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Chapter 51.1 – Finding Glowing Beauty in Books (书中自有颜如玉)

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Chapter 51.1:

After Yan Ru Yu finished speaking, Lan Ning was quiet for a while: ‘Teacher….’ She screamed with a dry tone. ‘Where did you learn this sentence from? So …….’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…..’

He staggered at her for a while and coughed: ‘shíjiǔ zāi shared it with me. He said that it was how he caught the heart of his wife.’ In the end, he added: ‘In fact, I also feel that it is difficult to be said out loud. Instead of giving empty talk, Taurus prefers to do it directly.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

She looked at Yan Ru Yu and smiled: ‘Oh, I didn’t expect this from you.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘After all, not everyone is as emotional as you are.’

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Lan Ning: ‘…..’

There is a large open space not far in from of them. Many aunts are dancing there. Lan Ning passed through the gravel path and walked to a tree to start stretching her legs.

Yan Ru Yu came to her side and found an empty position to start his stretching exercises.

Lan Ning watched him dancing to the aerobics music of the square dance. She could not help but smile: ‘Ha ha ha…. Eight square dance gymnastics preparation starting.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘……’

He looked at Lan Ning with a condescending look: ‘Are you that bored?’

Lan Ning changed her leg and raised her eyebrows: ‘You can’t see yourself, so you don’t feel funny.’

Yan Ru Yu stopped moving and pulled her up from the ground. ‘You will know when you jump with me.’

Lan Ning: ‘…….’

She stood in the same place and stopped for a while before the music following the aunties. She started her stretching exercise.

‘Hahaha…’ Yan Ru Yu finally couldn’t help but sneer. ‘It’s a bit funny.’

Lan Ning looked at him: ‘Laugh…. Don’t you are also doing the same?’

The smile of Yan Ru Yu did not completely dissipate and then he started a stretching exercise.

A child walked by them and laughed while dragging his grandmother. ‘Grandma, look. These aunty and uncle are so funny.’

Yan Ru Yu: ‘…….’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning: ‘……..’

When the two of them were far ahead, Lan Ning had not recovered from the internal injuries. Yan Ru Yu is still doing the light exercise and looked at her. ‘The evaluation of the child is still very pertinent. At least he has not used silly to describe you.’

Lan Ning: ‘…….’

She opened her hands and took a deep breath. Then she smiled and said to Yan Ru Yu: ‘You straight men will never get the main point.’

‘So…. What is the point?’

‘I am so arrogant that I was called aunty! Auntie! Which part of me look like an aunty?’

Yan Ru Yu paused: ‘According to the age between you and the child, it is not too much.’

‘Not too much? The cute kid should call me sister!’

‘As long as you are happy.’

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

After the square dance aunt went their separate ways, the morning exercises of Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu also come to an end. Lan Ning fanned herself with her palm and asked Yan Ru Yu: ‘Where are you going?’

‘I want to go back to the hotel. Just cross the bridge in front.’

‘Oh, that’s good.’ Lan Ning said. ‘I will return by the same way. I will contact you at noon about lunch arrangement.’

‘Yeah.’ Yan Ru Yu nodded and ran to the bridge that is not far away.

Lan Ning took a rest in the same place and then turned around and jog back home.

When she got home, she took a shower. After shower, she saw her mother is back from marketing.

‘Ah, Mum. I am going to have lunch appointment with Shen Yun at noon today. You don’t have to cook my lunch.’ She tied up her hair while standing at the door of the kitchen looking at her mum.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Lan Ning’s mother is a little surprised. She put the stuff on the table and looked back at her. ‘You and Shen Yun? You still decided to develop with him?’

She had thought that since she had brought Yan Ru Yu home, this matter means at least 70% or 80% confirmed. Who knows that within a day after Yan Ru Yu returned to the city, the plot turned. She can’t keep up.

Lan Ning pulled her mouth and said: ‘Teacher is also going.’

Lan Ning’s mother opened her mouth in surprise: ‘Three of you together?’


Lan Ning’s mother nodded silently with her big eyes.

Lan Ning: ‘…..’

Just looking at her eyes, she knows how her heart is now playing a big show.

‘But isn’t Mr Yan gone back to the city?’ Lan Ning’s mother suddenly asked.

Lan Ning replied: ‘Oh. He did not manage to get the ticket yesterday. So he stayed behind.’

‘Oh….’ Lan Ning’s mother said with a deep voice, pulling Lan Ning’s hand. ‘This meal must eat to the heart content and well.’

Lan Ning: ‘….’

Because it may be the last meal, isn’t it?

She happily shook her mother’s hand and returned to the room to read the manuscript.



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