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Chapter 39.1 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Happy Thursday! 

Finally, Xiao Bei and Yifan is back to entertain us today. Not so much of an exciting read today but we will finally read about Yifan’s thought.

So, enjoy the read! And have a great weekend ahead!


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Before meeting with Guan Xiao Bei, Yifan did not believe that there were people who dared to laugh at him in this world. Yes, ridicule and unscrupulous!

Because to fill up the information on the online matchmaking network is really too troublesome, he hurriedly passed it to Guan Xiao Bei. Who knows this thing seems to be very proper and rightful matter to Yifan, letting her laughs until the sky and the earth turning upside down. Laugh, was not at all so horrible, but the crucial point was this laugh have let Yifan realised that he has done something absurd. Indeed to hell with it to believed fatso.

Like a mouse who is accustomed to walking in the darkness, suddenly appeared in the sunlight in its true character and was always impatient and restless de. But it’s all right, Yifan gloomily scratched his chin, in front of her do not need to pretend to be gentle and polite le — then just let it simply crash it thoroughly.

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Just like this, Guan Xiao Bei unexpectedly become Yifan blind date special maid, and able to spy on his true feelings of being irritable and anxious to get married.

Yifan is very clear about his own social status, but his kind of standard of unmarried elite is far too hard to look up. However it seems to appear in the low prestige business of the matchmaking market, the effect is like a street vendor selling glass bracelet suddenly appear a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring. Little sister who looks at the goods asked: ‘Boss, how much is the ring?’ Boss without any business shouted: ‘If you fancy, I will sell it to you at 10 dollars!’ Little sister laugh at him with contempt: ‘This glass bead not even dyed with colour, and you still wants to sell at 10 dollars! Well, if it is 3 dollars, I will take the bracelet.’ Boss with reluctant expression but secretly delighted said: Nowadays, people with more money than sense really a lot.

Therefore, Yifan this stranded street stall diamond has encountered countless of accidents in the process of blind date.

Mei Jiao aunty with bright red lip in front of Yifan brag about oneself how warm and virtuous, and bring prosperous to husband and son. At that time he heard Guan Xiao Bei earth-shaking laughter at the  side of the corner, strongly suppress to twitched his lips, in his mind recorded: ‘Guan Xiao Bei” this 3 words, this nasty person directly tied her into a sieve.

But the most surprising moment was when Yifan meet up with the kindergarten teacher.

Guan Xiao Bei looked at the chubby little teacher, with sparkling eyes and said: ‘She so cute!’

Yifan was very surprised.

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He somehow has narcissistic thinking: Those women who meet up with him, in 8 or 9 cases out of 10 will have improper thinking. In 4 or 5 cases out of 10 will take action and Guan Xiao Bei has been surrounded by his mischievous drama. In fact she has occupied the advantage for a favourable position, but never see her taking action — he looked at the glass full of clothes, from other people point of view. He knows that he still charming as usual — so, there must be an underlying reason why she remain unmoved?

When Guan Xiao Bei clearly asked: ‘Is that lady pretty’ at that time, Yifan kindly asked: ‘Are you lesbian? If you like her, I can also help to be a matchmaker.’

In exchange a scornful look.

Although the blind date was not successful, but it is not without harvest. After several times, Yifan found that this is actually a very interesting activity. Those unexpected people and things eased his anxiety and gave him la lot of pleasure in his life. Once he was in a good mood, he began to be generous and be merciful. At last he did not treat Guan Xiao Bei as bitter as he did at the beginning le. At this time, he realised that this girl is rare at this age to have a good temperament and character, always smiles with a bright clear eyes and magnanimous, no matter how twisted or mad he is, she does not seem to be angry.

Unable to obtain always made people to yearn for, Yifan suddenly wanted to see her getting angry de manner.

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But threatening to cut her salary, demote her position and find fault at leisure time, has not been able to make her angry. Yifan felt a bit discourage: Don’t tell me she see though le his petty self?

Thinking of that man who can always succeeded in transforming him into a fierce little dinosaur, Yifan decided to seek advice: ‘Fatso, at that time how you bully me first de?’

Fatso misunderstood thinking that he wanted to settle the accounts and denied it: ‘Who bullied you ne!’

‘I have a limited edition Batman cape here for you, in exchange you must tell me the truth.’

Fatso immediately confessed: ‘Because Xiao Yifan, in those years you have white and delicate skin, good temperament and that face clearly written “If I don’t ravage, I will be unworthy to the motherland and the people”, indeed it make people wanted to have the desire to bully de.’

Yifan hung up the phone and thought: Sure enough, people always bully the weak and fear the strong. Guan Xiao Bei warm and gentle temper, lovable smile, indeed can’t wait to bully till dead, if not I will let down those who trained me ah.

He didn’t think about it that discussed life problems with Chen Xiang (Fatso) whose wisdom that had stopped growing since age 15 will lead oneself to a wrong path.

Yifan approved le Guan Xiao Bei application to be temporary transferred back to the Legal Department. Jin Gang who is so hot tempered, can make all the subordinates under him to become nervous. However, he did not expect that a day without Guan Xiao Bei, life was so boring, he began to disturb her le.

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Xu Ke become aware of her boss boring behaviour and lightly commented: ‘Your behaviour is classified as assault a female subordinate.’

Yifan looked at Guan Xiao Bei like a beautiful little jellyfish. It will sway in the water, when used a finger to touch, it will huddle together and throw out a pile of poison trace. Thinking about it, the mood is inexplicable good.

As a result, I over played le.





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