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T-Drama Review : Love, Now (真愛趁現在)

How many of us believe in Love at First Sight? And loving the person for so many years before fate brought them together?

While browsing online on one of my sleepless night while fighting with insomnia, I came across Love, Now (真愛趁現在), a 2012 / 2013 Taiwanese romance comedy drama television series by SETTV. I then realised that I had put this on my to watch list several years ago because of George Hu (胡宇威) as the male lead but never got around watching.

So, started my drama catching up whenever time permits me.

Yang Yi Ru (starring Annie Chen, 陈庭妮), the female lead is a workaholic who puts all her time into her work. Together with her family and ex-boyfriend turn closed friend and family member (calling her father ‘dad’ as well) decided to pull a prank on her. They conned her into believing that she has cancer and only had six months left to live. Packing her off for a vacation in Boracay, Philippines, she met Lan Shi De (starring George Hu, 胡宇威) is a tall, handsome and successful young man who manages his own family business.

Much to Shi De’s joy, Yi Ru is the girl whom he had met back 6 years ago when they were in University and had been in love with.

Yi Ru shared her sorrows with Shi De, wishing that she had time to meet her Mr. Right, get married and have kids. And this leads to Shi De proposing to her the next day and they got married on Boracay, all prepared with surprised element by Shi De. And they spend days happily on the island where Shi De tried to fulfil all Yi Ru’s dying wishes.

The truth finally was revealed to Yi Ru much to her shock, resulting in her leaving the island without notifying Shi De back to Taiwan alone.

Not wanting to lose her again, Shi De also return to Taiwan with the vows to find her. He finally found her but later discovered that her illness was a lie. Felt cheated, he unleashes his wrath on Yi Ru making her miserable as he thought that she had tricked him into dropping his lawsuit against the company she works for.

Their misunderstanding was finally cleared up. Shi De then tries to pursue Yi Ru again as he had never been able to get over her. Yi Ru wants nothing to do with her hence tried to avoid him.

Shi De knowing that he cannot lose her again, tries his level best to win her back by changing his tough and stubborn perspective. He even asked for the help of Sun Qi Ming (starring Bobby Dou, 竇智孔) whom was Yi Ru’s ex-boyfriend, current boss and a close ‘family’ member.

Yi Ru however remain unfazed by all that Shi De has done and rejects his suggestion to start all over again. This all changed with an outing to an orphanage where Yi Ru accidentally saw Shi De playing with the kids and later found out that he is a major sponsor at the orphanage. Seeing the softer and gentler side of him, she started falling for him again and finally accepts his love for her.

Through various funny, romantic and shocking moments, Yi Ru and Shi De finally got married. And then fate as it is, after discovering Yi Ru’s pregnancy which brought a lot of joy to both Shi De’s loving family (mother, grandmother, sister and aunty) and Yi Ru’s close and loving family (father and sister), Yi Ru was found to have tumour in her uterus which is also cancerous. Through tears and argument, Yi Ru managed to pull through with the tumour removed and a safe delivery of a premature but beautiful little girl. And through these experiences, both Yi Ru and Shi De realised how importance and how much they cherish each other.


Love, Now (真愛趁現在), is indeed a good watch. The whole drama are filled with many loving, fun and happy moments. What I had enjoyed about Love, Now (真愛趁現在) are:

  1. The chemistry between the OTP – Both George Hu, 胡宇威 and Annie Chen, 陈庭妮  were very well suited with each other. The chemistry between them were perfect. I hope that they become a couple in real life (read the rumour about both of them being spotted together and suspected to be in a relationship although both parties had denied it)
  2. The friendship between Sun Qi Ming and Yang Yi Ru – When Qi Ming found out about Yi Ru’s marriage, he discover although a little late that he actually still love Yi Ru over the years. He made attempt to win her back but failed. Instead, he chooses to stay by her side, protecting her as a family member
  3. Brotherhood between Sun Qi Ming and Lan Shi De – What originally turns out to be love rival, builds a strong brotherhood between both of them. The happy and fun moments where Qi Ming will call Shi De ‘Baby’ to the moments where one of them needed support from the other. I loved to see the brotherhood between both of them… so funny yet loving
  4. Close and loving relationship in the Lan Family – Lan Shi De, the only male in the family of 4 loving females…. The close and united relationship between all of them, from supports of each other to the teasing moments… tense moments are rarely seen. And when Yi Ru married into the family, they treated her like their own daughter, grand-daughter, sister and niece. One of my favourite funny moment when Shi De shared with them that he did not serve tomatoes over breakfast as Yi Ru does not like tomatoes. And everyone accepted it willingly and even added that no tomatoes to be served in the house from then onwards
  5. The close relationship in the Yang Family – Growing up being the ‘mother’ to Yang Yi Qing, the relationship between Yi Ru and her sister are very close. To the extend, Yi Qing cried buckets when Yi Ru decided to get married. The support between the siblings are so strong and together with the loving father, Yang Hao are heart-warming
  6. Yang Family relationship with Sun Qi Ming – Qi Ming has a kind personality and is always considerate of others. He thinks of the Yang family as his own due to his lonely childhood upbringing calling Yi Ru’s father, dad. Even when Yi Ru rejected his feelings, Father Yang Hao still treat him as his son
  7. The 2nd lead relationship – Sun Qi Ming (starring Bobby Dou, 竇智孔) and He Cai Rong (starring Mandy Wei, 魏蔓) met because of Yi Ru and Shi De where Cai Rong, Oncologists doctor (cancer specialist) was originally enlisted by Shi De to treat Yi Ru when he thought she had cancer. A detailed person, she fell in love with the caring nature of Qi Ming. She helped him to reconcile with his mother. Going through some thick and thin, Qi Ming finally realised that he cannot live without Cai Rong. They finally got married
  8. Lan Shi De – Shi De is very loyal to his love towards Yi Ru. Although his grandmother tried to match-make him, he held on to his wishes to meet Yi Ru again as he just cannot love her. I love how Shi De love Yi Ru so much that he gave in to Yi Ru most of the time. The 2nd last episode when Shi De was in coma after an accident, he dreamt that Yi Ru left him, leaving behind their daughter. It was heart-breaking to watch the drama where he struggle to live on for the sake of everyone while missing Yi Ru even after so many years of her passing. I was so glad to later discover in the last episode that she did not die after all and it was all a dream

Overall, I had truly enjoyed watching Love, Now (真愛趁現在). It is a drama that does not have much agony. It is a drama filled with loving, funny and cute moments most of the time. Even the few episodes where Yi Ru and Shi De was in a cold war over the Yi Ru’s stubbornness in getting treatment, insisting that treatment is done only when her pregnancy is stable and there is no risk to lose the baby, was not frustrating in comparison with some other dramas that I had watched in the past. Definitely one drama that I would re-visit later.



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  1. I just watched this drama again after 6 years and still it captivated me with the love and family love. I even introduced this show to my 14 year old girl… Love the chemistry btw George n Annie too!

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