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Chapter 39.2 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

We continued with Yifan’s thoughts over the past experience / memories with Xiao Bei.

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Guan Xiao Bei caused huge losses to the company. At a loss of what to do, she wander around the hallway. He suddenly had an impulse to embraced her into his arms and tell her ‘Do not be afraid’, just like how Jiu Cai fetch a newspaper from somebody else’s home. Holding her and whisper ‘well done’, but he knew he had no reason to do so.

That night, Yifan drove out his sports car from the garage that Boss Ju He lusted for a long time and go straight to his villa. Along the way, Yifan was very nervous. He was afraid of losing her glory beautiful eyes expression forever because of his own reasons, no matter what the price, he wants to retrieve AC and find back her smile.

Boss Ju He is Yifan’s friend, Yifan doesn’t hesitate and go straight to the main topic. Boss Ju He agreed and happily re-sign the contract: ‘Men this lifetime, always make mistakes because of woman, the key point is to give them the opportunity to correct them.’

Yifan said: ‘In this the case, you don’t want the car le ba.’

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Boss Ju He smiles with kindness: ‘To correct the mistakes, always need to pay tuition fees de ma.’

In this way, Yifan used a sports car in exchange for a new contract and a taxis fare —- I’m in a hurry and forgot to bring my wallet —- because of oneself boredom this can considered as paid the bill le.

Although he is the President, but cannot do whatever he wants. Therefore, Yifan clearly wants to retain Guan Xiao Bei in AC, cut pay is not enough de. The most important is, gradually forget about this matter through cold treatment. Of course, Guan Xiao Bei must leave the so-called Special Assistant to President position and back to Legal Department. But when she left this place, it was like she has been banished and lost all her glory le. This feeling is like a little penguin going all the way to find a little polar bear and discover that the little polar has posted this on the door: ‘the bear was dead, no longer important to bake a fish, that slip of paper is kind of loneliness and lost feeling.’

Finding an excuse to organise an outing, selected a location in a sparsely populated lake area, Yifan turned deaf ear toward other people’s remarks about ‘the President is really mean’, just merely think: Like to see the lake during cold winter? This taste is a bit too strange.

Who knows that the girl really have a good mood once she saw the lake, seeing her in a good mood he can’t help joking with her, and then Guan Xiao Bei fell into the water, the next day she became ill and hospitalised le.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the hospital, Yifan touched the hot forehead of Guan Xiao Bei. At that time his heart feel extremely pain le and sigh: Where got such a silly girl de. If there is cliff, will she also jump? Seeing her burning red cheeks, half open eyes, angrily wanted to speak but was weak, it’s really like the tabby cat he has raised. Being frighten and still act bravado, raise up the fur, stammering out le, then stomp her feet, feeling frightened and hide under the sofa, shiver with cold and looked cute.

Teased her for a while, then chat about Lan Si Yang affair.Ddon’t know why, Yifan does not like to talk about this issue, in order to change the topic he curiously pinched her needle and successfully scared her.

Usually always smile happily de why suddenly so grievances, Yifan scrambles over to comfort Guan Xiao Bei. In her sobbing sentence, Yifan concluded that she was probably complaining that she had nothing to do. Asking for trouble for herself that caused her to suffer so much. Yifan was stupefied, he thought that two people played like a laughing stock and after these things, she should feel happy like him and enjoyed it. But did not expect that she had been suffering from great grievances. He finally felt guilty, holding her and let she cried until she fell asleep, than only he left.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

It turns out that letting a girl cry will also make oneself mood feel awfully heavy.

After Guan Xiao Bei has been discharged from the hospital, Yifan beat around the bush and forced her to come to her MSN. Looking at her so expressionless and carefully replied, he can be ascertain that she really didn’t blame him. After crying for a bit, she was still the good tempered girl who smiled brightly all day long.

Yifan looked at the little head on the screen with pride and can’t help laughing, who will called their MSN nickname as ‘Eggplant stuffed dumplings’? Think about it, next time buy a cat and call eggplant will do, together with Jiu Cai (Yifan’s pet dog) is a good combination for making stuffing food.



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