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Chapter 38 – Boss’s Blind Date Notes (Boss相亲笔记)

Finally! Yifan is back with a super short chapter for us today. How we missed him and Xiao Bei, didn’t we? Unfortunately, no Xiao Bei but only Yifan today…..

Enjoy the read! Hope that this enjoyable read will help to bring some joy to the start of the week especially to those readers whom have been waiting for them to come back. We thank you for your patience with us during the hiatus period.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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September 2nd Sunday Weather: Breeze

In the middle of the night, the fast asleep Yifan suddenly woke up. Gasping his breath and looking around the bedroom, the surrounding was quiet as in the past, but out of a primitive instinct, he felt that something was not right. Hence he picked up the golf club next to the stairs and quietly walked downstairs.

Sure enough, the door below the first floor hall revealed a faint light.

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Yifan gently twisted the door knob, held the club in his hand and kicked open the door.

Chen Xiang sat upright and still on the sofa. Under the dim light, his expression was serious and somehow fierce. Jiu Cai heard there was some movement on the side, ‘Wu’ and ran over, he hide behind Yifan under the darkness and shiver with cold.

Yifan looked at the wall clock: ‘At 3:33am in the morning! You better tell me, this is a dream!’

That’s right, Chen Xian wanted to be Yifan forever nightmare.

When Yifan went abroad, the first person he knows was the next door neighbour Cheng Xiang. Yifan brings ‘The end of the world meets an old friend’ that kind of emotion toward him to express goodwill. The little fatso smiles warmly, pat on Yifan’s shoulder and said: ‘Got me to protect you, no one will dare to bully you in the future!’

While he was talking, he deliberately exposed the black pattern tattooed on his arm. Heroic movements, strong body and vigorous tattoos immediately let Yifan stunned le. An expression of ‘a fellow townsman meets a fellow townsman’ that expression was speechless. Yifan in the end his skills was too shallow, not realising the meaning of this shameless hypocrisy smile and wicked eyes of this fatso meant: ‘One little white sheep, let me catch, skin and make you into a feast!’

© 2018 TINKERBELLSAN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

When there is fatso around, indeed nobody has ever cause trouble with Yifan because fatso always bully him. Looking at Yifan’s madness, Chen Xiang wanted to ride a bike to chase after 10 blocks of streets. While adults signed and pull their children aside, half is to take pity of Yifan misfortune. And the other half feel lucky and glad to have this unlucky guy or else how many grievances will their children suffer ne.

Occasionally, Yifan will look for Lan Si Yang to complain. When Lan Si Yang was in a good mood, she will teach fatso for Yifan, but most of the time it was a collaboration with fatso to bully him.

A few years later, Yifan suddenly realised that man should rely on strength to speak. No more indulging in fatso, when he holds a baseball bat in front of Chen Xiang’s door and prepare to be shameless, only to be told that Chen Xiang’s family has moved away.

The big enmity still demand retribution, his mood was still displeased but yet to think in the future not required to see fatso le Yifan still fell rejoice de. But he did not expect that this was just a short pause before the nightmare.

A few years later, Yifan threw his backpack on the bed and looked up at the double room of his university dormitory. A wide figure person wearing a sleeveless singlet and a beach short pants sat at the desk, ignoring his arrival.

Mickey Mouse……. strange, in those years why think that the tattoo be overweening ne? Yifan looked at the man’s fat arm and was almost supported by a horizontal version, then a quiver, who will tattooed a Mickey Mouse on his arm, can it be …… Yifan turned the man’s face, indeed, the boring wheel of destiny turned and returned to its origin.



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