu is bored. She suggested to him: ‘Did you go to the river this morning? It is very cooling there and you can also do fishing there.’

Yan Ru Yu thought for a while and said: ‘We go with your cousin another day. I don’t want to go alone.’

‘Oh….’ Sun Yi Meng responded thoughtfully. She looked at Yan Ru Yu and asked tentatively. ‘Cousin brother-in-law, I will ask you casually. You and my cousin, both of you have not really started a serious relationship?’

Talking about it with Yan Ru Yu, she suddenly become nervous. ‘I don’t mean anything else. I just thought that if you still have not gotten to that stage, maybe I can help you. After all, I also hope that my cousin can find her other half soon and married off well.’

Yan Ru Yu asked: ‘What proposal do you have?’

‘Well…..’ Sun Yi Meng pondered for a while. ‘Girl. Send something she likes, and she will be happy. Ah yes, when my cousin and I were catching crabs by the river, I saw a beautiful kind of flower. I cannot name it, but the flower is really beautiful. Cousin likes it. She picks it up and turn it into bookmark.’

Sun Yi Meng said while rimmaging through the drawer: ‘She did a few at the time and gave me one. I remember it was here…..’ She said to herself. Finally, from a book, she withdraws a bookmark. ‘Found it. This is the one!’

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The petals of the bookmarks she had on her hand had already faded. And the whole thing is dried up. It was not very pretty to look at. ‘This is that cousin made for me. The one in this hand is not very pretty. But the fresh flower is very beautiful. You should go and picked them for her. She will definitely be happy.’

Yan Ru Yu whispered and browed…. Running to the river to pick flowers for her…. He is not a student. Who would do this kind of childish thing?

‘This flower is very small and is not easy to find. We also saw it inadvertently.’ Sun Yi Meng took the dried flowers in her hand and continue to give advise to Yan Ru Yu. ‘But it is necessary for you to reflect your heart. I am sure she will be touched. If it is me, I would be touched.’

The eyebrows of Yan Ru Yu moved. Let it be childish!

‘Where is the specific location of the river that you mentioned?’

With the guidance from Sun Yi Meng, Yan Ru Yu embarked on his journey. The hot sun and the noisy buzz outdoor is making him upset. In this hot summer, he should stay in the air-conditioned room to eat watermelon and work on his manuscript.

When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself. Because of a little girl’s words, he has decided to go to the river to pick flowers. Before he, he cannot imagine himself doing this kind of thing.

But Lan Ning would like it. When he thinks about it, he is relieved.

© 2019 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Upon arriving at the river, it became much cooler than when he was on the road. The river is not wide but is very clear. There are many tourists around taking pictures.

Yan Ru Yu bought a bottle of chilled mineral water at the small vendor under the shade of the trees and began to look for the kind of flowers that Sun Yi Meng said. There are many kinds of flowers along the way but the kind that Sun Yi Meng mentioned is not seen. It seems like that it is not easy to find.



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